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Kat's Blog

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sara Reinke Is In The House

Sara Reinke is touring and I'd like to welcome her here today. She's also giving us a view of a day in her life. So without further ado I'm turning this over to Sara.


I wish I could say that my life as a romance author begins each morning with a fresh cup of coffee as I sit in front of my computer, readying for another day of blissful, uninterrupted writing, with no distractions or stress and only the boundless realm of my imagination for company. Unfortunately, real life isn't quite that ideal. At least in terms of writing. I'm a wife and mother of two; I work a day job full time and go to nursing school in the evenings. Somewhere in between homework, office responsibilities, deadlines, laundry, grocery shopping, yardwork, house cleaning and scraping out the cat box, I try to make time for writing. Oh, yeah, and running my own business -- Bloodhorse Press, LLC. Thank God for Facebook, otherwise I'd probably never get to talk to my friends.

Sometimes I'm able to write every day. Sometimes not so often. More than just my ordinary hectic schedule, my enthusiasm for what I'm writing -- and my level of "burn out" from promotional efforts -- affects when and how often I'm able to work. But it's been that way for years now, ever since I had children and my life, along with all of my previous priorities, completely changed. I've had a long time to adjust to this "catch as catch can" writing schedule - so much so that it feels perfectly normal to me, and I imagine having a day like the one I described above -- uninterrupted in front of my computer -- would be anything but enjoyable or productive for me. I still feel like I'm able to grow, develop and entertain as an author, despite my lack of predictable scheduling.

My latest book is a great example. In Forsaken (Book One in The Netherworlde series), Jason Sullivan has everything he could have wanted in life -- his own business, the perfect girlfriend and the perfect opportunity to ask her to marry him. Then, in one violent, unexpected moment, he loses it all. Murdered in cold blood, wrongly condemned and enslaved to a sadistic demon, Jason must fight to reclaim not only the life and love he'd once known, but also his soul.

Forsaken started off as a glimmer of an idea that nagged in my head until at last, I started working on it in between my kids' naps, on my lunch breaks, late at night and on the weekends. I'm a night owl and do some of my best writing post-midnight, and there's a sort of atmospheric darkness throughout Forsaken that I think is the result of it.

Forsaken is available in multiple ebook formats, as well as trade paperback. You'll find more information about Forsaken -- including excerpts, the promotional video and links to a mini-site for The Netherworlde Series -- on my website: http://www.sarareinke.com/

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not Posting Much!

I know and i'm sorry. But thanks to a direct hit by lightning my desktop got fried. Surge protector couldn't handle the overload from a direct hit to my roof. And until my new desktop arrives I'm using a netbook. It has a small keyboard that is hard to type on clearly. So please be patient. I promise some major updates when my new computer arrives.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Night Belongs To Kitty

I am a cat. It's what I do.

I patrol the streets while others remain securely within the pampered walls of their luxury.

I'm a cat moving from lampost to lampost, my elegance blending with the darkness of the night.

I'm a cat, dark as midnight...

no eyes save mine, strong enough to discern my outline against the long stretch of time assigned to the

unlit sky.

I'm a cat. Not even the moon can illuminate all that I am.

I am a cat, wise enough to know a good lick should always be followed

by another.

I'm a cat. My identity a carefully positioned mystery. I must always blend in.

I am a cat, stretching one moment,

diving upon my prey in the next.

But when the night gives way to the break of dawn...this noir kind of kitty, reports to

my queen, who

morphs into my

Goddess Kat, but you know her as...

Kitty-Kat Holmes, stealthiest of all authors today.

Bow before my queen, my goddess Kat Holmes and her stately familiar, Mama Bear.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Sometime's Life Is So Unfair!

Let me say off the bat that I hate cancer. It's a hideous disease that shows no mercy. The lives it destroys, both those it infects and those who love them are too numerous. We can guarantee a man can have an erection no matter what but we can't cure this devastating killer? Something is truly wrong with this picture!

Having said that, now I'd like to get to the point. My dear friend, one of the sweetest people on this earth is at the end of her battle with the disease. And it's not the end we all hoped for. Karen McGrath is in the final stages and my heart is breaking. She's the kindest soul you'd ever want to meet and it's just not fair. I'm going to miss her no end.

There is nothing more that can be done for Karen in this life. So if you could all say a prayer for her for an easy and peaceful passing, and a prayer for comfort to her family as they deal with the loss, I'd truly appreciate it. Thank you. And may you rest in peace Karen. You will never be forgotten.