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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve!

It's New Year's Eve, the last day of 2007. At midnight, 2008 will officially begin. Overall, 2007 wasn't the best year for me. My mom went into the hospital back in July and I almost lost her, plus my own health wasn't great. I am hoping 2008 will be better.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve. And I hope 2008 brings you all nothing but good things. I personally don't do New Year's resolutions. I don't smoke and am not interested in losing weight. So there really isn't much to make a resolution for. My only resolution I guess is to spend the holiday chasing my cats over the house.:-) Have a great holiday everyone.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

It's Christmas Eve and I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope your holidays are full of laughter and joy. I wish you all the best. Have a wonderful, safe holiday season. I will see you all next year.:-)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fall Reading Round-Up!

We are currently getting hit by the ice storm that just devasted the midwest, so even though it isn't officially winter, it already feels like winter here. So that means it's time for the fall reading round-up! And I have read a ton over this season. Here are the books I read that are my favorites.

Tapestry Dreams by NJ Walters. I put on a full description and review of this book. Just scroll down for the whole thing. But I will say, I LOVED this book. I am currently re-reading it.

Protector of the Flight by Robin D. Owens. This is the current release in her Summoining series and it was awesome. I totally enjoyed it. The next one in her summoning comes out next month. So far, I have loved all three of em and can't wait for the next.

Atlantis Awakening by Alyssa Day. This is the third release in her Warriors of Poseidon series, though it's only the second full length book. Though I am champing at the bit about the cliffhanger ending for the character of Justice, I LOVED this. It was totally awesome.

Heart Of Stone by C.E. Murphy. This is the very first in her brand new guardians series and it is awesome. I love the concept of gargoyles. As the cover says, vampires aren't the only creatures of the night.

Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts. This is the first in her new trilogy and while it's very intense, it is also very good. I truly enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the rest.

Thst's it for now. I have read much more this past season, but these are the best. What's in your reading round-up?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I want to say Happy Birthday to my Mom. Today is your special day and I love you so much. Thank you for being the amazing, wonderful person you are. I hope your day is joyful and fun. From the kitties and me, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Fantastic Read!

I just finished reading a book called Tapestry Dreams and it was awesome. Actually, it's a printed combination of two e-books by NJ Walters. It's the first two books in her Tapestry series published by Ellora's Cave. Both stories are awesome. I intend to purchase the third in this series next month. The third is only out in e-book format though.

The first story in Tapestry Dreams is called Christina's Tapestry. It introduces us to the world of Javara. Javara is an alternate Earth set in medeveil times. Women are scarce and men in a family have to compete for the right to marry a woman. But it's not a competition of arms, it's a competition of skill in the bedroom. Created by a sorceress to help the men of Javara is a magical tapestry that travels to our modern earth and brings back women. The first is Christina.

The men of the Garen clan, two brothers only, now compete against each other to keep Christina for their own. The laws of Javara say each man must have sex with Christina. Each man must lie with her seperately, and once together so Christina can decide whom she is most compatible with. For only one can become her husband. But the tapestry offers another choice. The men have 3 days to convince her to stay and then the tapestry will reappear and let her go back to her own world.

The second story in the Tapestry Dreams book is called The Bakra Bride. Once again, we have two men, members of the Bakra clan, competing for the right to keep Jane Smith. And once again, they have three days only to convince her to stay. But Jane will not be an easy sell by any means. Jane had been living the high life. She had a high-powered job and an understanding boyfriend. But all that changes when she witnesses a murder. Her boyfriend dumps her, her job goes bye-bye, and threats are made on her life.

Then the day comes when her life is finally getting back on track and she impulsively buys a tapestry at a local thrift store. And suddenly, her world is upside down again. Javara is a harsh world ruled by the sword. And, after having already witnessed one ruthless murder, she is not at all sure she wants to exist in a world where bloodshed is common.

NJ Walters has become an absolute new favorite of mine. Her stories are so vivid. I loved these stories. You can get both at once by buying the book Tapestry Dreams. But you can also purchase them individually as e-books by going to www.ellorascave.com/ and looking up NJ Walters or the individual titles of Christina's Tapestry and The Bakra Bride. I love this series and am eager to start her Dalakis series which is about a family of vampires. If you'd like to see everything she has done, click on my links section to go to her website.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tis The Season

It's that time of year again. Time for marathon shopping, overeating, and visiting with family and friends. It's a time of year to be grateful for our blessings. And I have much this year to be thankful for.

I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago due to an infection that is cleared up now. However, at the time my doctor decided to do a full exam on me because I hadn't had a pap test in a long while. As you women know, being in that particular position is not fun to begin with. Add to it the infection I had and it was a rather painful experience. But, while she was feeling my ovaries, my doctor found a growth. I have been terrified since then that I had cancer.

She took some tests there in her office and then I had to go for others. I just got the results yesterday and I don't have ovarian cancer. I am so relieved I can't tell you. This is the best day I've had in a long time. I truly have much to celebrate this Christmas season. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fantastic Read!

Alyssa Day has done it again. I just got done reading Atlantis Awakening and it's awesome. It's also filled with some major shockers. This is Ven's story, brother to the Prince and future king and provider of the King's vengeance.

Ven doesn't like witches. He has no use for them. So when his brother, the prince, orders him to forge an alliance with the local witch's coven he is less than pleased. At least, until he meets Erin. Erin is a witch out for vengeance against the vampire who killed her family and has no time for romance, or so she thinks. But Ven quickly has her dreaming of long nights in bed.

This book is so awesome. I don't wanna give away some of the best parts, but let's just say some MAJOR things happen in this book. My only problem with the story is that it leaves one character's future up in the air. There is a kind of a cliffhanger ending for one of the warriors. Well, it won't hurt to say it. The cliffhanger involves Justice. And my major problem is that his story, where we find out what happens to him, won't be out till May. Total torture!

But there are quite a few surprises involving Justice in this book. And Erin is a lot more powerful than even she realizes. You will love this story. Alyssa Day's Poseidon Warriors series just keeps getting better. And even though we don't get to find out Justice's fate until May of next year, we do get a brief taste of the Poseidon series in March of next year when Shifter comes out. Shifter is an anthology and Alyssa Day's contribution involves the leader of the werepanther pride from Bastien's story in Wild Thing and Bastien's sister.

However, it still burns my bridges that I have to wait a whole 6 months to find out what happens to Justice. I love a guy with long blue hair.:-) But in the meantime, Ven's story is just plain dynomite.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Best One Yet!

I just got and watched for the first time Shrek The Third. It's by far the best one yet. I was cracking up from the very start and didn't stop all the way through. It's one laugh right after the next.

Shrek's Frog-in-law King dies and Shrek finds himself heir to the throne. But he'd already been filling in during the course of the King's illness and knows the royal life isn't for him. So, along with his faithful friends Donkey and Puss In Boots, he sails off to find Artie, the only other heir to the throne. Just before he leaves, his darling ogre wife announces she's expecting. Shrek is none too happy about it.

Meanwhile, Prince Charming organizes all the evil villians of fairytale life and attacks the Kingdom of Far Far Away and locks Fiona, her mother, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella in the dungeon as bait for Shrek. But Shrek is having a hard time convincing Artie to take on the throne. But once he learns of the trouble in Far Far Away, he and Artie both head to the kingdom for a rousing dinner theater production of stop the bad guy.

I LOVED this movie. I really loved it. It was so funny. John Cleese from Monty Python's Flying Circus reprises his role as the frog king. And for this movie, his Monthy Python sidekick, Eric Idle joins as Murry the scatty wizard. Julie Andrews is back as the queen, Cameron Diaz as Fiona, Mike Myers as Shrek, Eddie Murphy as Donkey and Antonio Banderas returns as the cute swashbuckling Puss. Justin Timberlake joins the cast as Artie the reluctant king. Believe me, you don't wanna miss this movie.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I've decided to remove the ad I do at the bottom of the page. For the past few weeks I have had a lot of trouble with Blogger trying to update the ad so it's just easier to take it out. Everything else though will very much stay the same. Besides, if it's something I'm really interested in I'll blog about it anyways.:-)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stop The Madness!

In a news release today, it has come out that the intelligence community feels it is time to redefine the meaning of privacy. They believe that privacy should no longer mean a life free from prying eyes but rather a new defination in which the government strives to merely keep our financial information and medical info secure.

In 1978 a privacy law was enacted forbidding the government from spying on people's phone conversations on United States soil without first acquiring a court issued warrant. In 2001, Bush got it scaled back saying it was too hard to gather intel on suspected terrorists. The scale back involved allowing warrentless wiretapping in cases where they could show that at least one end of the conversation was not taking place on American soil. In other words, if you were calling your dear old granny in France from the USA, your call could be monitored without showing just cause to a federal court.

Now they are at it again. Congress is going back to reevaluate the current stance on wiretapping. Bush and members of the intelligence agencies want the 1978 law scaled back even further so that they can monitor anything they want without first obtaining a warrant and having the only restriction placed on them to be that they must guarantee the safety of our medical and financial info. They also want immunity from lawsuits for internet providers and phone companies that have been supplying the goverment's supercomputers with all our phone calls, emails and even websites we have visited.

I know many people haven't protested as much as they should to these infringements on our personal lives. They say they have done nothing wrong and therefore have nothing to hide. They say anything goes when it comes to security. I say no. This country was founded on the premise of freedom. How can you have freedom if your government is spying on you without even having to prove that you have done something wrong? Is that not the beginning or fascism? Is that not the beginning of a militaristic state such as they have in China?

Freedom is so easy to lose. And no one fights it because it's hidden behind smokescreens such as national security. Freedom is slowly bled away from us by those who use fear to hide their actions. And once those cherished freedoms are gone, it is almost impossible to get them back. I too have nothing to hide. If the government tapped my phones and checked into my internet activity, they wouldn't find me doing anything wrong. I spend a lot of time just searching through online stores such Amazon for things I want to buy. And most of my phone time is about setting up transportation to and from places I need to go.

But, while my activities are not criminal, and I have no reason to fear what might be uncovered, I do not think the government should have the right to monitor every aspect of my life without first obtaining a warrant. To obtain a warrant, the government must present evidence in a federal court to show that my actions are suspicious enough to warrant further observation. It might seem like a minor right, the right to privacy and not as important as security, but I disagree.

The terrorists hate us because of our freedom. They hate us because we have rights they do not. If we let the government take from us our rights, no matter how minor, in the name of protecting ourselves from terrorists, then the terrorists have won anyways. We are no longer the great country that America has always been. We become the fear controlled, paranoid country that the terrorist nations are. They totally win.

Congress, as I said is revisiting the wiretap issue. I strongly urge everyone who values their freedom and doesn't want to see it erode bit by bit to call or write their congressmen and senators and tell them not only to not do another scale back of the 1978 privacy act, but to also encourage them to end the scale back already in place as of 2001.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lynsay Sands Rules!

I absolutely love and adore Lynsay Sands. Her books are so funny and crack me up. My favorites are her vampire series, the Argeneaus. These books are about a group of people who are vamps, a whole family in fact. But their condition is caused by science, not by nature. I think it gives it a really great and unique twist. And I am totally excited about next year.

3, count em 3, Argeneau books will be released back to back. January, February and March will mark the releases. I have put up the covers for all three with the post. I am so looking forward to March's especially. I have been eagerly awaiting Marguerite's story and that will be March's book.

If you wanna read the books that have been released thus far in order of the plot they are A Quick Bite, Love Bites, Single White Vampire, Tall Dark & Hungry, A Bite To Remember, and Bite Me If You Can. They are all great and hugely funny, but Bite Me If You Can has become my favorite.

Next year's releases are as follows. In January it will be The Accidental Vampire which is Victor's story. He's the father of Vincent who's story took place in A Bite To Remember. In February it's Vampires Are Forever. This is Thomas' story. He's one of the main family of Argeneau's cousins and has been floating around in several books. Now he'll finally get his own. And in March it's Vampire Interrupted. This is the long awaited book dealing with Marguerite. Marguerite is the mother of the four first vamps in the Argeneau series. She has meddled in all their lives to ensure their happiness. She herself has a tragic past. The man she married who fathered her children was very cruel to her. And now it's her turn to find true love. I can't wait!

In my opinion, Lynsay Sands is one of THE best authors out there. If you'd like more info on her Argeneau series or on her stand alone titles, click the link to her website on my link section. She totally rules!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spooky Spooky Month Part Two!

Now that Halloween is just a couple days away I thought I'd add some more Halloween type reads to the list. These are all great books with a paranormal bent dealing with witches, ghosts, vampires and such.

Christine Feehan's Drake Sisters series is about a group of seven sisters who were each born with extrordinary gifts. Books 1 through 5 are out. They can each stand alone but it is best to read them in order. They are Lover Beware, The Twilight Before Christmas, Oceans Of Fire, Dangerous Tides, and Safe Harbor. The final two are still to come.

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes is a hilarious book about three sisters, each with a gift that they can't quite master. The oldest sister shapeshifts at the worst times. The middle sister can transmute things and is trying desperately to turn straw into gold to help save her family. And the youngest sister is telekinetic, but can't lift anything heavy.

The Darkwing Chronicles is a continuous series about a group of vampires forced to work for the government or face termination. Their mission is to save the world from terrorists. The catch is none of them truly believe in what they are doing at first since they were forced to do it.

Sex And The Psychic Witch is the first in a new series by Annette Blair about a group of triplet witches. It's absolutely hilarious. Each sister has her own unique talent and the first book is about the oldest triplet, Harmony.

That's a good group of books. Have a wonderful and safe Halloween everybody. And make sure you cozy up with a good howling book.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Rise Of A Female Hitler!

Only last week, Ann Coulter, the moronic right-wing mouthpiece and all around baboon said that women shouldn't be allowed to vote because we make stupid choices. Nevermind the fact that she herself is a woman. But maybe that underscored her whole arguement. I certainly have known more shame at being a woman thanks to the fact that Ann Coulter is a woman who unfortunately for all of us, opens her mouth.

But I am at my limit with her after today. She has now proven herself to be an absolute bigot. In a political interview today, Ms Coulter stated that everyone should be Christian. When asked about Jews, she said they could be made improved Jews by becoming Christian. You know, Hitler had the same idea once. I believe it sparked WWII if I am not mistaken.

She said having everyone as a Christian would be easier. It would streamline things and we'd all obey. It would be like a Federal Express religion. Then this country could be just like the last Republican convention and we'd all love our country and defend it. There should only be Christians, no Jews other than improved Jews who are now Christian, no Buddhists, no Pagans, no nothing. First off, this country was founded by men who were Christian, and considered good Christians, who wrote it into the Constitution that people should have FREEDOM OF RELIGION. In other words, could worship however they saw fit, any God they saw fit.

Secondly, I am a proud Wiccan. I believe in a Mother Goddess and I am very happy and content with that. But, unlike Ms. Coulter, I have NEVER tried to force anyone to convert to my beliefs. I believe in the old adage of live and let live. And, while I am not a republican, I do love my country. Just because I don't agree with much of what has been going on in Washington D.C. these last few years does not mean I hate my country.

Therefore, I have to ask Ms. Coulter, who doesn't like Democrats, women, Jews, or basically anyone who has a brain just two questions. First, just what rock did you crawl out from? And second, would you please crawl back under whatever rock it was you crawled out from? Thanks ever so much.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mystifying Fun!

I just got finished playing a really fun game for the PC. It's called Mystic Inn. This game is fantastic. You play as Daphne, a young sorceress lured into the Mystic Inn by a sign on the door. Once inside the inn, you find you can't leave. Some sort of enchantment binds you to the inn. Your only hope of escape is by serving drinks to the customers in order to obtain magic with which to upgrade the inn. Once you have fully upgraded the inn, your curse is then broken.

This game is easy to learn. There are 50 levels and you need to serve drinks faster and faster. And you get to play little mini games where you can make power ups. Trust me, on some levels the only way to get through is with the power ups. Add into the mix a dragon who shows up every so often to steal potions, an owl who does take out orders, and cranky customers and you better be quick.

The graphics are beautiful and the game includes an awesome soundtrack. I love this game and I think you will too. It's rated E for everyone. Mystic Inn is so much fun. It's out now if you would like to get your own.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Voice Of Crow

I just finished reading Voice Of Crow, the sequel to Eyes Of Crow by Jeri Smith-Ready and loved it. The first skirmish is over, and everyone must face the aftermath. And the price is higher than anyone realizes.

VOC follows the journeys of many characters, not just the heroine Rhia, as they struggle to deal with their own nightmares of the first battle. This novel follows Rhia as she is tormented by the dead Skaris, her pregnancy, and the abduction of her child. It follows her husband, Marek as he copes with nightmares of being tortured. The story follows Alanka who's plagued with guilt over the battle and haunted by having killed. And it follows the Descendant Filip who can never go home and is developing new abilities bestowed by the aspect of Horse.

We journey with Rhia as she travels to save her child. And even if it means travelling to the white city of the Descendants, or even to valley of death itself, nothing with stop her, and her aspect of crow knows it. This book is a thrill ride from page one.

I truly loved this book and I read it in one day. It's well worth getting and reading. I'm eagerly awaiting the third installment, The Reawaking. This is a fantastic series and Jeri Smith-Ready creates a truly magnificent story. Voice Of Crow is awesome.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Spooky Spooky Month!

It's October and you know what that means, All Hallow's Eve, more commonly called Halloween. It's the night when the living can commune with the dead. It's also the month when witches, vampires, ghosts and goblins abound. It's the perfect month for reading some really good paranormal books! So in honor of Halloween, I thought I'd mention some of my favorite books that have the Halloween feel to it.

First off, Christine Feehan's entire Carpathian series. This series is totally about pre-vamps and those who have become full vamps. And of course, Halloween is the perfect time for vampires.:-)

Witchling and Changeling by Yasmine Galenorn. These two books rock. It's about a trio of sisters who are half human and half Fae. One sister is a witch, one is a werecat, and one is a vampire. The one about the vampire doesn't come out till January though but the first two are awesome. The stories are full of vamps, dragons, were creatures, witches and more.

Eyes Of Crow by Jeri Smith-Ready is highly appropriate for this time of the year. The heroine has the ability to foresee the approach of death thanks to her totem animal of crow. I have the sequel, Voice Of Crow and will read it tomorrow. I will blog about it either tomorrow night or Saturday.

The Three Sisters trilogy by Nora Roberts is all about a trio of witches who have to fight off an encroaching evil. I love this series and re-read it often. It's one of Nora's best trilogies in my opinion.

Disappearing Nightly by Laura Resnick is a gem. It's urban fantasy about a broadway actress who can't seem to get her big break, that is until the lead in her play disappears while on stage...literally. Now she has the part, but it's not as good as she hoped because a whole string of performers seem to disappearing as well. And to top things off, a demon's on the loose.
Kerrelyn Sparks' entire vamp series so far is fantastic. It's funny and I love them all. I am eagerly awaiting the fourth installment which comes out in January. The first three are How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire, Vamps And The City, and Be Still My Vampire Heart.

I think that's a good list of Halloween spirited books. They're are of course hundreds more, but these are my favorites.:-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Review Long In Coming!

I read Eyes Of Crow by Jeri Smith-Ready a long while ago. I actually read it before it was officially released because I had won an arc of the book from the author. I totally loved it but I had never written a review for it. I just re-read the book to prepare for it's sequel, Voice Of Crow and it's even better than I remembered it to be. So I am now correcting my oversight.

In the world Rhia inhabits, all people are bestowed with a gift from their totem animal. Powers of insight, strength, cunning and artistry just to name a few. But the rare few are given a most powerful and terrifying gift. Those who bear the crow as their totem animal can foresee the approach of death. Rhia is one of the chosen few. But her terrible gift asks for an even greater price than just knowing when someone will die. Her gift demands she die again and again only to be reborn.

I truly loved this book. I felt so much for poor Rhia. Knowing that someone is going to die is a hard enough burden, but add to it when you know someone you love is going to die and her burden becomes even more so. It's not a gift I'd want. Yet, in spite of really being a harbinger of death, Rhia is full of life and love as well. This book was totally amazing and is one I will re-read many times. If you haven't read it, you should. It's fantastic. Jeri Smith-Ready paints a beautifully real world and characters you truly care about. Eyes Of Crow totally rocked. I am eagerly waiting for Voice Of Crow. I'll blog about that one much quicker I promise.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Fall Conspiracy

Do you know what I hate most about the fall? All the good books, games, and dvd's come out at the same time. Far too many come out for me to afford at once. I swear it's a conspiracy. All throughout the summer, mostly stuff nobody wants to watch, read or play comes out. Then comes October and BAM! 100 really great things come out within the space of a week of each other. I can't afford to get everything coming out that I want.:-( Boo hoo. Which means lots of things in fall go into my TBB pile. I might actually get everything by next fall when it will be time to start all over again. It's so unfair! And I swear it's all a diabolical plot by publishing and marketing companies to drive us all insane.

Oh how I wish I were rich. Sadly however, I'm not. So I have to watch all these great things come out and dream about them while I try desperately to juggle the budget numbers so I can get all these great things. I knew I should have joined the circus.:-)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Summer Reading Round Up!

Well, the summer is coming to an end. All the kiddies are back in school and it's time for the summer reading round-up! I only have a couple of books in my reading round-up this time. As most of you know, I was dealing with some serious issues this summer and I just haven't been reading much. Now that that's all past, I should be able to get reading again. But the few books I have in my round-up were all fantastic and I think you'd enjoy them. So here goes my short list for my summer reading.

Safe Harbor: This book by Christine Feehan is by and large my favorite book that I read this summer. As I said in an earlier post, this book got both my mom and I through what was really a very difficult time and I am totally in debt to Ms. Feehan for that. Plus, it's a totally awesome book. I loved this story and had been waiting for five years for it.

Dark Possession: I just finished this book also by Christine Feehan and I loved it. I'm a total Christine Feehan fanatic and her books NEVER disappoint. Check my last post if you'd like a description of the story.

What's A Ghoul To Do?: This is a brand new series by Victoria Laurie. I first got onto her works through her Psychic Eye mystery series. This new series is great and so funny. It's all about a ghost-hunting parapsychologist and is absolutely hilarious.

That's my reading round-up. Told you it wasn't much but for the little bit I have read this summer, it was great. I loved all these books and will read them all again. What's in your reading round-up?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

She Did It Again!

I just finished reading Dark Possession by Christine Feehan and it was awesome. It's the latest installment in her Carpathian series. This was Manolito and Maryann's story. In truth, their story began in the special reunion book that came out at the end of last year, Dark Celebration. And Dark Possession follows just how these two learn to come together.

Manolito is very much an alpha male. His already dominant personality is just made even more so by being sent out with his brothers to South America alone and far from his people by his prince to hunt and protect the world from the vampire. Maryann is a city girl and successful business woman who has dedicated her life to counseling and helping to hide battered women. The one thing she doesn't want is an arrogant, domineering man. And these two worlds are about to collide.

But Maryann has her own painful secret, and that secret just may change the face of the Carpathian world forever, if it doesn't destroy her and Manolito first. Only truly accepting the bond of love she shares with Manolito might save them all.

I read this book in 7 hours and loved it. I couldn't put it down. Manolito and his four other brothers are used to being a law unto themselves. And their women are often far more dominated than most Carpathian women because of this. But Maryann is a truly unique woman with gifts every bit as powerful as any fully developed Carpathian male, and her work as a counselor for battered women has given her a will of steel. Manolito and his brothers are about to come face to face with a storm they can't control.

I give this book 5 stars. It rocks and you'll love it. Though, as I said, their story truly begins in Dark Celebration, this book can stand alone because all that happens in Dark Celebration is covered in this book. Dark Possession is out in stores now. If you like vampire stories, you gotta read Christine Feehan's Carpathian series.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I've redesigned the look of my blog. Now that everything is great again I felt the need to redo my blog a bit. Blue is my favorite color and totally matches my chipper mood. What do you think? But don't worry, I still have my links section, my list of favorite reads, and the upcoming ad. However, I am changing the upcoming ad a bit. I will no longer just be doing upcoming books. I'll be doing upcoming books, PC games, DVD's, and games for the PS2. In other words, all the stuff I am into.:-) However, I am starting with the upcoming release of Divine By Blood by P.C. Cast which is due out September 1st.

My upcoming ad will now start to change once a week. Every Monday there will be something new to check out. And, I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend. Have a great one everybody!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back In Business!

Ok people I am back. I know I promised to start updating at the beginning of August but my monitor died. Sorry. I have so much to gush about now that things are getting back to normal. First, I have a brand new monitor and this thing rocks. It's totally cool. It's a 19 inch widescreen LCD monitor by Acer. The picture is totally amazing and I am totally loving this!

Now I also quickly want to touch on last month. My mom, who is my best friend in the whole world, was admitted to the hospital on June 30th and they kept her until the 4th of July because her condition was life threatening. And, even though they let her go, she still had to have surgery to truly repair the problem. All of July was taken up dealing with this crisis. Fortunately though, she is doing much better.

August, as it turns out, has started off just as bad. Hopefully that will clear up soon. My mom's bank got absorbed by another bank and there have been so many screw-ups with the transition. My monitor died, and this month my health became the immediate problem. I suffer from seizures. On August 3rd, I had a bad one. I take handicapped busing because I am not allowed to drive with my seizures. I cracked my head in the glass and have broken my finger. Typing is interesting.:-) So August has not been that much better than July. But things are improving....I hope.

Like I said, I have this great new monitor and it's awesome. My mom is doing better and eventually I will heal. So it could be worse. Now, on to what I gush about. I read Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan. It was even BETTER than I had dreamed of. I loved it and will re-read it so many times. In fact, it arrived while my mom was in the hospital and I was afraid I was gonna lose her. It helped me get through that time. And it helped her during her recovery period once she got home. I am eternally in debt to Christine's creative mind for getting us through a very difficult time in our lives.

Next, I got a new game for my Playstation 2 called Marvel Ultimate Alliance. This game is awesome. It combines so many popular characters with so many obscure characters. And you even run into many characters from the Marvel world during the course of the game that you don't get to play as, but you do get to interact with. Awesome game!

I just got the final installment of Harry Potter and though I haven't read it yet I can't wait to. I also got the audio version of Dark Melody by Christine Feehan too. This is my favorite so far of her Carpathian series and I can't wait to listen to the book. I will do that this weekend. Speaking of her Carpathian series, the next one will be out in both book and audio formats at the end of the month. August 28th to be exact. She has both the book teaser and the making of the book trailer up on her website. Just click the link I have on my links section. She'll have the full trailer up shortly.

Well I think that's enough for now. I've rambled on long enough. But now that I have a new monitor, I promise to update more regularly.:-)

Friday, July 27, 2007


I know I know. I haven't been updating my blog this month like I should. I truly apologize but July has been an awful month and I just have had too many problems to deal with. It's been one thing after another. I can't wait to see the end of July. I will not miss this month at all. I promise, in August I will do some major updating. Just bear with me till then.

As I said, July has been a bad month. My mom was admitted to the hospital the 30th of June with a very serious condition. She was released July 4th. But she had to still have surgery to fully rectify the problem. She had the surgery yesterday and is slowly recovering. I myself am getting over a bad concussion. It happened Monday and I am still seeing double. July has just totally sucked. So I will see you all in August. Have a great weekend.

Friday, July 06, 2007

A Really Great Game

I just finished playing the PC version of Agatha Christie's Murder On The Orient Express and I totally loved it. It's an awesome game. But if you think you know the story, think again. This version has a surprise ending you won't be prepared for. It will not only shock you, bust just might make you cry.

You play from the viewpoint of a totally new character named Antoinette Marceau. You're character works for the train company and due to circumstances has to investigate a murder aboard the train after Hercule Poirot is injured. You must become the world famous detective's eyes and ears. And, the passengers are not the only suspects. Everyone, barring yourself and Poirot could be the killer...or killers.

You get to walk around and view not only the spectacular luxury locomotive, but several train stations and the snowy landscape. David Suchet, who long played the role of Hercule Poirot in England, lends his voice to the character of Poirot for the game. And he's absolutely wonderful and funny in the part. His conversations with your character will leave you in stitches.

This game is well worth getting. I absolutely loved it and will play it again many times. I give this game 5 Stars!

Monday, June 25, 2007

The One I've Waited For!

It's finally here. It's taken 5 years, but the release of the book I've been waiting for is now finally out. Book 5 in Christine Feehan's Drake Sisters series will be released tomorrow. It's Hannah's story and is the one I have been so eagerly waiting for. I am so excited.

Christine Feehan comes from a large family herself and so she decided to write a series about a large family of seven sisters. She added magical ability to the mix. Each sister has a unique talent. An ancient family prophecy says they will each find their destined love one after the other starting from oldest and going through to youngest. But each path to love will be fraught with danger that threatens their lives.

Hannah is the fifth born sister and it's time for her story to be told. While all the other stories have been going on, Hannah has been an absolute fascination. She's incredibly beautiful and a famous model. She's one of the strongest magical talents of the sisters able to control the wind and earth. But she is EXTREMELY shy. Whenever a man or a stranger gets near her, she stutters terribly. Thrown into her already troubled reality is long-time family friend Jonas Harrington.

Jonas has loved Hannah for years, but he doesn't truly understand her. So, he often resorts to cruel insults and jabs when dealing with her, not realizing he is cracking her already shaky sense of self-worth. I have been so eager to get to the story of these two. Jonas needs a serious wake-up call and he's about to get it.

The basic synopsis is Jonas is recovering from a serious gunshot wound received while infiltrating a Russian spy ring. While watching the television to see Hannah's fashion show in New York, he's horrified to watch a madman climb on the stage and stab Hannah. Now Hannah is fighting for her life while this same madman continues to stalk her. Jonas must protect her because she has also lost her magic, and in so doing must finally learn about the woman he has long loved.

I can't wait. It comes out tomorrow. It's called Safe Harbor. I have had this book on pre-order for a month. I am so looking forward to it. I highly suggest getting this book. It's gonna be awesome I just know it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Spring Reading Round-Up

Well, Spring is over and it's once again time for the reading round-up. I haven't read as much as usual this past season. Been very sick and recovering from a lot. But, what I have read has been dynomite! Totally, without a doubt, these are books that rocked. So here goes and in no particular order.

Undead And Uneasy: This is MaryJanice Davidson's latest addition to her Betsy the Vampire Queen novels and I have to say, it's the best so far. I just finished reading it. The moment we have all been waiting for finally happens and I don't mean the wedding. Betsy, due to circumstances is forced to finally stand on her own and embrace being queen at last. And for those of you who like MJ's werewolves series, the whole clan comes to pay Betsy a visit. It's a riot.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: This is book six in J.K. Rowling's series and is the only one I hadn't read. Book 5 had been so hard on the system I decided not to read this one when it came out. But with the movie about to be released and the final book I decided to and it was so worth it. I think it's gonna be tied with the Prisoner Of Azkaban as my favorite books in the HP world.

Catch A Mate: I won a copy of this book from the author, Gena Showalter. It was hilarious. I absolutely loved it. Take two people who's job it is is to prove the lack of fidelity in others, make them attracted to each other and chaos ensues. Awesome book!

Marked: This is the first in a new young adult series by P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast. It's awesome. But then, any story where they say if a cat doesn't like you you shouldn't trust that person is tops with me. As a cat lover and the keeper of two of my own, I totally agree with that sentiment.

That's it. Like I said, I wasn't doing too well over the spring and my reading suffered. Hopefully though, Summer will be better. So what's in your reading round-up?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Was Tagged

There is this meme going around . Eight things people don't know about you and I got tagged courtesy of Jeri Smith-Ready. Now, while the rules say I need to tag 8 more people, I'm not gonna do it. Basically because everyone I know has been tagged already...some twice. The only person I know who hasn't been tagged is my mom and she threatened me with bodily harm if I tagged her so that's out. So here are 8 things about me probably only my mom knows about me.:-)

1: My favorite classical composition is the 1812 Overture. I love that music.

2: I'm a video game fanatic. But I don't like action fighting type games. I like mystery games. I'm a huge fan of the Nancy Drew computer games.

3: I used to sing with my school's travelling choir when I was a kid. We'd go and compete nationally against other schools. I was really good but nowadays I can't carry a tune.

4: I'm a total comic book geek. I LOVE X-Men and Fantastic Four. I love the movies too.

5: I'm also a comics geek. Nothing is this world beats Garfield The Cat. Again the movies were fabulous.

6: Now I loved all three Lord Of The Ring movies, but I'm a total minority in the fact that I LOATHED the books. Reading them felt like I was having root canal done on all my teeth at once. One of the few things where in my opinion, the movies were better than the books.

7: I love lighthouses. I can't explain it but lighthouses totally fascinate me.

8: My secret hollywood crush would have to be Patrick Stewart. I LOVE his voice, it's just amazing. Yes he's way older than me but I still think he's sexy as heck!

So that's my list. I hope your feeling more informed and enlightened. If not, well what did you expect? It's only 8 things.:-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Book 7 and the Movie!

I am a huge fan of all the Harry Potter books and movies. And I have loved all the games too. Book 7, the final chapter in the Harry Potter saga, is about to be released. And the next Harry Potter movie, based on book 5, is also about to come out. Book 7 is called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In this final chapter, we find out whether Harry lives or dies. My personal opinion, and it's an opinion only because the book's plot is so closely guarded, is that Harry lives. My viewpoint is based on an interview done by author J.K. Rowling in which she said she was toying with writing more Harry Potter books that would follow his adult life. He can't have an adult live if he dies.

I am 31 but these books are so great. They may be technically classified as children's novels, but they totally read on an adult level. And, truth be told, if I had kids I wouldn't let any of them read these books until they were 13. At least not from the fourth book on. For those of you reading my blog, this next part is going to contain spoilers to explain why. So if you haven't read the books or seen the films and you don't want to know what's gonna happen, don't read on. For those of you who have read them or don't care about spoilers, proceed.

Books 1 through 3, The Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, and Prisoner of Azkaban have no deaths. NO ONE DIES! There are some harsh concepts such as betrayal, but nothing a kid under the age of 13 can't handle. But from the fourth book on, that changes. In every book, except book 7 because I have no idea what happens, someone dies. Someone important. And the people who die become people who are more and more close to Harry. My guess is important people are going to die in book 7 too, but that's just a guess.

In book 4, The Goblet of Fire, Harry's name somehow gets dropped into the goblet of fire, even though he is too young. And his name is chosen, thus Harry by law is forced to compete in the Deadly Triwizard Tournament. He must survive three deadly tasks, and things are worse than he knows. He survives the first two tasks. The last one is a maze. And that maze leads him to a trap designed to use his own blood to bring back his deadly enemy, Lord Voldermort. Both Harry and another Triwizard competitor end up in his clutches. Fellow student and champion Cedric Diggory is ordered killed, and Voldemort's minion carries out the murder. That's the first death.

Book 5: This book is extremely dark. And even though the most shocking death happens in book 6, I think this book, The Order of the Phoenix, is hardest to handle. Harry returns to school only to find out the Ministry of Magic has proclaimed him a liar about Voldermort being back. And to ensure Harry shuts up, they install a horrible woman as the new defence against the dark arts teacher. Only, she won't teach them how to defend themselves. And every time Harry insists Voldermort is alive, she holds him for detention and uses her wand to painfully write sentences on his arm. She tortures Harry. And because she works for the ministry itself, no one can stop her. Harry and his friends decide to teach themselves defense which prepares them for the final battle with Voldermort himself at the ministry. But, in the final battle, Sirius Black, Harry's godfather and the only member of his family who actually loves him is killed. Death number 2 and closer to home this time.

Book 6: The Half-Blood Prince features the most shocking of deaths. Fudge, the minister of magic who hadn't believed Harry, has been sacked. Snape now teaches defense against the dark arts. There is a new potions teacher. And yes, the truth about Draco Malfoy that we always suspected is confirmend. Draco is a deatheater just like his father. Draco's assignment this year, kill Dumbledore the headmaster of Hogwarts. However, much of a tick as he is, he is unable to bring himself to do it. Meanwhile, Harry and Dumbledore discover that to destroy Voldermort once and for all, they must find and destroy the seven sections of his soul. Two sections have already been destroyed. 5 to go. Dumbledore and Harry are attacked by deatheaters led by.....SNAPE! Yes, even though Dumbledore stood up for Snape and protected him, Snape is the ultimate betrayer. Harry gets away but Snape himself kills Dumbledore. Then he himself escapes. Harry returns to the Dursley's for the summer as he knows he'll be safe there, but says he won't return to school the following year because he has to find the last five pieces and destroy them. Also, it isn't even certain, now that Dumbledore is dead, if the school will re-open.

Book 7: The Deathly Hallows is anyone's guess. I hope Snape gets what's coming to him for his betrayal. But there are some clues that J.K. herself have said will help you figure out what may happen. The title itself, The Deathly Hallows is a clue. The fact that Harry has his mother's Lily's eyes is important. And if you watch the movie the Prisoner of Azkaban, J.K. says there are some clues hidden in the movie that shadow what's to come. Also, Rowling has confirmed that Dumbledore really is dead. Some people had speculated on whether he really died or not. He did die. I have this book on pre-order. But these events are why I don't think anyone under 13 should read the later stuff. Or if they do, they should read them with their parents so they can discuss what goes on.

The book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows releases July 21st. The movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix releases one week before the book. I am looking forward to both. The game based on the Phoenix movie releases for all formats at the end of June. I'm looking forward to that as well.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Next Game

The next game in the ever popular Nancy Drew series is about to be released for the PC and it looks awesome. Nancy Drew and The White Wolf of Icicle Creek is the 16th title in this popular mystery solving series. Once again, you as the player must step into the shoes of teen sleuth Nancy Drew. And this time it's for some thrills and chills in the Canadian Rockies.

Nancy Drew has been invited to Icicle Creek Lodge, not for the winter fun, but to solve a series of accidents. Before each accident, a ghostly white wolf is seen. And, after the accident, the wolf can be heard howling mournfully. Are these events just a series of unfortunate accidents or is sabotage afoot? It's Nancy's job to find out.

Nancy has been called in by the lodge owner, Chantal, to go undercover as part of the housekeeping staff. Just as Nancy arrives, a bunkhouse explodes. You, as Nancy have barely set foot on the lodge grounds and already there is trouble. Can you solve the mystery, or will you end up a frozen icicle yourself?

In this game, players will be pulling double duty as both a detective, and maintaining the cover story of being a maid. You'll have to search for clues while cleaning rooms and preparing meals. It looks totally exciting and I can't wait. Nancy Drew and The White Wolf of Icicle Creek releases in stores June 12th.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh Please!

Give me a break. Paris Hilton was found guilty of violating her probation for drunk driving and sentenced to 45 days in jail. She was found driving on a suspended license, not once, but twice while on probation. Now Miss Hilton is crying foul declaring the sentence is unfair and unjust. She has declared she intends to appeal.

As if that were not enough, she has a petition up on her myspace blog for people to sign to be sent to California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, asking him to stay her sentence. Now come on. One, it's only 45 days. It's not like she got the book thrown at her and is going away for even a year. It's just a few days over one month. Two, she's the one who chose to get behind the wheel of a car after she had been drinking which caused her to be on probation in the first place. And three, she chose to drive on a suspended license while on probation.

Now, Ms. Hilton has claimed that she didn't know her license was suspended. And, indeed, her manager, whom she fired after the jail sentence was handed down, has admitted he failed to inform Ms. Hilton about the status of her license. But I say that's a bunch of bunk. The judge would have told Ms. Hilton on the day he granted her probation what the terms of her probation were. Also, why on Earth would anyone else need to tell Ms. Hilton about the status of her own driving rights? Is she truly so STUPID that she can't manage one thing in her life outside bars and parties on her own?

Personally, I think Ms. Paris Hilton is getting off light. She endangered not only her own life, but that of everyone else of the road the night she chose to drive drunk. And she then showed her total lack of respect by then driving on a suspended license during the time of her probation. Ms. Hilton thinks her money makes her above the rest of us and yes, even above the law. It does not. Maybe now she will think twice before driving drunk or driving on a suspended license. One can only hope. Oh, and one last piece of advice Ms. Hilton...STOP blaming your actions and your poor choices on other people. Grow up and accept responsibility for what you do.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Buy Buy Buy!

Today is totally going to be an awesome day. I get paid today and I'm going shopping. Normally I don't enjoy shopping even when I have money. But I am so looking forward to today's shopping spree. I'm buying BOOKS! Lots and lots of books. I don't enjoy anything more than a good book. The picture I attached to this blog entry is one of the books I am buying today. It's an ebook. I have held out against ebooks for a long time. I like to actually be able to hold a book and read it.

But I have discovered some really awesome authors and stories that are only available in ebook format. So, I'm giving in. In fact, I'm buying 6 ebooks today alone. Have other things I have to pick up at the store as well. Data cd's for the ebooks for one. Printer ink, cat food and litter, and a few other odds and ends. But I am so excited. I can't wait. I'll also be looking at Mother's Day's cards. See if there is any I like for my mom. I love you Mom.:-)
Also, my all time favorite of Christine Feehan's Carpathian books is now out in audio format. The cover for Dark Melody is gorgeous. If you'd like to check it out or get your own copy, click on the link I have for Books In Motion. It's totally spectacular.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

News & New Stuff

Now this is just plain unfair. It doesn't come out until the very end of June, but Christine Feehan already has the full trailer up for Safe Harbor. This is the Seven Sisters book I have been waiting for so eagerly. It's Hannah and Jonas' story. Jonas has been so mean to Hannah in all the other books I hope he gets his much deserved kick in the pants. Now, I have decided not to view the full trailer till closer to the time the book is due out. But, since Circle Of Seven did the trailer, I know it's gonna rock.

If you'd like to view the trailer, click on my link for Christine Feehan's website. I also have a link to Circle Of Seven's website, but I doubt they have the trailer up yet. They usually put up the trailers closer to the release dates for the books. I also just finished the audiobook version of Christine Feehan's Dark Legend. It was phenomonal. I purchased it directly from Books In Motion. I have a link to them as well.

And in other news, I found a totally awesome book publishing group. It's called Ellora's Cave. They publish romance books, novellas and ebooks in nearly every genre you can imagine. But I won't be putting up a link to them because they are definately not the kinds of books anyone under the age of 18 should be reading. Not only do they deal in some hardcore genres such as bondage, menage a trois's and gay and lesbianism, their descriptions of sex are much more direct and to the point than most other books. They describe sex and certain body parts like it is even using the more blunt terms.

But they have so many cool genre's and neat stories too. Fantasy, sci-fi-futuristic, paranormal, vampire, shapreshifters and twisted fairy tales to name a few. Now it's really hard to find a really good fantasy romance nowadays. Even Luna books, which is Harlequin's fantasy romance series doesn't go as far as it could. But these do. I just read an Ellora's Cave publishing called Captive Stallion by Kate Hill. It ROCKED! It's part of a series this particular author does about centaurs. I'll be getting more of these books as time goes on.

So, if you don't mind really hot yet blunt sex, I highly suggest checking out Ellora's Cave. And believe it or not, but some of your favorite romance authors also write more extreme romances for this publishing group. Authors like Cheyenne McCray, Shiloh Walker and Tielle St. Clare just to name a few.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Winter Reading Round-Up!

I know I know. I'm really late getting to the round-up for this past season and I apologize. I have been really sick lately and just haven't been up to it. But I'm feeling better and it's time to go over the best books I have read during the winter season. So here they are and in no particular order.

Hitting The Mark: This book by Jill Monroe is a laugh-riot. All the scheming and machinations that go on between the two main characters, especially Danni will leave you in stitches. I really enjoyed this book.

The Nymph King: Another hilarious read. This one, by Gena Showalter, is the next in her Atlantis series and is fantastic. Valerian is uber sexy and Shaye leads him, a man used to getting anyone he wants, a very merry chase. It was awesome.

Shadows Of Destiny: This is the final installment of Rachel Lee's Ilduin trilogy and it rocked. It totally lived up to its previous two books. I loved it and will re-read this series many times. It is exceptionally good.

Bite Me If You Can: This is the newest release in Lynsay Sands vampire series and is the best so far if you ask me. It's extremely funny. Lucien is a really neat guy with a bit of a complex in the bedroom. Trust me, this book totally rocks and I have already re-read it twice. I love it.

The entire Sookie Stackhouse series: This series, by Charlaine Harris is awesome. I had never read them before but my mom has and she had the whole series. I just got done reading them all and I love them. I am eagerly and impatiently waiting for the next one, All Together Dead, to be released in May. I can't wait.

Well that's my list for the winter series. I read many more but these were the absolute best. What's in your reading round-up?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Memories Of My Youth

There were so many good and wonderful cartoons when I was a kid. Truly funny and well-drawn cartoons, not like the cartoon shows of today. All of today's cartoons seem to be out of Japan. They are mostly poorly drawn, lousy stories and toilet humor. Remember the old cartoons? Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, Inspector Gadget, The Flintstones? These are just some of the many classic cartoons of my childhood. One of my favorite cartoons was a spin-off of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon, She-ra Princess of Power. I loved that cartoon.

And now they are releasing both the He-Man series and the She-Ra series on dvd. I have gotten a couple through Netflix and would eventually like to own my own copies. But it has been really nice to see one of my favorite shows from when I was a kid again. It brings back so many memories. And the stories are still wonderful and funny just as I remembered. They don't make cartoon shows like this anymore. I truly think tv animation and true cartoon storytelling are lost arts.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Join The Boycott!

I recently saw that Ann Coulter, republican pundit and overall muckmongerer has a new book coming out in October. If any of you remember her last release, it was a book designed to insult and slam the widows of the 9/11 tradgedy. She called them harpies who were really glad their husbands had died because they got to be on television. And she said "How do we know the husbands weren't going to divorce them" in her book. She said the widows were making their fortunes on the back of the 9/11 disaster.

First off, isn't that what Ann Coulter has done? Hasn't she made her money and sold her books on the backs of those who died? And, unlike the widows of 9/11, she can't claim to even know anyone who died that day. Does that make it better to profit from that day, if you don't know anyone who perished? And, the 9/11 widows, unlike Ms. Coulter, were not making money off their husbands' deaths. They were demanding change and answers as to how 9/11 was allowed to happen. Totally different from Ann Coulter's profiteering if you ask me.

And now, she is once again back and ready to insult and ridicule people not based on facts, but based on hate and bigotry. Her next book will be called "If Democrats Had Brains They'd Be Republicans". I happen to be a Democrat and I am damn proud of it. I also happen to have a brain and a very good one. To be honest, after it was discovered that she plagiarized much of her last book and many of her facts were based on inaccurate research, I am truly surprised and dismayed that Random House would produce another of her so-called writings.

I am sick of people like Ann Coulter making money by trashing and hurting people, not with truth but with insults and racial slurs. Her column has recently been dropped by many newspapers because of her gay slurs against John Edwards, a man who is not only married and has been for a long time, but has several children too. Imagine if his kids read the slurs she writes? This woman is not afraid to lie. In fact, lies are all she knows and it is time to stop her.

It is for this reason that I am encouraging people to boycott her upcoming book release and any newspapers that still print her abusive column. The only way to make people like Ann Coulter shut up is to stop listening to what they have to say. Ann Coulter's last book was titled "Godless", but in the end, someone so filled with hate as Ann Coulter seems to be is truly the GODLESS one!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Best Maker Of Book Trailers!

I am totally in love with a site called "Circle Of Seven". They make book trailers. I mentioned them in my previous post. I first found them through Christine Feehan's website. They do all the trailers for her books. But they do so much more. I have found more awesome books through checking out their trailers than I ever would have otherwise. Circle Of Seven is just a fantastic producer of book trailers.

The company is run by Sheila English Clover. And the trailers she makes are dynomite. These aren't just your ordinary trailers. They have special effects and everything. The trailers are mini-movies. The Circle Of Seven website has a section that displays all their current trailers. And you can go into their archives to check out their older work. I am just so in love with these guys. You should really check them out if you enjoy viewing book trailers. Click on their link in my list of great sites if you'd like to visit them. And if you get the chance, drop Sheila a line at her email. She is so helpful and nice. :-)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yes Finally!

It's finally up! I have been waiting for over a month, ever since Christine Feehan put up the teaser, for the full trailer of Deadly Game. It's up and it so rocks. The trailer is 3 minutes and 41 seconds long. It is also completely explosive. For those of you who have been following Feehan's Ghostwalker series, you know in the last book, Conspiracy Game that the heroine, Briony, has a twin sister who is in the hands of the enemy being forced to breed. Deadly Game is all about Marigold and her bid for freedom. The book itself doesn't release until next week, but the full trailer is up and ready for viewing.

The trailer is amazing. Deadly Game releases February 27th, 2007. I have it on pre-order and have had it on pre-order for 2 months. I am so dying to read this. If you'd like to check out the trailer, click on my link to Christine Feehan's website. And, if you'd like to know more about the awesome company that produced the trailer, click on the link for Circle Of Seven Productions. They have done all the trailers for Christine Feehan's books. Now I have to wait for June before the next Feehan book and trailer comes out. Aren't I just so impatient?:-)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Best So Far!

Bite Me If You Can by Lynsay Sands arrived and I read the book in 3 hours!. It was DYNOMITE! I totally loved it. I was laughing so hard throughout the book tears were falling. I have read the entire series and I have to say this installment is now my all-time favorite. It's that good.

I loved seeing the always in control to the point of being cruel Lucien dropped into total chaos. Falling in love with Leigh, who was the victim of an abusive marriage, leaves Lucien feeling unsure of himself both as a hunter of rogue vamps and as a man. After all, it's been several hundred centuries since he had sex last and he isn't even sure that part of his anatomy works anymore! And to make matters worse for Lucien, he has gotten stuck babysitting Marguerite's dog and every member of his family has to add their 2 cents' worth to his courtship of Leigh.

This book is well worth buying. I got it in hardcopy because I belong to a book club. I prefer hardcopies because they last longer than paperbacks. And this book is going to get read so much that it's a good thing it's not the paperback! Lynsay Sands rocks!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Now Touring!

I am participating in a blog tour for two really great books. Hitting The Mark by Jill Monroe and The Nymph King By Gena Showalter. Here is a summary for each book. First, Hitting The Mark by Jill Monroe.

With grifters hanging from every branch of her family tree, Danni Ford was trying to do the impossible--play it straight. Until an undercover G-man played her with a few tricks of his own…
The tip-off should have been the way Eric's gaze met hers only when they talked dirty.
So Eric was using her to trap her shady relatives. He was still off-the-charts sexy--why shouldn't she get something pleasurable from this con…?
Danni's revenge is going to be very, very sweet…and it will start with tying up her FBI agent boyfriend con man to get to the truth. Before he discovers her secrets first!

And here is the summary for The Nymph King by Gena Showalter.

Females young and old, beautiful and plain crave Valerian's touch. None can resist his blatant sensuality and potent allure…until he steals Shaye Holling from a Florida beach and holds her prisoner in his underwater kingdom.
The cynical Shaye wants nothing to do with the mighty warlord, but she's inexplicably drawn to him. For underneath the warrior's arrogant beauty lies a complex and powerful man. A man whose caress is like fire…
Now Valerian must fight for the privilege of claiming her as his own. Because there's one thing Shaye doesn't know.…
That when a nymph discovers his true mate, she's his for life.

I have read both books and totally loved them. Each one was funny and sinfully sexy. I loved how strong and creative Danni was and Valerian made me wish he'd kidnap me and take me below the sea. Both books rock!

Both Hitting The Mark and The Nymph King have book trailers that you can check out. Just go to Watch The Book. I have the link in my list of favorite links. You can also check out the trailers by going to Jill Monroe's and Gena Showalter's blogs. I have links up for their blogs as well.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Books On My List

Well, it's February. And there are a lot of books coming out this year that I am dying to read. It keeps me relatively out of trouble. I am putting up a list of everything coming out this year that I can't wait to read. This list is by no means complete as I do not yet know every great book that will be published. But it is my list of books that I do know about.

The Nymph King by Gena Showalter

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

Bite Me If You Can by Lynsay Sands

Deadly Game by Christine Feehan

Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan

Dark Possession by Christine Feehan

Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Goddess Of Love by P.C. Cast

Protector Of The Flight by Robin D. Owens

Fortune's Fool by Mercedes Lackey

Be Still My Vampire Heart by Kerrelyn Sparks

Damsel Under Stress by Shanna Swendson

Undead And Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson

Wired by Liz Maverick

Moongazer by Marianne Mancusi

That is what I have so far for this year. I have no doubt that as the year progresses, there will be many more added to this list. I also just bought a new audio book. I got Dark Desire and I totally loved it. I just bought Dark Fire and can't wait to get it. I posted a pic of the cover for the Dark Fire audio. Isn't it beautiful? Have I mentioned that I am a total Christine Feehan fanatic? Well I am. Does anyone else have any good books they know about coming out this year that I don't know about?

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Marathon Continues

Well, the picture marathon for book releases for February goes on. As you know if you have read my previous post, February marks the release of a whole lot of great books that I have been dying to read. It just seems like all the best are coming out in the month February. So, I have been on a marathon sprint you might say to put up a large picture ad at the bottom of my blog for each book. I have been trying to give them all equal time before I change it to the next picture so each book has a chance to shine before February gets here. So far, I have put up pics for the following books:

Deadly Game by Christine Feehan
The Nymph King by Gena Showalter
Bite Me If You Can by Lynsay Sands

The one I am currently putting up is Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs. It's the sequel to her awesome book Moon Called. I also have one more book after hers to put up for February's new releases. The ad for Protector Of The Flight by Robin D. Owens will go up on the 30th of January which also happens to be my birthday. I'll be turning 31. Yuck! Also, though I won't be posting it, another Feb. release worthy of note is Innocent In Death by J.D. Robb.

The reason I am not posting an ad for that books is I am not a huge fan of that series, but my Mom is. So I am mentioning it for her. Hope you're happy Mom.:-)

Monday, January 15, 2007

A Whole New Look!

I have changed the look of my blog. Do you like it? I finally took the plunge and uploaded the new version of Blogger with Google. I am so in love with how easy this new blogger is. There are so many neat new things you can do and they are so simple. The tools are great. I am having a blast just playing around with all the new tools.

Along with the new look, I have added some new features. You'll notice a list of links to some of my favorite websites and blogs. Also, I have put up a list of some of my favorite books and authors. If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog, you'll see an ad for the next book coming out that I am dying to grab along with a publishing date. I'll keep changing that as needed. In fact, there are a lot of books coming out in February that I am dying to read so that picture and caption will change a lot over the next 3 weeks.

And before you ask, none of the authors asked me to do it. I am doing it because these are authors and storylines I love. The current ad is for Deadly Game by Christine Feehan which will be the next in her Ghostwalker series. I can't wait. So, I hope you like the new look. I, personally, love it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Audio Books

I personally LOVE audio books. I never listen to a book until I have read it though because it's important to me to read the story first. But, once I have read a book, if there is an audio version I love to then listen to the story in audio. I think it's really cool to hear a voice actor read the story and do the voices of the various characters. They can make the story take on a new life.

I just bought a copy of Dark Desire by Christine Feehan on audio. It's offered through Dorchester for a great price. And the cool part is they record your copy when you order it. It means waiting a couple weeks, but how cool is that? An audio book made to order? I can't wait to get it. Dark Desire is one of my FAVORITE of the Carpathian novels. Not all of my favorites have been released yet, but I'll get them as they come out.

I have also listened to all of Nora Roberts' stuff on audio. My favorite audio of hers is her jewel trilogy that takes place in Ireland. It is so neat listening to the voice actor doing the Irish accents. So do you like audios? Which ones have you listened to?