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Monday, August 29, 2011

Been Awhile!

I've been sick for quite some time but I'm back with lots of cool news. First off, book six in my Gods At Work series has been contracted by Muse It Hot Publishing. It will be Artemis's story and is called Under The Huntress Moon.

Book two, Heart Of The Queen which is Hera's story will be releasing in just a couple weeks in September. I am so excited. I can't wait. I love this story. Hera is so cool.

I've finished edits on my upcoming short story Dangerous Voice releasing in November. I'll display the cover as soon as I get it.

I'm also going to be making lots of blog stops in the next few months. In September I'll be at the Muse blog talking about back to school stuff and in October I'll be there helping to celebrate Halloween.

Also I have a couple of awesome guests lined up for my BTR show in the next few weeks. Jeaniene Frost, Linnea Sinclair, and Lauren Dane just to name a few.

I promise to keep you all posted as the dates get closer. And hopefully I will have some more really great news very soon.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I'd like to take a moment and introduce myself. I am Kat Holmes, Hostess of

Kat's Writing Pen radio show on the BTR network.

Tonight I am interviewing a very special guest from the newly released (August 12th), and soon to be a Classic by L.J. Holmes,

THIS TIME FOREVER, the very popular and more often than not DISDAINED covering of the male

Centurion Marcus Andronius.

Because of a MODULATION issue, my guest chose this method to meet and greet his many fans instead of trying to

wave at you over the radio.

Let me welcome the unquestioned star of the THIS TIME FOREVER cover, done by the extremely talented and provocative

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. head Cover Art Goddess,

Delilah K. Stephans, Terrance Kloth.

Mr. Kloth...

Call me Terry.

Like Terry Kloth?

(with a devilish wink) Exactly!

Of course, Terry. Tell us, Terry, after all these

months of feeling the

disdain of viewers over your cover, how has it been since

Friday when you literally dropped your


Well, it's a

relief actually. All this time you all thought Marcus, the man behind me, was the true star of THIS TIME FOREVER, but the truth is my sheer


intricate weave, and may I be so bold as to say,

absorbency, has been grossly


I'm not sure I understand what you mean, Terry.

(scowling) Of course not. You look at me draped over Marcus'...uhm...

treasury and cannot see my own

golden features. It's kind of like those

club chairs in front of Marcus'

powerful bulges on the cover. Until you're told they're there do you notice them? NO! All you see are Marcus' rippling muscles, and his near state of all-togetherness. Never mind that I have

golden threads...no, not threads of what you would think comprise my elegance...MY threads are of genuine

spun gold woven throughout the total me, making me worth far more both on and off Marcus. HE is JUST a Centurion!

I see you're skeptical. Well perhaps I should share my true lineage. My dad was a rich

gold vein and mother, she was as prime a specimen of a

spinning wheel as you are ever likely to come across. Together they made magic...Me!

You're not joking are you?

Hardly. You won't find another specimen like me anywhere in all the worlds of the


How did you end up...uh

draped over Marcus Andronius' lower portions?

(shrugging his glittery weave) He's

Roman! They stole everything not nailed down and burned those things that were.

(Shuddering expressively) I suppose I should be glad I fit into the former category. At least I was allowed to continue on. There was this really cute

root cellar...Sad really,

so very sad seeing her brackets light up the sky after the Romans

torched her.

So you don't like Marcus Andronius?

He was okay. Actually I really like

Ariana. I'm a GUY cloth and no, I don't wrap both ways. Oh that sounded bad didn't it?

Marcus was an okay enough chap, but Ariana? Ohhhh Lordy the

hands on that woman got my

fibers standing

at attention every time! Luckily I got to

wrap myself around her body often enough to tolerate Marcus. Mmmm I can still almost feel

her scent sinking into my weave.

How did you manage to evade Marcus and Ariana's fate?

(Terry gave a scant look over his shoulder as if checking for spies.) There's more to me than meets the

eye. Let's just say

 my particular weave wound up in things history calls


Carpets. We all have our talents.

Then you didn't have to

with Marcus after you were


I was

asleep when I was stolen. When I woke up the first thing I saw was

Ariana. What towel in control of his faculties would leave that?

But it is Marcus you are almost covering on the THIS TIME FOREVER cover.


(snorting) Even a towel's life isn't always fair.

So what's next for Terry Kloth?

Well I heard through the


grapevine there this

Native American goddess,

Kira Firebird coming through soon. I might just stick around and see if her

guardian some ridiculously inept wolf-dog called

Boomerang is worthy of the position. Who knows I might just decide to hang around

anyway and see where she takes me.

Then we will keep our eye out for a


from one Terry Kloth in the not too

distant future. I hope you'll

and tell us about Boomerang and Kira if you do stick around.


I'd like to

Terry Kloth for joining me today. The cover of his book

THIS TIME FOREVER can be found over at

Muse It Up Publishing Inc.'s bookstore where for a small price, $2.50 you can find out what happens when Terry Kloth lets his guard down and Marcus Andronius is exposed for all to enjoy.

This is Kat Holmes and my Head Mistress Mama Bear signing off. Be sure to come on over to my

BTR show on

for the weekly



L.J. Holmes and well me, Kat Holmes.