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Monday, April 22, 2013

Buzz Deal!

I am so thrilled. Starting today and going on through the 26th of April my book Frozen is on sale for 99c. This is book one in my Artica Lights series and introduces us to Awni, Brent, and the Artica, a land forever locked in winter.

To get your copy while it is on sale, click here to be taken directly to my buy page.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boomerang Howls A Spell

Kat: Oops You caught me. I'm preening I've never interviewed a spirit before. How do you prepare? And it's not like I'm going to be interviewing just ANY old spirit. OH NO! I'm interviewing a SPIRIT WOLF!

It's true. Today I'm going to be interviewing the spirit wolf companion from the soon to be released epic

ECHOES FROM THE PAST (cover by Suzannah Safi,)  Boomerang, and I've heard through the grapevine, and this grapevine is rumored to go al-l-l-l-l-l the way back to LEMURIA that he's got real attitude! Phew! So I'm really a bit worried.

I was kinda hoping I'd get to interview his daughter the renowned expert on Native American archeology,

Dr. Kira Firebird, that woman is sooo brilliant, but I guess she's just too busy since coming back from...can you believe it, LEMURIA?

Oh my. I think I heard the door open. Do spirits use doors?

Boomerang: Of course we do. We're not rude. At least not on purpose. Most of the time. I mean popping in would be down right rude, especially since it would cause a heart attack or two wouldn't it?

Kat: Uhm Yeah. I can see how that might happen. Especially since you're kinda cold.

Boomerang: I suppose we are kinda like vampires in some ways and in other ways not. We have no heartbeat you know. No blood either. But we we make great air-conditioners!

Kat: Actually you'd probably make a great meat locker. Hang on a second while I grab my coat. Won't you sit down. I assume you're Boomerang?

Boomerang: That isn't really my name. Here. Let me help you into your coat. There. Now we can both sit down. Boomerang is the name Kira gave me when I very lovingly decided to give up playing golf on the Celestial Range to come down here and help her in her dangerous quest."

Kat: There's a golf course in Heaven?

Boomerang: Sweet Cheeks, there's just about everything you can imagine. I pride myself on always making a hole in one. Of course priding myself doesn't always guarantee I'll succeed. There's this hound dog up there called Tee-Ball. I think he might've been a golf club before he passed over, and might even have been one I kinda...well smashed to smithereens.

He tends every now and then to get in the way of me making my holes-in-ones. It can get kinda frustrating, let me tell you. I've spoken to the Big Man about it. He sorta hinted Tee-Ball might be there to teach me patience and to remind me its just not the best thing to smash your clubs to smithereens when you get ticked about a not so perfect shot. Tee-Ball's a learning experience. But he's a learning experience I wanted to get away from for awhile.

Kat: So you came down to help your daughter?

Boomerang: Yeah. Plus, I sorta need to make some amends with her too. I wasn't the best of daddies. Golf wasn't the only thing I lacked patience with.

Kat: So what do you do with Dr. Firebird?

Boomerang: I protect her.

Kat: Excuse my skepticism, but how?

Boomerang: With my nose. I smell danger. See this nose, it's a bonified danger sniffer. It can smell danger ten miles away."

Kat: Really? But I heard it was out of commission most of the time.

Boomerang: Who told you that? That's a lie! Okay, I admit it got stung, and maybe a crab latched onto me a time or two, not my nose, and it got bopped a bit, and perfumed in Lemuria, but it's a super duper sniffer and nothing, I mean NOTHING can stop it from performing above and beyond the call of duty, as you'll see.

You just get your hands on ECHOES FROM THE PAST and you'll see what a stellar hero I am!

Kat: Okay, Okay, I believe you! You really went to Lemuria. What was that like?

Boomerang: Insane! Those people were crazy! Look at me! I am magnificent, right! I mean seriously. Have you ever seen a more spectacular example of

wolfdom in your entire life before? Of course not. So what do THEY do? The very MINUTE I arrive they abscond with me into some alien torture chamber where they preen me and have the unmitigated gall to BEAD me. I ask you, what kind of protector can I be when my fur is bound with beads of all manner so that every time I move I am clicking and clacking, dinging and donging, binging, and bonging and jingling and jangling. But they didn't stop there. Oh no. They perfumed me so that when I walked a cloud, a purple cloud of oddly scented stuff lifted off of me, and swirled into the air buzzing around me like a hoard of smelly fairies. Now I ask you, what kind of a protector can I be when I cannot stalk potential danger because I alert them thanks to the oddballs we met in Lemuria?

Kat: That does sound awful. Were you able to wash it out?

Boomerang: I hate to admit this...I'm sorta terrified of water, but yeah, Kira did help. She has a PhD you know?

Kat: I'm glad to hear that. How were the Anasazi then?

Boomerang :<snort> They live in cliffs...what do you think?

Kat: They lived in INTRICATE cliffs right?

Boomerang: It's still cliffs.

Kat: Okay let's move on. {checking her notes} I heard you ran into some other strange people.

Boomerang: You must be talking about the Dippy Duo.

Kat: Yes

Boomerang: They were quite a pair. I actually got to see them bare ass naked a couple times. Hmmm. I wonder if that means ECHOES FROM THE PAST deserves a triple X rating for obscene content? Personally neither of those boys has much to write home about,  but you know...they weren't...on the rise...so to speak.

Kat: Oh Boomerang...You are such a devil!

Boomerang: Actually I'm not. I come from the other Resort. <waggles eyes>

Kat: What else can you tell us?

Boomerang: Ahoishmahir is quite a guy once you get to know him. I was prepared to rip his ghostly spleen apart, let me tell you. Technically before I became, you know, what I am right now, this spirit wolf, I was Kira's dad. I know you're gonna say...yeah but you weren't a good one. I don't think in the grand scheme of things that really matters...especially when you got the spirit genes and the dad genes all swirling around inside of you at the same time. I was in dad mode, so I was ready to tear Aho's spleen out when I saw he was eying my baby like she was cream cheese on a bagel and he planned to lick her bagel clean. 

But it's kinda hard ripping some body's spleen out when you're a spirit wolf. We spirits do have some limitations, not to mention I think the Big Man might not have given me any brownie points if I'da given in to those desires. 

Luckily I didn't actually do a spleenectomy, as it turned out. Can't tell you why. I had to promise...but I can tell you he sure can handle those Lemurian Bubbles.

Kat: Lemurian Bubbles?

Boomerang: Yeah. They go up and they go down. I'm not sure I would have wanted to go in one, especially after the tunnel, but they sure looked fantastic going up traveling over there, and then going down. Far as I know no one got sick the way I almost did in the tunnel.

Kat: The tunnel?

Boomerang: We're not allowed to talk about the tunnel.

Kat: Right. Well judging by the clock on the wall it looks like our time is almost up. Is there anything else your want my friends to know about you?

Boomerang: Yes. My nose really IS supreme and you all really do need to get your hands on a copy of ECHOES FROM THE PAST. It's a fun book with a lot of good people waiting to meet you all in it.

Kat: I want to thank you for coming, Boomerang. It was a lot of fun.Come back any time. Please give my best to Kira, Aho, and the rest of the ECHOES crew.

ECHOES FROM THE PAST by L.J. Holmes, cover by Suzannah Safi is releasing from Muse It Up Publishing Inc early in May 2013.

For updates check Ms. Holmes personal blog at: Lin's Own Howling At The Moon Blog Spot

And you HAVE to catch the brillliant book trailer Suzannah Safi also did for also did for this soon to be released book...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Cover For My Mom!

I am so pleased to display my mom's newest cover. Echoes From The Past will release from Muse It Up Publishing in May. The extremely talented Suzi Safi designed the ccover.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Looking Forward To Next Week

My dear friend N.J. Walters has a new release coming out next week. On April 16th Mark Of The Bear, book 2 in her Hades Carnival series will release from Samhain Publishing. Below is the blurb and the publisher's comment on the book.

When the devil wants a deal, there’s no bowing out gracefully.

Hades’ Carnival, Book 2

At twenty-nine, Hollywood scream queen Kellsie Morris is acutely aware the clock is ticking on her career. Luckily, the one big role she needs to pad her retirement fund has just come through—the story of an immortal, shape-shifting warrior trapped in a carnival run by the Devil’s minions.

When Kellsie arrives on set, she can’t resist climbing aboard an amazingly realistic carousel bear—and finds herself flung into a world where the horror is real. As real as the heat radiating off the half-naked hunk in her arms.

Marko has waited an eternity for the chance to free his goddess, the Lady of the Beasts, and his fellow warriors from an ancient curse. But once he lays eyes on Kellsie, he knows to the bottom of his soul that his purpose is to protect her life.

But in this hellish game, it’s the Devil’s move. And there’s no predicting when and where the final, brutal stroke will fall—and which lover will pay the ultimate price.

Product Warnings
This book contains a heroine who’s a screamer—in and out of bed—and a warrior who gives a whole new meaning to “method”. After reading, please use caution when standing up. Your knees may be weak.
Click here for the direct link to her buy page.