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Kat's Blog

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Great Books!

Currently I am reading a book called Cold Winter. It's a CSI NY novel based on the tv show. This book is awesome. I love all three CSI shows and the books are proving to be just as great. I'm having to do a lot of reading and basically sitting around due to some unforseen complications from my concussion. There are so many wonderful books out there. After I finish the book I'm currently reading I am going to start Goddess By Mistake by P.C. Cast. It will be about the 100th time I have re-read that book but it's my favorite.

Another book I highly suggest is both Heart of the Dragon and Jewel of Atlantis. Both books are by Gena Showalter and are part of her Atlantis series. These are great stories. And I just got the best news. Raymond E. Feist who does the Krondor series is finally releasing a new novel. It has been too long. I know of the new release because I subscribe to Realms of Fantasy magazine. If you love fantasy books and games I urge you to try this magazine. It's awesome. So what are you guys reading lately?

Monday, April 17, 2006

If you have never had a concussion, let me tell you it's no fun. Exactly one week ago today I fell and cracked my skull. Major concussion. For the past week all I have really done is sleep. And one week later, I still have nausea and a really bad headache. If I stand too quickly or try to do something more strenuous than walk to the bathroom I get the ultimate joy of the world spinning. It makes me feel like the world has become a huge roulette wheel and the croupier is yelling "PLACE YOUR BETS" at the top of his lungs.

I suffer from seizures so this is a very dangerous but real reality for me. I was at the library last Monday. I use handicapped busing for transportation. I went outside to sit on the library bench to wait for my return ride when I had the seizure, fell, and hit my head on bricks. Major major ouch. No fun at all.

I have had doctors tell me that they can't find what causes my seizures because they originate too deep for the EEG to scan. In others words, whatever triggers my seizures is well below the surface of my brain which is the only thing an EEG can scan. Therefore, my seizures are uncontrolled. And because of this, I try not to go out too much not only to prevent injury, but also because people look at me like I'm contagious or something. I hate being the center of attention even on good days. Being the center of attention for seizures is worse.

So, for the most part I stay home and I play with my cats and do my blog and read a lot. My mom and I do crafts together which keeps me "mostly" out of trouble.:-) But, when people see me having a seizure and act like I'm diseased or something, I can only hope they themselves will never have to deal with anything like it, or someone they love doesn't become afflicted. They wouldn't like how people treat them.