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Kat's Blog

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Marathon Continues

Well, the picture marathon for book releases for February goes on. As you know if you have read my previous post, February marks the release of a whole lot of great books that I have been dying to read. It just seems like all the best are coming out in the month February. So, I have been on a marathon sprint you might say to put up a large picture ad at the bottom of my blog for each book. I have been trying to give them all equal time before I change it to the next picture so each book has a chance to shine before February gets here. So far, I have put up pics for the following books:

Deadly Game by Christine Feehan
The Nymph King by Gena Showalter
Bite Me If You Can by Lynsay Sands

The one I am currently putting up is Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs. It's the sequel to her awesome book Moon Called. I also have one more book after hers to put up for February's new releases. The ad for Protector Of The Flight by Robin D. Owens will go up on the 30th of January which also happens to be my birthday. I'll be turning 31. Yuck! Also, though I won't be posting it, another Feb. release worthy of note is Innocent In Death by J.D. Robb.

The reason I am not posting an ad for that books is I am not a huge fan of that series, but my Mom is. So I am mentioning it for her. Hope you're happy Mom.:-)

Monday, January 15, 2007

A Whole New Look!

I have changed the look of my blog. Do you like it? I finally took the plunge and uploaded the new version of Blogger with Google. I am so in love with how easy this new blogger is. There are so many neat new things you can do and they are so simple. The tools are great. I am having a blast just playing around with all the new tools.

Along with the new look, I have added some new features. You'll notice a list of links to some of my favorite websites and blogs. Also, I have put up a list of some of my favorite books and authors. If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog, you'll see an ad for the next book coming out that I am dying to grab along with a publishing date. I'll keep changing that as needed. In fact, there are a lot of books coming out in February that I am dying to read so that picture and caption will change a lot over the next 3 weeks.

And before you ask, none of the authors asked me to do it. I am doing it because these are authors and storylines I love. The current ad is for Deadly Game by Christine Feehan which will be the next in her Ghostwalker series. I can't wait. So, I hope you like the new look. I, personally, love it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Audio Books

I personally LOVE audio books. I never listen to a book until I have read it though because it's important to me to read the story first. But, once I have read a book, if there is an audio version I love to then listen to the story in audio. I think it's really cool to hear a voice actor read the story and do the voices of the various characters. They can make the story take on a new life.

I just bought a copy of Dark Desire by Christine Feehan on audio. It's offered through Dorchester for a great price. And the cool part is they record your copy when you order it. It means waiting a couple weeks, but how cool is that? An audio book made to order? I can't wait to get it. Dark Desire is one of my FAVORITE of the Carpathian novels. Not all of my favorites have been released yet, but I'll get them as they come out.

I have also listened to all of Nora Roberts' stuff on audio. My favorite audio of hers is her jewel trilogy that takes place in Ireland. It is so neat listening to the voice actor doing the Irish accents. So do you like audios? Which ones have you listened to?