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Kat's Blog

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Tonight, as the ball drops and officially heralds in 2007, I hope you all have a wonderful time but most of all be safe. I can't say I'm sorry to see 2006 leave. With the American death toll in Iraq hitting the 3000 mark, I am eagerly awaiting the takeover by the new Congress and hope they will force the issue to bring our brothers and sisters home.

But, I hope you all have the best celebrations ever and have someone you love to share them with. Right now, I am cuddling my kitty cat. May 2007 bring all of us hope and joy for the future. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. May you all have a wonderful holiday filled with joy, laughter, and of course lots of presents. Today is Christmas Eve and Santa is getting ready to deliver his bundle of gifts. Did you make the Nice or the Naughty list? If you made the nice, expect Santa to be coming down your chimney tonight. If you made the naughty list, well you can always snuggle up with your loved one and earn that naughty rating even more.:-) Have a great Christmas everybody.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fall Reading Round-Up

Today is officially the start of winter, even though it doesn't yet feel wintery around here. The weather has definately been mild. But, today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year. It is the official herald of the winter season. So, it's time for the reading round-up. Now, once again, this is just a few of the books I have read over the past season. It would take too long to list them all.

Conspiracy Game: This book by Christine Feehan is EXCELLENT! It's the current book in her Ghostwalker series and I have read and re-read this book about 10 times so far since it came out at the end of October. I totally, TOTALLY love this book.

Wild Rain: This is also by Christine Feehan but is much older and is part of her leopard series. I hadn't read it until last week even though we had it awhile. It was so good. Feehan really knows how to blend romance, danger and paranormal all into a great story.

Divine By Choice: This P.C. Cast book is the sequel to Goddess By Mistake that was renamed Divine By Mistake. This sequel has been 5 years in the making. I LOVED it. This book is fantastic. Funny, heartbreaking and just downright awesome.

Sleeping With The Fishes: This book by MaryJanice Davidson is the first in her brand new series about a mermaid named Fred. This book is a laugh riot. It's so funny. If you have ever read her Betsy the Vamp queen books, you'll know what I mean about her great humor.

Eyes Of Crow: This is the very first book in a new series by Jeri Smith-Ready for Luna books. This book was so great I couldn't put it down. I can hardly wait for her next installment. Anyone who has been following Luna books this past year knows they have dropped a lot of series they had already established. Thankfully, this is not one of them.

Disappearing Nightly: This book by Laura Resnick was awesome. Published by Luna books last year, I just read it in anticipation of the next book in the series, Dopplegangsters. Tragically, this is one of the series that Luna dropped in it's restructering process which totally sucks. This series was so good. Dopplegangsters was supposed to be released this month, but it never will be by Luna. Laura Resnick is currently looking for another publisher to continue the series. I hope she succeeds.

Well, I think that's enough for now. Like I said, it's not everything I have read, but it is the absolute best. So, what is in your reading round-up?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Black & Purple Not My Colors!

I have learned the hard way that I don't look good in black and purple. These are definately not flattering colors on me. I had to go for an MRI of the brain today. I suffer from seizures that doctors are having a hard time with so I needed to get this test done. I had one of those open MRI machines that are designed for people with claustrophobia.

Anyways, I laid down on the sliding table and the tech put this plastic cage on my head to hold it immobile. I couldn't move my head at all. Then I went into the tube. Now this machine made lots of noise. There was a bunch of loud clicks, buzzes and whirs. That alone should have tipped me off to impending trouble.

The tech had attached a mirror to the top of the head cage so I could see what was going on. As I watched, my lips turned black and purple and a line of this started seeping down my chin. I was bleeding underneath my skin. And then the seizure started. Yes, the sounds of the MRI triggered a seizure and bleeding. The tech decided since there was only 3 minutes left until the test was over to just continue rather than stop and make sure I was ok.

Now, a side effect of seizures is nausea. I was stuck on my back with a head cage that prevented my from turning my head and I felt like I was going to throw up. I was terrified if it happened while I couldn't move my head I'd end up choking to death on my own vomit. Thankfully, it held off till the tech got me out and I could run to the bathroom. This day has been very unpleasant to say the least and is not a day I want to repeat ever again.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Eyes Don't Have It!

It is the bane of every person's life. It is the beginning of the decline. It's a scourge of the human existence. What is it? Aging! I will be 31 in two months. No, it's not old, but I am not a kid anymore. And I can no longer see as clearly as I did when I was younger. Yes, the sad truth can no longer be hidden. I am going to the eye doctor tomorrow to demand.....GLASSES! Isn't it just frightening? And I did say demand, not ask. That's right people. My eyesight isn't perfect anymore. The first sign of aging, the eyes. I am gonna need a different prescription for each eye too.

I can no longer see distances clearly out of my right eye. It makes everything blurry and trying to watch tv from my sofa gives me a headache. And, while my left is way clearer than my right, I am starting to get blurring up close when I read. As tragic as it is, I can no longer deny the truth. I'm only in my early 30's but the aging process, or should I say the aging decline has already begun. Please don't cry for me. It's terrible I know but I promise to be strong and steadfast. Though I am about to enter a world of visionary aid, I vow not to let it control my life. WAHHHHHH!!!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Have A Very Scary Halloween!

I'd like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Halloween. May your holiday be filled with fun, candy, spooks and shrieks. And I hope you each get a big bag full of scary, tasty goodies. Oh and don't bob for too many apples, you might accidentally bite a ghost or goblin.:-) Happy halloween everyone.

Friday, October 13, 2006

What's Most Important To Me

It's 4:21 in the morning here and I am wide awake and just feeling a bit pensive. I have an awful cold that has made my sleeping habits wacky. My mom's asleep and my two kitty cats are chasing each other all over the apartment. So, feeling miserable thanks to this cold, I got to thinking. What is the most important thing to me? Answer; my mom and my cats. No matter how lousy I feel they are always there for me and they always love me. And that's when it hit me. The love I have for them and the love they have for me, that's the meaning of life. That's what it's all about. It's why we are here on Earth.

Just think, if everyone had the kind of love in their lives and souls that I both have and receive from my mom who's my best friend and my two cats who are my babies, the world would be a much happier place. People would be too happy and content to start wars, to hate people, to feel hopeless. I don't know what I'd do without my mom and cats. They are my world. Everyone needs someone to truly love and care about. It's that simple and that complex.

So I am going to end this rather heavier than usual entry with the following words. Mom, Spitter D, Pudge, I love you 3 with all that I am. Thank you for being in my life. The 3 of you are what is most important to me.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

X-Men The Last Stand is DYNOMITE!

I just saw this movie for the first time and it totally rocked. It's now out on DVD. Where do I begin? This is without a doubt the most awesome, action-packed, emotion-based film of all three. It's a total roller-coaster ride. From the very start to the very end, you are left guessing how things will go. Will the X-Men survive? Who will get the cure either by choice or by force? Will the Brotherhood survive? Who will be betrayed? And most serious of all, who will die?

I'll give you a few hints without revealing too much. Many of the mutants will be given the cure. Some will get it by choice. Others will be forced to have it. Mystique will be betrayed by someone she thought a friend and the betrayal will be the ultimate. Many, many mutants both good and bad will lose their lives. Some will die as the price of war, others will die as the price of rage and insanity. Some will be killed by strangers, others will die at the hand of those they love. The ultimate shock is what happens to Magneto in the end.

Storm really rocked with this movie. Her powers were so much more intense and strong. In this film, if you have never read the comics you come to understand just why she is called Storm. Her powers are awesome. And the Dark Phoenix is limitless power. Pure rage, pure power. She is the ultimate villian in every way. And she is nearly unstoppable. She quite literally almost completely destroyed everyone and everything. Charles Xavier is another surprise. You might be shocked at just how ruthless he can be with his telepathic powers. And that ruthlessness unleashes a deadly, disastrous course of events that he will come to regret.

Rogue is a prime candidate for acquiring the cure willingly. She does in fact leave the mansion to get it after witnessing a betrayal by her boyfriend Bobby and fellow student Kitty. She gets in the line of mutants at the cure center to receive the cure. Does she get it? Wolverine is thrust into a position he never wanted. Leadership of the X-Men. Due to the course of events, Wolverine must take over along with Storm the fight for mutant rights at the head of the team. And in the end, he may be the only one who can stop the Dark Phoenix.

Beast and Angel join the X-Men. They must each decide what they stand for. At the same time, Magneto builds up his army, and joining him is a power even he may not be able to control. On his side he has Mystique, Pyro, Callisto, Arclight, Quill, Juggernaut, and Dark Phoenix. Along with them is a huge army of mutants ready to fight. They go to Alcatraz for the final fight, and it is the fight to end all fights. For it is here that the full rage and power of the Dark Phoenix is unleashed and no one is safe. Not even the Brotherhood for whom she is a member.

I loved this movie. It is truly the best of all three films. I can only hope that 20th Century Fox decides to do more because each movie just keeps getting better and better. This movie is truly DYNOMITE!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Reading Round-up!

Summer is officially over. The Autumnal Equinox has come proclaiming the official start of the fall season. So, I have decided to start a new section of my blog. The end of season reading round-up. At the end of each season, I will tell you about the best books I have read over that season. No way could I tell you every book I have read, it would take way too long. So I'll tell you about my favorites. And let me know what your favorite seasonal reads have been. So let's start the End Of Summer reading round-up!

These books are my favorites that I have read this summer but are listed in no particular order.

Divine By Mistake: This book is by P.C. Cast and was originally called Goddess By Mistake. When Luna bought the rights to it they changed the name because Cast has a deal with the publisher of her Goddess Summoning series that only they can use the word Goddess in the title. Since it has been 5 years since the original publishing, P.C. updated this book a little bit and I honestly think the changes work great. They really help to flesh out this already amazing story even better. I definately give this book a 10!

Sorceress Of Faith: This book is by Robin D. Owens and like Divine By Mistake is published by Luna books. Sorceress is the sequel to Guardian of Honor and is phenomenal. My favorite character is Tuck the talking hamster. He's hilarious. While I almost always like sequels, it is rare that I ever think a sequel is better than the first. But in this case, Sorceress is even better than the original and the original was great.

Dark Celebration: This is a Carpathian reunion novel by Christine Feehan. I LOVED it! I am a huge Carpathian fan. Some reviewers have said that because the book deals with so many characters it loses its edgy feel. I highly disagree. I think it not only maintains its edge, but manages to involve so many characters without losing the substance of the story. I love this book.

Dangerous Tides: This book is also by Christine Feehan. It's the current novel in her Seven Sisters series and it totally rocks. Libby's story is great. Libby is the good girl of the family but longs to be seen in a different light. Unfortunately for her, a killer on her tail will make that happen in spades. This book is filled with great tension but also a lot of humor. I really enjoyed it.

A Bite To Remember: This book by Lynsay Sands is the continuation of her vampire series and is awesome. This book was so funny. I loved every minute of it. And, if you have read the others in the series you will have met Marguerite. There is a jaw-dropping surprise involving her at the end of the book. And I do mean jaw-dropping.

Well, those are my absolute favorites that I have read this summer. I have read many more books this summer, but as I said, it would take way too long to list them. So what books have you read? What books did you like the most? Let me know what's in your reading round-up.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Ultimate Villian!

The Dark Phoenix is my all-time favorite villian from the Marvel Universe. And she was the ultimate villian, male or female. We are not talking ordinary nasty, she had the power to destroy whole solar systems. When the Phoenix entity inhabited the body of X-Men hero Jean Grey, it became corrupted by human emotions. It took cruel pleasure from dark sensations and the ultimate control over life and death. The Dark Phoenix was an unstoppable force. No one could touch her. Well, except for Jean Grey in the few moments she could wrest control of her body and mind. It was Jean who destroyed the Dark Phoenix by taking her own life on the moon. Jean would be reborn years later.

The third installment of the X-Men films is about to be released on DVD and the character I am dying to see portrayed is the Dark Phoenix. Those of you who saw X-Men 2 know at the end of the film Jean sacrifices herself to save the others from an oncoming wall of water when the dam burst. She is resurrected in X3 but the Dark Phoenix takes over. The Dark Phoenix joins with Magneto's army for a time, but eventually she even turns on them and goes on a killing spree. I haven't seen the film because I was sick when it came out in the theaters but I am dying to see the DVD. I have it on pre-order.

In all of the Marvel Universe there is no greater villian than the Dark Phoenix in my opinion. She was the strongest, most merciless villian ever. She didn't kill or cause harm for any specific agenda like most villians. She wasn't trying to enslave the universe and gain power. She killed simply for the sensation of it. The purest form of evil ever was the Dark Phoenix, my favorite villian EVER!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

End Of Summer...Good Riddance!

I hate summer. It's the one season I could definately do without. So I am not sorry to see summer winding it's way elsewhere. There are 2, yes 2, major issues with summer that causes me to hate it.

Issue 1: It's too freaking hot. I mean come on, we had a whole week here where the temperature reached 114 degrees everyday. Air conditioning can only do so much in that type of extreme heat. And to make it worse every day was extremely humid too so you couldn't breathe.

Issue 2: Bugs! This is the major issue with me. I am a total bug-a-phobe so I definately hate summer when the bugs are out. And to prove just how much they dislike me, I was walking back from my mailbox yesterday with the mail. Just as I got to my door a yellowjacket stung me in the back! I wasn't doing anything to provoke it. I didn't even know it was there and I get stung. I really, really hate bugs. Good thing I'm not allergic to bee stings but my back seriously hurt for several hours.

So unlike all the kids who have to go back to school and the adults who have to return to work, I am totally glad to see summer leave. I am eagerly waiting for winter for the same reason I am glad to see summer go. In winter, it's cold and there are no bugs. A lot of people say they hate cold weather but I feel that you can dress for the cold and be warm. In summer, even if you went naked on really hot days you wouldn't be cool. Bye bye summer and please do be a stranger.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Crikey He'll Be Missed!

The world has lost a true conservation icon and indeed a legend to a terrible accident. On Monday, September 4th of 2006, Steve Irwin, better known to the world as the Crocodile Hunter died. Steve Irwin rose to fame through his popular Crocodile Hunter documentaries that were aired on the cable channel, Animal Planet. Irwin was known for his risky encounters with some of the less lovable creatures such as saltwater crocodiles, venomous snakes and sharks. It was his mission in life to make people understand these dangerous predators and to help educate people to protect them and their habitats.

Steve Irwin had a passion and zeal for wildlife that is unmatched if you ask me. He was more than willing to put his own life on the line to protect those animals. And unfortunately, that is in the end what killed him. Those of us who have watched him over the years are probably not surprised that he died while getting up close and personal with wildlife. What is shocking to us all is no one expected him to be killed by what he was killed by. I always thought it would be either a snakebite or getting too close to a croc that would kill him. But believe it or not, it was actually a creature most people wouldn't consider to be a major danger that ended his life.

Steve Irwin was filming an underwater documentary off the coast of the Great Barrier Reef on stingrays. It would seem he was swimming above one when the stingray's tail hit him square in the chest causing it's poison barb to go into his heart. Though his fellow divers and the film crew tried to get him to help it was too late. He died en route to the hospital. Steve Irwin was only 44 and he leaves behind a wife and two children.

I was a huge fan of the Crocodile Hunter and I will miss him. I loved his enthusiam and zest for wildlife conservation. And in honor of you Steve Iriwin, I close this by saying CROCS RULE!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Upcoming Reunion Book!

Dark Celebration, a Carpathian reunion novel by Christine Feehan is about to be released. I can not begin to tell you how much I have been waiting for this one. I LOVE the Carpathian series. I absolutely love it. But, if you are expecting this to be a story filled with humor and white hot sex, yes it has that. But this book also contains tradgedy. Some of our favorite characters are going to die. Though I haven't read the book yet, I have seen the reviews and they say that by the end of the first chapter you will be in tears.

Here is a brief synopsis of what Dark Celebration is about. Raven, the lifemate of the Carpathian Prince, has decided to gather all the Carpathians together for a feast to celebrate the holidays. With all Carpathians gathering, this is too good an opportunity for the vampires to gather and kill them off. Now instead of going after the warriors whom have proven too difficult to kill, the vampires decide to go after the ones who give them hope and light, their women and children. After all, if they kill the lifemates, the warriors won't be able to exist without them. They will either choose to die as well, or turn vampire.

But there is some cause for hope. A cure has finally been found for why their women keep miscarrying and for why their children often die within the first year of life. But Dark Celebration definately carries a dark, edgy feel to it as it begs the question, what price are you willing pay to for love? Dark Celebration also more closely follows the characters of Skyler and Dimitri. If you have read the Carpathian novels, then you know who Skyler is, and although we haven't before met Dimitri, we have been told about him. As you may know, Skyler is human, adopted by two powerful Carpathians. Skyler's mother died when she was young and her real father abused her terribly and sold her out to men for drug money. But Skyler is psychic and thus possesses the potential to be a lifemate to a Carpathian male.

Skyler is still too young, and a bit too scarred to be claimed as a lifemate, but Dimitri is on the verge of turning. This will force some hard choices on both Skyler and Dimitri. Claim her before she is 18 and risk the wrath of the Prince and Skyler's guardians for breaking the rules, or risk turning vampire by not claiming her. It also brings us back to the days when women wed a lot younger than they do now. This book also focuses on the fact that because Skyler is human, she makes the perfect target for the vampires to kill. After all, how easy wound it be to bump off a human female rather than a Carpathian female? And it begs the question, who would be willing to die to protect her?

But, as I said, this is a reunion novel so all of our favorites will be back. And, Christine introduces some new characters who will most likely be getting their own stories later down the road. Christine Feehan has the full trailer up on her website for this book. Go to www.christinefeehan.com/ if you'd like to see it. And make sure you read about the making of the trailer written by the head of the company that filmed it, Circle Of Seven Productions. If you want to visit the website that made the book trailer, go to www.cosproductions.com/ and check em out. If you want to read Dark Celebration, it comes out September 05, 2006 and is available for pre-order. I know I can't wait.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Really Great Game!

I want to tell you about a really great game I just got done playing. It's for the PC. Nancy Drew: Danger By Design. This is the newest Nancy Drew game in HerInteractive's line. It's number 14. Number 15 will be coming out in November. Anyway, a lot of people who played this game have liked it. Some have not. But I personally loved it. The story takes place in France in the heart of the fashion industry. The mystery involves intrigue, espionage and betrayal.

You also get to cook with this game which is fun. You get to bake mint chocolate chip cookies and make parfaits. You get to swim through the French catacombs. And you get to take digital pictures which you can print up. You also get to go shopping and really get to barter for items to bring down prices. And if you ever wanted to make masterpiece art, you get your chance to do that too all the while solving a mystery.

You, as Nancy Drew, have been hired by a fashion investor to find out why fashion designer Minette, who works out of a moulin, or windmill, has been acting so strangely lately. Throwing tantrums, firing people left and right and suddenly wearing a mask all the time. Could it have something to do with the threatening letters she has been getting? Or could the reason for her odd behaviour stretch further into the past back when France was occupied by Germany during the second world war? It's up to you to unravel the clues.

I think this game is fantastic. And the clever thing is, this game is designed for almost all ages really. And if you love mysteries or ever wanted to be Nancy Drew, then these games rock. I highly suggest Danger By Design for anyone, but especially for anyone new to Nancy Drew games. The reason for that is this game, unlike the earlier ones comes witha very good and detailed tutorial, so if you haven't played Nancy Drew then this one is a good one to start with. And if you have played Nancy Drew games but not Danger By Design, then I think you'll love it. I did. My favorite part was making cookies and the catacomb swimming. Awesome!

Like I said earlier though, number 15 will be out in November and is called The Creature of Kapu Cave. For those of you who played number 13, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, in Kapu Cave we again get to team up with the Hardy boys. But this looks to be even better involvement with the Hardy's than Blue Moon because you actually get to play part of the game as all 3 characters, Nancy, Frank and Joe. In Blue Moon you only got to play as Frank very briefly when working as a short-order cook and never as Joe. But this time, you get to play em all. But you play longest as Nancy. After all, the games are named after her.:-)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Told You So

I told you I was a huge X-Men fanatic. My favorite characters are Mystique and Dark Phoenix and I have just started a fan site dedicated to my two favorite villians. It's called Blue Fire and I just completed it. It's a very small fan site and I intend to keep it that way. I used to run a very large fan site several years ago and it was just too much work to maintain as huge as it was. So this, as a small site is much better. If you'd like to see it go to http://ladiesofmarvel.freehomepage.com/ and tell me what you think. Yes I am aware of the typos and will be fixing those over the next couple days. Hey, it keeps me relatively out of trouble.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mutants Unleashed!

The third movie in the X-Men saga is about to be released on DVD. On October 03, 2006 X-Men The Last Stand will be available for purchase. It's already available for pre-order on Amazon. I am so dying to see this movie. I am a total X-men fanatic. It's my most favorite comic ever. It is the darkest of all three films and literally everything hangs in the balance. There is no guarantee the X-Men will succeed.

The government has come up with a cure for mutation. Magneto, angered over the idea pulls together an army of mutants and go to war. Joining his army is a newly resurrected Jean Grey. But Jean isn't the same loving Jean she once was. Overwhelmed by her powers, the greatest villian to ever grace the world emerges. Jean is now the Dark Phoenix, and even Magneto with all his power can't stop her.

Also, Rogue finds out that her boyfriend is dropping her for another girl and fellow student, Kitty Pryde. Bobby, A.K.A. Iceman is tired of not being able to touch Rogue at all without risking going comatose. So Rogue seriously considers the cure. Does she take it? You'll have to watch the movie. Even the director wasn't sure whether he was gonna cure her or not so he filmed both outcomes. Rogue not taking the cure and Rogue getting the cure. Both scenes will be included with the DVD.

Storm has a bigger role in this film and we get to see her fly. Wolverine is forced into a position of leadership for the X-Men, a spot he never wanted. But because Cyclops is still mourning Jean and so is Xavier, it's up to Wolverine to keep the team from falling apart. Kelsey Grammer plays new character Beast. Other new characters include Angel, Callisto, Juggernaut, and Shadowcat. Even though Kitty has been in the other movies, it was just as a background character with almost no part in the story. She has a big part in X3. She's a love rival for Rogue, has a big action scene in the Danger room, and gets chased by Juggernaut.

I definately intend to buy this movie. I have the first 2 and can't wait for this. I didn't go to see it in theaters because I was sick at the time, so it will be a totally new movie for me when it comes out. Dark Phoenix was my favorite character in the comics so I can't wait to see the movie version. I hear Famke Janssen, who plays Jean grey did a great job by the character. It's said she not only showed just how evil Dark Phoenix could be, but the complete and total desperation of Jean in those few moments that she is actually in control.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Werewolves Are Fun

I just finished a great book. It's called Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn. This book was a laugh-riot that was still very intense and action filled. Kitty is not your usual werewolf. Used to being submissive to her Pack leader and his Alpha female, Kitty surprises herself by becoming defiant. Her attitudes change when she starts a late-night radio talk show called The Midnight Hour.

Her show is dedicated to helping other werewolves, vampires, witches and other paranormals talk out their problems and becomes an instant hit. But this show attracts attention from those who would rather she shut up. Her Pack leader, the head of the local sect of Vamps, a cute but homicidal werewolf hunter and even a government think tank. Kitty is finding more trouble than she has ever faced.

I loved this book. It was hilarious while also keeping you on the edge of your seat. I have the sequel which I will start tomorrow, but this was a great book. And without giving anything away, I will say you are seriously gonna want to slap her Pack leader and his Alpha female. Go Kitty!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Did Someone Leave The Oven On?

If, like me, you live on the east coast, then you know saying it's hot is an understatement. It's not hot, it's sizzling. I live in New Jersey, and even on the beach the temperatures have gotten over a hundred degrees the past couple days. Even though I am staying inside with the air conditioning on it still gets so hot you can't breathe. And when I do go outside to get the mail, it feels like a sledgehammer is hitting you in the chest. In the 2 minutes it takes to get the mail I am literally dripping with sweat.

The actual temps are bad enough. We got to 102 degrees yesterday and are expecting to make it there today as well. But this oppressive humidity on top of it makes it worse. Yesterday, the heat index reached 111 degrees in the shade. Today they are saying about 107 degrees. Hot doesn't begin to describe it. It's so humid outside that at 6 am this morning, even though it was only 82 degrees at the time, the sky was so hazy you couldn't see anything clearly after about a quarter mile. It's almost as bad as fog.

The ONLY good news is this awful heat and humidity is supposed to break tonight. We are supposed to have really bad thunderstorms and then bye bye heatwave. Tomorrow, the temp is only supposed to go up to 81 degrees with very low humidity. But, that still means we have to get through today. The thunderstorms that will cool us off finally won't hit until after sunset, so we have all day with the sun high and baking to get through. In case I never mentioned it, I HATE summer. But take heart people. Today is the last day for this oppressive heat.

In the meantime, be sure to check on the elderly and the very young as this weather is worse for them than even for us. And if it at all possible, stay inside today in the AC. If you have to go out, take lots of water with you and I strongly suggest wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella to keep the direct sunlight off your skin. Stay cool people.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Truly Godless One

As hard as it was, I bit my tongue the first time Ann Coulter came out to publicize her book Godless. I bit my tongue until it bled when she called the 9/11 widows harpies whose husbands were probably planning to divorce them when they were killed. But if I don't speak out now I may well burst a blood vessel. Ann Coulter was just on Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC. Once again, she was promoting her book. Matthews was interviewing her outside with a crowd of people around.

Into the interview, he allowed the people watching to ask her questions. One woman asked Ann how she could call other people Godless when her own words regarding Al Gore were so mean and judgemental. Ann's answer was to insult the woman and saying she just obviously wasn't as "perky" as the woman was. Another guy asked her a question about how she handles opposing viewpoints from the liberal press and she turned around and said she had no trouble with liberal press people unlike little miss bubbly.

I have noticed that Ann never answers questions by actually answering the questions. Instead, she just attacks whoever is criticizing her and anyone else. Everything wrong with the world according to Ann Coulter is the fault of LIBERALS. Anyone who is a liberal, according to Ms. Coulter's highly Educated opinion, is a traitor to this country and a coward. Let's explore that opinion shall we? Hmm, Bush and his entire White House are conservatives. The majority of the House and Senate are conservatives. Ann's a conservative. Just how many of them are either serving or have a child serving in the military? How many of them or their children are over in Iraq on the front lines? How many of them or their children have been killed? Answer to all 3 questions....NONE!

Yet these people have had the nerve to call people like John Kerry, and even republican John McCain cowards and defeatists. People who actually SERVED! Now, back to Ann Coulter's opinions as quoted in her book. According to Ms. Coulter the 9/11 widows should not be allowed to criticize the Iraq war because no one can challenge their views without looking like insensitive idiots. Like Ann doesn't look that way anyway. But Ann, once again, you have made a false statement, no surprise there. You can say that while you respect their opinions and why they have them, this is why you disagree with their viewpoint. And you still look respectful...what a concept.

Then there is Ann Coulter saying the 9/11 widows are harpies whose husbands were probably planning to divorce them. Once again, I prove my point that Ann can NOT make a point about anything without resorting to insults and extremely cruel and uncalled for statements of opinion. Yet Ann has the audacity to call LIBERALS godless. Uh Ann, I hate to break it to you but shouldn't you have given up name-calling in grade school?

Next up, Ann has had the nerve to say the 9/11 widows are actually happy that their husbands are dead because they have gotten famous off the deaths. Not only is that assertion ludricrous, but isn't that what Ann Coulter has done without having been related to anyone who died that horrible day? Isn't the whole message of her book, which she is trying to SELL to the public, spawned on the backs of those who died? Isn't her fame and money coming from the exploitation of a terrible tradgedy? Yet she has the gall to attack the 9/11 widows for demandng answers from the government about why their husbands died? Ms. Coulter, the only GODLESS one in this debate is you.

I am asking anyone who reads my blog to please boycot anything Ann Coulter does. This woman is without a doubt the most hateful and spiteful woman I have ever had the misfortune to hear from. I myself am a liberal and proud of it. But unlike Ms. Coulter, I do respect people with opposing viewpoints. I think people with different opinions are what makes this country great. Ann Coulter, on the other hand thinks anyone who dares to have a different opinion than hers is a traitor to this country. But then, as the picture of her shows, she would gladly bring back the era of McCarthyism.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Upcoming Book Not To Be Missed

If you have read Annette Blair's first two hilarious witch novels, than like me you are looking forward to the next installment due out in December of this year. The Scot, The Witch & The Wardrobe is the next witch tale to come down the pipeline of Blair's imagination. Here is a synopsis of the story.

Victoria Cartwright inherits an old trunk. A magical trunk passed down throughout her family line along the female side. This trunk is sealed shut and can't be opened until it passes to one who possesses the first family member's magical powers.

Rory MacKenzie is desperate to restore his family's honor in the small Scottish town of Caperglen. A town that is very superstitious. Many years ago, his family was tricked into giving away a unicorn with a zodiac sign attached to it. The family was tricked by a witch. Drawn to Salem, Massachusettes by a description of the unicorn, Rory seeks out Victoria. And although strongly attracted to Victoria, Rory refuses to give in to a woman he believes to be a descendant of the witch who tricked his family.

Unfortunately for Rory, ignoring his desire for the sexy clothing witch is proving to be as difficult a task as getting so much as a glimpse of the unicorn.

I read both The Kitchen Witch and My Favorite Witch. They were great and supremely funny. I have The Scot, The Witch & The Wardrobe on pre-order through Amazon and I am so looking forward to it. It's gonna make the perfect Christmas gift. I love these stories. I've put up a picture of the cover. Just click on it if you want to see a larger image.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lynsay Sands Does It Again!

I just finished A Bite To Remember by Lynsay Sands. It was hilarious. Lynsay's Argeneau series is awesome and A Bite To Remember is the latest installment of her funny vampire series. Lynsay's quirky sense of humor shines throughout the whole book. Here is what the back cover says:

Rule number 1: Never get involved with someone who won't be there for you when the sun comes up.

Once bitten, twice shy, and sexy PI Jackie Morrisey wasn't going there again. Vincent Argeneau may be the hottest guy she's ever met, living or dead, but she's here to stop a killer from turning this vampire into dust, not to jump into bed with him.

Rule number 2: Never kiss a vampire...it can be a pain in the neck.

Okay, so Vincent's had four hundred years to perfect his kissing skills, and he does look rather tempting when he runs around the house shirtless. He's also charming, protective... did we mention he can kiss? Jackie needs to be on her guard, or else she'll have to come up with a new rule:

If your going to fall in love with a vampire, make sure it's a bite to remember.

I could not put this book down. I stayed up all night reading it. Each book in the series is capable of being a stand alone, but if you'd like to read them in order of events happening, they go A Quick Bite, Love Bites, Single White Vampire, Tall Dark And Hungry, and A Bite To Remember.

For those of you who have read this series thus far, I have talked to Lynsay via email and yep, there will thankfully be more. Next in line is Marguerite's story. She's the 700 year old mother of the first four vamps and the aunt of Vincent. And if you have read the books, you know what a character she is. In fact, there is a hilarious surprise ending with Marguerite at the finish of A Bite To Remember.

I know I'm gushing, but this book was just so good and funny. In the beginning, you want to slap Jackie so hard. You think she's just nasty. But you quickly learn why she hates vamps and you just can't help but love her. Her partner, Tiny, is so funny. Really, I highly suggest reading this book. Go out and get a copy, or maybe two or three.:-) I bought 2 copies because I know I'll wear out the first really fast from re-reading it. It's that good.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I am a total bug freak. I fear all insects whether they bite, sting, or just plain look ugly. Big bugs, little bugs, doesn't matter. And I am not talking minor fear here. I am talking heart-pounding, chest-bursting panic type fear. A fly comes into my house and I can't rest until I have hunted the thing down and killed it. I drag my cats from room to room because they have better eyesight than we humans and can tell me if the bug I am hunting is present. I make my Mom stop whatever she is doing and help me look. Drives her batty.

If a bug buzzes past my ear, even a harmless little fly, I will yell in sheer terror. Hmm, we had a pre-emptive war or terror, can we declare war on insects? They terrorize me so why not? I have been this way all my life and I don't know why. I just fear bugs....ALL BUGS. I mean I literally have panic attacks when they are around me.

My apartment complex is upgrading our apartments to be more energy efficient. They are adding energy saver windows and doors. To do this they are spending the summer knocking out the old doors and windows and leaving big gaping holes in the walls. This is definately gonna let the bugs in. They haven't gotten to our apartment yet, but you can imagine I am not looking forward to this.

I hate summer. I would much rather it be winter all year. No bugs in winter. They are all hibernating, far away from us poor people. Bugs, eww icky yuck. I hate em all. Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Great Books

Ok I have definately been busy trying to make a dent in my To Be Read pile. And I have read a lot. Only problem is, for every book I read 3 more get added to the pile. It's a good thing I love books as I am reading so much that I am becoming a bit of a hermit. I always have my face stuck in a book.

In case you haven't been able to tell from my blog, I LOVE vamp novels. I mean, I really really LOVE vamp novels. Christine Feehan, Lynsay Sands, MaryJanice Davidson and Katie MacAlister are just a few of my favorite authors of vamp books. I have recently added Michelle Rowen and Kerrilyn Sparks to that list. Here's a few great vamp novels I have read lately:

Even Vampires Get The Blues by Katie MacAlister.
How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire by Kerrilyn Sparks
Vamps And The City by Kerrilyn Sparks. This is the sequel to Millionaire.
Undead And Unpopular by MaryJanice Davidson
The entire Carpathian series by Christine Feehan
Bitten & Smitten by Michelle Rowen

I am totally looking forward to A Bite To Remember by Lynsay Sands which comes out in July. I'm just totally a vamp novel nut. Are there any other really good vamp novels that you can suggest for me to read? Come on, don't be shy. I need even more books for my To Be Read list. You don't want me to get bored do you?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Dangerous Tides

This is the next book in Christine Feehan's Seven Sisters series and features the healer of the family, Libby Drake.

Editor's Review
Book Description:
Libby Drake never saw herself as the kind of woman who could attract the attention of handsome and brilliant biochemist Tyson Derrick. Until fate throws them together-and leaves them vulnerable to a secret enemy.

Libby has always been known as the good girl of the family. Not the kind to end up in trouble or catching the eye of super smart biochemist Tyson Derrick. But she does both. Her unique healing abilities have not only caught Tyson's eye, but the eye of a wealthy and dangerous suitor who will go to any lengths, even murder to claim her. This story takes you from the Drake's hometown of Sea Haven to the steamy jungles of South America and back again to Sea Haven.

I love the Seven Sisters series. Dangerous Tides comes out June 27th. Make sure you get a copy. You won't be sorry.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Father's Day To My Mom

Happy Father's Day all 1 day late. And I especially want to wish my mom a happy Father's Day. She has been both a mother and father to me and my brother and she did an amazing job. Even though we didn't have a lot of money and my supposed father never paid a dime in child support when we were growing up, she somehow always managed to make sure we not only had everything we needed, but lots of extra special things as well. My mother is my hero as well as my best friend. I am 30 years old and in total awe of what she was able to accomplish.

I have seizures and have gotten seriously hurt because of them. She always feels guilty if she is not there at the time to prevent injury, but to me she is an angel. She knows how to make me laugh even when I feel like crying. I am grateful every day that she is my mom and my friend. She is the kindest, most caring person I know. If you'd like to get to know her check out her blog. Go to http://lins-blog.blogspot.com/ and say hi. Happy Father's Day Mom.:-)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Carpathians Rule!

I have completely fallen in love with Christine Feehan's Carpathian series. These books are fantastic. I have now read almost all of them. Some I am still waiting for. After reading only 2 of her books, I went ahead and bought them all from Amazon. How many books can you say are so good that you have to buy them all even without having read them? These are that good.

The most current one is Dark Demon. I have put up a pic of the book. This is the very first Carpathian novel I have read and is what convinced me to try the others. Vikirnoff and Natalya's story is fantastic.

The other books in this series are Dark Prince, Dark Legend, Dark Guardian, Dark Gold, Dark Challenge, Dark Fire, Dark Symphony, Dark Melody, Dark Magic, Dark Destiny, Dark Secret, Dark Desire, Dark Dream, Dark Descent, and Dark Hunger. Dark Dream, Dark Descent and Dark Hunger are 3 novellas included in other anthologies. Dark Dream can be found in After Twilight. Dark Descent in The Only One. And last but not least Dark Hunger can be found in Hot Blooded.

I have read almost all the books. The only ones left for me to read are Dark Gold, Dark Desire, and Dark Guardian. Dark Melody is my all-time favorite with Dark Prince a close second. All of these books are stand alones and can be read in any order, but if you want to start from the beginning Dark Prince is first.

I am totally in love with these stories. I had already fallen for Feehan's Seven Sisters series but I hadn't read the Carpathians. My mom got me hooked and am I ever glad she did.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Some Really Great Reads

I'm spending the summer catching up on my To Be Read pile. There are a lot of good books out there and I'd like to suggest some really fantastic books I have just finished reading.

Dark Demon: This is a great book by Christine Feehan. It's the most recent in her Carpathian series. I haven't read any other Carpathian novels she has done. But this one was so good I couldn't put it down. I was up all night reading it and now I have to read all the previous books in this series.

Bitten & Smitten: This is a hilarious vampire book by Michelle Rowen. I laughed so hard when I read this. It's a great book. And it's the first in what looks to be a new series. She's doing a sequel for next year.

Even Vampires Get The Blues: This is another hilarious vampire book by Katie MacAlister. Yes I know all 3 books are vamp stories, but they are really good vamp stories. In this book my favorite character is Clare who has a serious case of denial. Clare is the best friend and cousin of the heroine of the story and she is in serious denial when it comes to being a fairy.

Hello Gorgeous: This is not a vamp book so there.:-) This book by Mary Janice Davidson is about a cyborg hairdresser. It's the first in her cyborg series. She just released the sequel so that should tell you how behind I have been in my reading lately. But this book is extremely funny.

I have plenty more books in my To Be Read pile. But I also have some books that are not out yet that I am so looking forward to. Here is just a couple of not yet released that I can hardly wait for.

Playing With Fire: This is by Gena Showalter and it looks like it is gonna be fantastic. It's about a woman who is given superpowers and now the government wants her dead. This is due out in September of this year.

The Nymph King: This is also by Gena Showalter and is the next in her wonderful Atlantis series which I just love. Unfortunately, it doesn't come out until next year. WAHHHH!!!!

The Circle Trilogy: This is three books by Nora Roberts that will be coming out once a month in September, October and November of this year. It deals with a war between the Celtic goddess Rhiannon and the vampire queen Lilith. Rhiannnon assembles a team of 6 special people to help her defeat the evil queen.

The Eyes Of The Crow: This is the first book by Jeri Smith-Ready and will be out November of this year. I have been looking forward to this book since February. I can't wait. It's being published by Luna Books.

Divine By Choice: This book by P.C. Cast has been a long time coming. It is the long-awaited sequel to Goddess By Mistake. In September of this year, Luna Books will re-release Goddess By Mistake as Divine By Mistake. And then in December of this year, they will finally release Divine By Choice. All I can say is about time.:-)

Second Wave: This is a sequel to Anne McCaffrey's first book about the children of Acorna. Acorna is another popular series by McCaffrey. This book comes out this fall and I can't wait. Go Unicorn girls.:-)

I think that's plenty for now. I am including a pic of Eyes Of The Crow though because the cover really is spectacular. A very beautiful and haunting picture. Also, I am putting up a pic of the cover of Playing With Fire which is also stunning. If you want to see a larger version of the covers, click on the thumbnails. So, are there any good books you have been reading that I might wanna check out? Let me know. And happy reading.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back To The Land Of The Undead

The next book in Mary Janice Davidson's popular Undead series comes out on June 06, 2006. Undead And Unpopular takes us back into the world of reluctant vampire queen Betsy. It's been a year since Betsy died and rose from her grave. She has decided to mark the occasion by not drinking blood anymore. Of course, she hasn't yet spruced up the courage to tell her consort, Eric. To make matters worse, Eric seems to be showing no interest whatsoever in their upcoming wedding.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Betsy's house is overflowing with visiting vampires. And not just any vampires, the European sect who have not yet decided whether they support Betsy or not. So Betsy finds herself up to her eyeballs in vampire politics, dealing with her sister, the devil's daughter, avoiding her stepmom, and trying not to go crazy. Not so easy when blood withdrawl is making you cranky.

I have this book on pre-order through Amazon. I love the Betsy series and am so looking forward to this one, especially since Antonia of the Wyndham werewolves now serves Betsy instead. And if you didn't know she'd jumped ship and joined the vamps then I suggest you read Dead And Loving It. That's when it happens.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Great New Book!

I'd like to take a moment to tell you about a great new book by Gena Showalter. Enslave Me Sweetly is the newest book in Gena's arsenal. I haven't read it yet. It's just out. But I have it on the way from Amazon. And I can honestly say that everything Gena does is great. She is one of THE best authors.

In Enslave Me Sweetly Gena pairs up a very unique duo. She's a deadly asassin and he's a government field operative. The need to work together to save the world. But that won't be easy. She resents being forced to accept a partner after her one and only disastrous mission. But one thing is for sure, between fighting for their lives and fighting their attraction for each other, something's gotta give.

If you'd like to learn more about this book or any other of Gena's books, go to http://members.cox.net/genashowalter/ and check out Gena's webpage. You won't regret it, I promise.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

New Authors And Agents

My mom is without a doubt one of the most talented writers I have ever read. And I don't say that because I am her daughter. I love to read and what she writes has always held me from start to finish. A few of us tried a couple years back to get her to try and write professionally. And she had even gotten an agent interested in her work. They had compiled many of her writings and were just about ready to submit them when disaster struck.

My mom's agent had a family tragedy. The agent's ex-wife and mother of his son had a serious bout of depression. She got into her car and drove herself on purpose into a tree. She died. My mom's agent kinda went crazy after that. He just disappeared and no one, not even his close friends have seen him since. This ended my mom's desire to try at that time to be published.

Now a few years later, people like me and some of our friends are again trying to get her to try again at having her work published. So my mom has somewhat caved. She has posted a short story up on her blog in the hopes of getting some feedback. So if everyone who checks out my blog could head on over to hers and see what they think, I'd appreciate it. Her blog address is http://lins-blog.blogspot.com/ and she actually does talk about what went on with her agent.

I personally don't think she should start out with an agent this time. I'm not saying never get an agent, but I think she should start on her own. She writes some of the best contemporary paranormal romance and modern fantasy stuff. I think she should try Luna Books or even Harlequin's new Nocturne series to start with. But that's just me.:-)

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Oh it's the best news. At least in my opinion. They have upped the release date of the Garfield movie sequel. Now instead of coming out in August it will be released at the end of June. Oh yeah, oh yeah. It looks like it's gonna be great. In "Garfield A Tale of Two Kitties" everyone's favorite fat cat decides to follow his hapless owner Jon to London. Jon headed to London for a romantic setting in which to propose to his vet girlfriend, Liz. Along with Odie, Garfield makes his way to England and the country will never be the same again. Garfield gets mistaken for a royal cat and he lives the high life. But with great wealth comes great problems. Like greedy royals who'd like to get rid of you in order to obtain your wealth. The trailer for this movie looks fantastic.

The official site is up, but there isn't much there yet. However, you can register for updates and check out the film trailer. If you'd like to see it head on over to www.garfieldmovie.com for a visit. I LOVE GARFIELD!!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Great Books!

Currently I am reading a book called Cold Winter. It's a CSI NY novel based on the tv show. This book is awesome. I love all three CSI shows and the books are proving to be just as great. I'm having to do a lot of reading and basically sitting around due to some unforseen complications from my concussion. There are so many wonderful books out there. After I finish the book I'm currently reading I am going to start Goddess By Mistake by P.C. Cast. It will be about the 100th time I have re-read that book but it's my favorite.

Another book I highly suggest is both Heart of the Dragon and Jewel of Atlantis. Both books are by Gena Showalter and are part of her Atlantis series. These are great stories. And I just got the best news. Raymond E. Feist who does the Krondor series is finally releasing a new novel. It has been too long. I know of the new release because I subscribe to Realms of Fantasy magazine. If you love fantasy books and games I urge you to try this magazine. It's awesome. So what are you guys reading lately?

Monday, April 17, 2006

If you have never had a concussion, let me tell you it's no fun. Exactly one week ago today I fell and cracked my skull. Major concussion. For the past week all I have really done is sleep. And one week later, I still have nausea and a really bad headache. If I stand too quickly or try to do something more strenuous than walk to the bathroom I get the ultimate joy of the world spinning. It makes me feel like the world has become a huge roulette wheel and the croupier is yelling "PLACE YOUR BETS" at the top of his lungs.

I suffer from seizures so this is a very dangerous but real reality for me. I was at the library last Monday. I use handicapped busing for transportation. I went outside to sit on the library bench to wait for my return ride when I had the seizure, fell, and hit my head on bricks. Major major ouch. No fun at all.

I have had doctors tell me that they can't find what causes my seizures because they originate too deep for the EEG to scan. In others words, whatever triggers my seizures is well below the surface of my brain which is the only thing an EEG can scan. Therefore, my seizures are uncontrolled. And because of this, I try not to go out too much not only to prevent injury, but also because people look at me like I'm contagious or something. I hate being the center of attention even on good days. Being the center of attention for seizures is worse.

So, for the most part I stay home and I play with my cats and do my blog and read a lot. My mom and I do crafts together which keeps me "mostly" out of trouble.:-) But, when people see me having a seizure and act like I'm diseased or something, I can only hope they themselves will never have to deal with anything like it, or someone they love doesn't become afflicted. They wouldn't like how people treat them.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring is THE worst season in the world. I know many people love spring. Warm, beautiful weather is coming back. But I loathe spring with a passion. I suffer from awful allergies all year round but spring is the worst. Though it's still cool here in NJ the "nice" weather is beginning and my allergies are getting bad. I've woken up every day with a sinus headache for over a week. And unfortunately, my allergies get so bad in springtime that my usual allergy medicine doesn't help. What's worse is at this time of year, no medication helps. I wish we could go back to winter. No major allergies, and no bugs. I hate spring.

Friday, March 17, 2006

If you have never tried the Nancy Drew computer games and are a Nancy Drew fan, I highly suggest trying them. They are really good with puzzles that make you think. I own six of the 13 and plan to eventually buy them all. My favorite so far is number 9, Danger On Deception Island. But all of them are really good.

I don't normally use my blog to tout PC games but these are just too good and shouldn't be missed. Of course, I grew up with Nancy Drew so naturally I love having the chance to play as her. And you get to hear voices of other characters too. If you get stuck you can call and talk to Hannah, Ned, Bess & George and the Hardy Boys. In number 12, Secret Of The Old Clock you get to talk to Nancy's dad, Carsen Drew. It's really cool. And in number 13, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, you actually get to meet and work with Frank & Joe Hardy.

Number 14 isn't out yet but it will be called Danger By Design and takes Nancy to France where she must solve a high-fashion mystery. Since we got to meet the Hardy boys, who knows who we might meet next. Maybe Bess & George. A fashion mystery would definately be the perfect way to bring fashion nut Bess into it.:-)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I don't go to the theater much anymore to see movies. It's so expensive and since I don't work in the theater anymore I don't get to see movies for free. However, there are 3 movies coming out this spring and summer that I am dying to see and in fact will go to see while still in theaters.

1. Ice Age 2: This movie is the sequel to the first one. In this one, the ice age is coming to an end and a major meltdown is on its way. I loved the original and am so looking forward to this. It comes out the very last Friday of this month. I will see it the following Wednesday.

2. X-Men 3 The Last Stand: I LOVE the X-Men. I have seen all the movies and can't wait for this. I was so "Cyked" when I learned that it was going to be released this year instead of next. It comes the last week of May. I WILL be seeing it the first week of June. Anyone who saw X2 knows Jean Grey dies at the end. In X3 we have Dark Phoenix rising. Also, they have a cure for mutations. I've read interviews with the cast and crew and they are hinting at another main character being killed off at the end to be resurrected for X4. Yummy!!!

3. Garfield A Tale Of Two Kitties: The first "Garfield" movie was awesome in my opinion and I am so looking forward to this sequel. Garfield follows his owner to England where he gets mistaken for a royal kitty. This comes out in August. I can't wait.

That's my list of 3 movies coming out this summer that I intend to see. What movies are you planning on seeing?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I love snow. We've had so little this winter because it's been so mild. But today they are calling for significant snow. I am so happy. But then, I don't have to shovel snow, so for me it's not work. I have not liked this very mild winter. I love the cold weather. I absolutely love it. There are 3 reasons. First, I do not suffer from allergies in winter, though I do in all 3 other seasons. Second, bugs are in hibernation. I have a total phobia when it comes to bugs. I hate bugs and even though they are not technically insects, I still classify spiders as bugs, too. And third, you can put on enough clothes to keep warm in winter. In summer, you can't take enough off to keep cool. Even if you could go naked, you'd still be roasting.

So winter is my favorite season. And it's about time we got some winter. Summer is most likely going to be super hot this year so I definately want some winter first. Instead of viva la France, I say VIVA LA SNOW!:-)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Today is my birthday. There is one thing about my birthdays the last few years that have made it not so grand. I have either been sick or recovering from surgery. In 2002, I was recovering from ankle surgery. 2003, the flu. 2004 was the flu again. Last year I had a cold. This year it's walking pneumonia. Am I cursed or something? Is someone trying to tell me something that each year on my birthday I don't feel well?

And to add insult to injury, this year I'm 30. That's it. I have reached the age at 18 I said was over the hill. Funny thing is though, even though I'm sick I don't feel old. Now either my mind is playing tricks on me or I was wrong at 18. Hmm which could it be? I think I'll go with having been wrong since the other option means senility.:-)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I have to add some more really great authors to my list. These are people whose works I have found either through suggestions by other authors or on my own and their stuff is awesome.

Catherine Asaro: This woman is fantastic. Her Ruby dynasty books are fantastic. She also does a fantasy series for Luna books that is great. The third in that series is out later this year. If you'd like to check her out go to www.sff.net/people/asaro/ and have a look.

Gena Showalter: I found this woman through P.C. Cast, another great writer I mentioned in my last author post. This woman is fantastic. Her books are so funny and the stories are great. If you'd like to check her stuff out go to http://members.cox.net/genashowalter/ and enjoy.

Mercedes Lackey: I have known about and loved this author for a long time but I just forgot to add her to my original post. This lady is the QUEEN of fantasy. Her Valdemar books are sensational. She also writes for Luna as well. If you'd like to know what she has going go to www.mercedeslackey.com and look around.

Jeri Smith-Ready: I was introduced to this author by Catherine Asaro. In fact Catherine was the one who gave me her web address. Her first Luna book will be out this November and it's called "The Eyes Of The Crow". I can only say based on the way her blog goes that this lady is very talented and I am highly looking forward to when her book comes out. If you'd like to check her out go to www.jerismithready.com and take a look. Check out her blog too, it's great. There is a link to it on her website.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I just recently read a blog post about reviewer comments to a novel on the Amazon.com website. Apparently an author felt a reader's review was mean-spirited and had Amazon take down the review. I gather the reader really didn't enjoy the book. If that's all it takes to be considered mean-spirited than the movie critics shouldn't even have jobs. Come on people. Not everyone is going to enjoy everything you do. I mean scroll down my blog to my favorites movies and check out my "Garfield" spot. A lot of people thought that movie stunk, but as I said I personally loved it. In the end it all comes down to taste and asking someone to pull a review because of that is to me a form of censorship.

People should have the right to say what they think of what you have done. As long as they are not insulting you as a person or using vulgar language, they should have the riht to express themselves. One of my favorite authors, Mary Janice Davidson does a great vampire series. Her "Undead" series. I love this series but I have to admit that her third book in the series disappointed me. Did I stop reading because of that? NOOOOO. I just won't reread that particular book. But I know from reviews a lot of people did like that book in the series. It all comes down to personal taste.

So stop crying in your notebooks authors. You are never going to make every single reader happy. That's unrealistic. Be thankful for those who do love what you wrote and just shrug offf the critics. And for heaven's sake, don't have their reviews dropped just because they didn't like what you wrote. Get a backbone people.