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Kat's Blog

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Season's Greetings!

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your day is filled with joy, laughter, and oh yeah. Tons of presents. Have a wonderful holiday everyone. I'm spending the holiday with my mom and cats and I hope you have someone or someones wonderful to spend the day with. This is my last blog entry for 2008 so I'll see you all again on January 01, 2009. I have something special planned for then. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

And Came The Dark!

Today, December 21st, is the Winter Solstice. This is the longest night of the year. The sun sets early and then night comes. After today, the days will slowly start to get longer again.

For me, the winter solstice is the best time of the year. It marks the death of the sun and it's rebirth. Winter is my favorite season and I like the longer nights. Maybe I'm part vampire.:-) There is a beauty about the night that most people don't see because most business is conducted during the day. It's quieter and more peaceful at night.

I wish you all a wonderful short day and beautiful, enchanted longest night. Enjoy the Winter Solstice everyone. Blessed Be.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The 12 Series of Christmas

Today, to celebrate Christmas, I'm putting up my top twelve book series to read. These are my absolute favorites. Here's the list.

1: Tapestry Series by NJ Walters

2: Carpathian Series by Christine Feehan

3: Drake Sisters Series by Christine Feehan

4: Ghostwalker Series by Christine Feehan

5: Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole

6: Lords Of The Underworld Series by Gena Showalter

7: Poseidon's Warriors Series by Alyssa Day

8: Goddess Summoning Series by PC Cast

9: Pyr Series by Deborah Cooke

10: Dragon Series by Allyson James

11: Psychic Eye Series by Victoria Laurie

12: Argeneau Series by Lynsay Sands

These are my twelve most favorite series to read. Each and everyone is absolutely fantastic. On December 30th, the next book in the Ghostwalker series, Murder Game comes out. I can't wait. I have been waiting for Kadan's story for 7 years. Merry Christmas all.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The 12 Books of Christmas!

Next Wednesday is Christmas. Santa will be sliding down the chimney munching on our cookies and eggnog while loading up the tree with gifts. You did remember to bribe that head elf right?

To celebrate the holiday, I thought I'd list my top 12 all-time favorite books. So here goes my top twelve books.

1: Dark Melody by Christine Feehan

2: Woven Dreams by NJ Walters

3: Bite Me If You Can by Lynsay Sands

4: Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan

5: The Black Dragon by Allyson James

6: Dark Needs At Night's Edge by Kresley Cole

7: The Nymph King by Gena Showalter

8: Goddess Of Spring by PC Cast

9: Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan

10: Goddess By Mistake by Linnea Sinclair

11: Stay With Me by Maya Banks

12: Kiss Of Fire by Deborah Cooke

There are many more books that I absolutely love and read over and over again, but that is my top twelve. Tomorrow I'll list my top 12 favorite series' to read. Ho Ho Ho!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Friday, December 12th is my Mom's birthday. I want to wish her a very Happy Birthday. My mom is truly my hero and the day she was born this world became a much better place. I love you very much and hope the day is filled with all the joy you so richly deserve. Thank you for not only being my mom, but my best friend as well. And make sure you thoroughly adore the Peanuts.:-) They love you too.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Iron Man

I just watched the Iron Man movie for the first time and it was phenomonal! Robert Downey Jr. was awesome as billionaire playboy Tony Stark. Stark and his company, started by his father, have long been involved in the design and manufacturing of weapons. Tony doesn't care how many people his weapons kill as long as he makes more and more money to twitter away on his vices of booze, women and parties.

Then comes the fateful day he is captured by terrorists using his own weapons technology. An explosion launches shrapnel into his heart. Another man taken by the terrorists builds a temporary pacemaker using a car battery. The terrorists demand that Stark build a missle for them, but instead he builds his first Iron Man suit with a built in pacemaker. Using the suit, Tony escapes but the doctor who helped him is unfortunately killed.

Tony returns a changed man and vows that Stark Enterprises will no longer produce weapons. This doesn't sit well with his partner who enjoys the profits of weaponry way too much. And so the battle lines are drawn. Tony must stop his former partner from stealing his Iron Man technology and destroying the free world as we know it.

This movie was awesome. It was not only action-packed as you'd suspect from a Marvel superhero movie, it was so funny. Watching Tony experiment with his first few suits to perfect the propulsion was so hilarious. Let's just say, I have a feeling Robert Downey Jr.'s stunt double handled those scenes. Iron Man is out on DVD now and it's fantastic.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I know what I am most thankful today, my Mom. She's my best friend in the whole world. I don't know what I'd do without her. No one else I know can make me laugh even when I feel like crying. She's the most special person in the world to me.

And of course, I'm thankful for my two sweet kitties. My oldest Pudge, who limps around like she's injured if she gets her paw wet, and my youngest Spatz who likes to knock everything off the shelves so she can sit there. They make the world seem a better place.

So, whether you are celebrating today by eating too much turkey, or you have already had your Thanksgiving a month ago, I hope you all have a wonderful day and never forget the blessings you have in your life. Have a great day everyone and Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Can See!

I picked up my new glasses yesterday. They were finally ready and I spent this morning doing something I haven't been able to do in awhile without severe headaches. I read a book from start to finish. It was so great.

And the first book I have read in a month is (drumroll) All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks. I totally enjoyed it. The book was sensational and it was just great to be able to sit and read. I have a whole bunch of books to get to. I'm just taking a break to blog and get a bite to eat.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks is available now and it was a great first book to read after so long a dry spell. If you'd like to check out any of her other books click on my list list of links. Her vampire stories have as much humor in them as they do romance. I love her vamp series.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rings Of Fire

When dealing with the medical community, do you ever get the feeling that you have to jump through rings lit on fire to get anything done? I do, and it's over something that should be so simple. Let me explain. I have all four of my wisdom teeth still at age 32. They didn't grow in impacted, crooked, or jagged. I have never had a problem. At least not until recently.

My lower left wisdom tooth is becoming a bit of a problem. The problem is minor compared to the usual troubles associated with wisdom teeth. Every so often I bite down on the surrounding gum which causes minor inflammation and pain. So, I went to my dentist who referred me to an oral surgeon. I meet with the oral surgeon and am told to my face that he doesn't like me, I'm complicated.

I can see your jaws dropping. Yep, that's really what he said to me. So I go and get a referral to another oral surgeon whom I saw today. She's leaving her practice and according to her, none of the people who are replacing her are qualified to handle me. Another dead end. I call my mom on my way home and ask her to make me an appointment with a new dentist. The dentist won't take me until next month but strongly urges my mom to go somewhere else because they really don't want to handle me either.

No I am not done yet. I get home and try to set up an appointment with a hospital that has a dental department that specializes in high-risk patients but they say they don't take my insurance even though my insurance says they do. By now you are probably wondering what makes me so complicated that no one wants to deal with me over a simple extraction. Here it is. I have seizures. I have grand mal seizures that are not controlled by medication.

I'm one of those lucky people for whom anti-seizure medication doesn't work. I also have a lot of seizures. I'm talking multiple seizures every day. This means, unlike most people, I can't sit in the chair in the oral surgeon's office, be given local anesthesia, and have my teeth pulled out in twenty minutes. Nope it couldn't be that simple.

To extract my wisdom teeth, I have to be admitted to the hospital and be put out completely just as if I was having major surgery. It's the only way to prevent me from having a seizure while very sharp, pointy objects are in my mouth. Ergo, no one wants to touch me. So bring on the rings of fire that I obviously need to jump through just to get one problem tooth taken care of. You know, I was first diagnosed wih seizures at age 4. You'd think that by now I'd be used to people treating me like I have the plague. But believe it or not, I'm not. Especially not from people who deal with serious health issues every day.

I guess even the medical community has its phobias and people with seizures are persona non grata. Who knew?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

History Has Been Made!

3 states are still, at 3 am EST, in contention, but the race for the White House has been decided. With 349 electoral votes so far, Barack Obama wins. 270 electoral votes are needed to win the White House, and one minute after 11 pm EST, immediately following the closing of the polls on the west coast, Obama shot past 270 to 284.

Some may wonder if there is still a chance for McCain, the answer is no. McCain gave his concession speech in Arizona congratulating Obama on his victory. President Bush and Vice-President Cheney have also called Obama to offer their congratulations. And at this point, no matter what happens in these last three states, there are just not enough electoral votes left to boost McCain. For the first time in the history of the United States, we will have an African American president.

I am so proud of how far this country has come. From the dark days of slavery, to women's sufferage, to the Civil Rights movement, this country has proven it can and will change for the betterment of its people. Barack Obama, the Senator from Illinois, is now the President Elect of our country. On January 20, 2009 he will become the 44th President of our great nation. Congratulations, Mr. Obama.

This victory was truly an astonishing achievement. Obama managed to take key swing states like Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. But on top of that, he won states that are usually considered Republican strongholds like Virginia and New Mexico. The entire Northeast, all three west coast states, and many northern mideast states went to Obama. Not surprisingly, many southern states went to McCain, but what is surprising is that many of them were very close, hard fought races. Obama came in very close in a lot of them and nearly took several.

For a time, it looked as though Obama would get Missouri, but then it tilted just slightly towards McCain. But they are seperated by only a little over a thousand votes. That shows just how tight this race has been. Montana, North Carolina and Missouri are still being counted and considered too close to call, but again, the race for the White House is over. Barack Obama is the President Elect and will become the 44th President on January 20th of 2009. Again, congratulations!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day!

Tomorrow is Election Day here in the United States. Believe it or not, your vote REALLY does count, especially this year. Your vote is your voice, your chance to tell Washington D.C. what you think of the job they are doing. And, no matter what, we will have a new president at the end of January. Bush's 8 years are up. It's up to you to decide who will take his place.

I voted already. Because I am disabled, I get to vote early by absentee ballot. But for most of you, tomorrow is voting day. So, if you are a registered voter, get out to your local polling place and vote. Every vote counts.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


I am so sorry that I didn't get to finish my Fright Month special. I got really sick and just wasn't feeling up to it. I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween though. Don't eat all your goodies at once.:-) The weather here is turning cold. Just the other day we only just got into the thirties. Now it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving. I probably won't be blogging this month all that much. I just had an eye appointment and need new glasses but my medical insurance won't pay for them until the middle of the month so I won't have new ones until closer to the end of the month. In other words, I can't see too well. LOL. Have a good one all.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm sorry I'm totally not feeling well today. I will do my next Fright Month update on Monday and I apologize for the delay. However, in the Halloween spirit, let me suggest you watch Monsters Inc. by Disney Pixar. It's voiced by John Goodman and Billy Crystal. It's a hilarious movie. See you Monday everyone.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fright Month 7!

Next up for Fright Month is Lust by Jade James. Lust is part of the Vampire Oracle series by Cobblestone Press. The premise is ordinary people who receive in the mail a kind of tarot card with one word written on it. The card's arrival and the word written determine the path that is about to open up.

Shauna receives one of the Oracle cards. Written on her card is the word lust. This opens up a floodgate of out of control passion for her. Brothers Julian and Wrath are vampires who work as police detectives. They have both desired Shauna for years, first when she was a cop and now that she's a private investigator. Feeling that she was too young, they have waited to stake their claim on her.

Now, with the card's approval, they go after her with a vengeance. But Wrath and Julian aren't the only ones after Shauna. Someone else, a madman with murder on his mind is also in hot pursuit and it will take all of Julian and Wrath's abilities to keep the woman they love alive.

Lust by Jade James is fantastic. I love the Vampire Oracle series. If you'd like to check out Lust or any of the other stories in this series, click on the link I have up for Cobblestone Press. Until Friday, Happy Haunting.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fright Month 6!

My next Fright Month installment is Vampire Interrupted by Lynsay Sands. This book is part of her Argeneau series and was the long awaited story of Marguerite, the matriarch of the family.

Marguerite had spent 700 years of her life a victim of an abusive, controlling husband. But the last 500 years have been the absolute worst. She never knew why, but her dead husband got angrier, and far more cruel in those years. He took to drinking and just plain making everyone in his family, even his children, miserable.

Marguerite, now that her husband is dead, has finally embarked on her own life and started a career as a private investigator. While on her very first job in Europe to try and discover Christian Notte's mother, Marguerite is attacked and nearly beheaded. Determined to protect the woman who is his lifemate, Christian's father Julius Notte joins the group.

But Julius is hiding more secrets than just the identity of his son's mother. His secrets delve back into Marguerite's past and before all is said and done, the truth about Marguerite, her late husband Jean-Claude, Christian, and Julius may well blow up in all their faces. But it may also get Marguerite and Christian killed.

I loved Vampire Interrupted. The truth of what Jean-Claude did to Marguerite will break your heart. She suffered more than even she was aware of and it was just so needless. If anyone deserves her happy ending, it was Marguerite. Vampire Interrupted by Lynsay Sands is out now. If you want to know more about anything Lynsay Sands writes, click on the link I have up for her. Until Wednesday, Happy Haunting!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fright Month 5!

Christine Feehan's Carpathian series is perfect for Halloween. The whole series surrounds vampires, dark mages, and the struggle for the souls of the men. But, for my Fright Month special, I am going to feature my all-time favorite of her Carpathian books. I love many of these stories, Darius' story, Jacques' story, Falcon, and Raphael's story are just a few of my favorites. But my number one favorite, and the one I am featuring here for Fright Month is Dayan's story, Dark Melody.

Dayan, one of the lost children of the Carpathian people and a member of the musical group The Dark Troubadors, meets his lifemate in a bar that he stopped to jam at for the night. Corinne restores colors, emotions, and desires to Dayan, but claiming her will be no simple task. The people responsible for murdering her husband are on her tail. As if that weren't difficult enough, Corinne is suffering from a failing heart.

Normally, Dayan would be able to turn her and fix her failing heart, but Corinne is pregnant with a female child with psychic abilities. The kind of child the Carpathian race desperately needs in order to continue. Turning Corinne would endanger the baby so Dayan must call on the aid of the vast network of Carpathians to help save his lifemate and the unborn child all the while protecting her from the murderous society of vampire investigators who killed her husband.

Dark Melody is my all-time top of the line favorite of the Carpathian books. Dayan is such a sweet and wonderfully tragic hero, and you're heart can't help but break for poor Corinne and all that she has had to struggle against. Dark Melody by Christine Feehan is out and available. If you'd like to know more about any of Christine Feehan's books, click on the link I have up for her website. Until Monday, Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fright Month 4!

Today's installment of Fright Month is Dragon Wytch by Yasmine Galenorn. This is book four in her Sisters of the Moon series. This series is designed around three sisters, half Fae and half human. Because of their human blood, their supernatural abilities don't always work for them.

Camille is a witch who's spells go awry. Delilah is a shifter who turns into a tabby cat whenever she's stressed. Menolly, the youngest is a vampire. Dragon Wytch takes us back into the viewpoint of the oldest sister, Camille. The third spirit seal has been found, demons are running loose, and to make matters even worse, Smoky the dragon is calling in the favor Camille owes him.

That favor is the promise of her in his bed. As if she didn't have enough problems, her Svarten lover is taken captive and her father has vanished. Now, Camille must trust in Smoky as she never has before in order to save her family, her friends, and herself from becoming demon chow.

Dragon Wytch is sensational. I love Smoky he's an absolute trip and the things he does with his long hair should be illegal. Dragon Wytch and the first three books before it are all out and available. Witchling, told from Camille's point of view is book one. Changeling is book two and told from Delilah's POV. Book three is Darkling and told from Menolly's POV. Dragon Wytch returns us to Camille's viewpoint. Next year, Night Huntress will be out and will return us to Delilah's view.

If you'd like to check out Dragon Wytch or the earlier contributions to this series click on my link for Yasmine Galenorn's website. Until Friday, Happy Haunting.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Fright Month 3

Well, it's Monday and time for my next installment of Fright Month. I want to thank my Mom for her guest blog over the weekend. Did you all like the baby picture of our kitty? She looked like such a wombat.:-) It was also a definate look into her personality. She was and still is a major imp cutie pie. I love that cat.

My next featured book for Fright Month is Harker's Journey by NJ Walters. This is book one in her Dalakis Passion series. It's all about a family of vampires who are desperately searching for their lifemates. Johanna Harker began having dreams of a mystery lover when she was 18. A man calling himself Cris visited her for years every month. Now an executive, Johanna has been sent by her company to meet with the elusive Cristofor Dalakis, a major contract with the company she works for.

Much to Johanna's shock, Cristofor Dalakis, head of the Dalakis family is very similar to her dream lover. Could it be possible? And what other secrets does the handsome Mr. Dalakis possess?

This is a fantastic vampire love story. Harker's Journey, book 1 in the Dalakis series is available from Ellora's Cave. It's also available in print form as a combination with book 2 in the series. If you'd like to check out Harker's Journey, click on the link I have to Ellora's Cave. If you'd like to know more about the books NJ Walters writes, click on the link I have up to her website. Wednesday will be the next Fright Month installment. Until then, Happy Haunting.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Guest Fright!

Hello All, and thank you Kathy for offering me this opportunity to guest post on your blog.

This is me with OUR little black cat when she was just a teeny thing...she's a bit bigger now...as you will see in the next pic. She's not really a SCARY cat...she's more a PERSNICKETY one...but we adore her.

I SUPPOSE there are those who might say that with THOSE headlights, she could be giving us the "Evil EYE", but she's too much of an imp for us to seriously delegate to the myths about black cats and Halloween naughtiness.

Moving on, Kathy asked me to do a guest entry following in the Halloween month theme...Halloween conjures up many images...but I am sticking to the one of "canned fright!" SO here goes...oh and please, those of you who will read this, forgive me if I don't QUITE hit the mark. I am ANCIENT...long-in-the-tooth...LOOOONNNGGG ago fell over THE-HILL. To me fear is measured in how many new prescriptions I must ad to my increasingly bulging medical box...but anyone who is past the stage where "geriatric" is just a word on the Geritol bottle will understand.

Now that I've procrastinated...another sign of advancing old age, I will begin my REAL contribution to Kathy's Halloween theme posts.

You might want to run and HIDE now...

Staying close to the ground, his body agile and boneless, he moved. He'd heard stories about this night...this night of "pretend" fright. Halloween...his tongue tasted the word with a combination of disdain and anticipation.

Moving with exacting precision, he felt the curving surge throughout his body, as he continued on his path...his finely tuned senses picking up the sounds, scents and whispers of potential quarry in the distance. But the distance was closing.

Over the rocks and offal left by the unwary, he silently but ever so determinedly proceeded. Tonight would be HIS night...his night to make the pretend fear of costumed ghosts and ghouls become the REAL horror that stories and songs would pass down through the coming ages.

The timbre of sounds intensified. He was close. So very close. Intensifying his ground consuming pace, and keeping his body undetected, he continued his approach. There. A man. A woman. And two children. Yesssssss!!!!

Noiselessly he neared...closer, closer, closer. He could almost feel the subtle vibrations of their heartbeats. The children, dressed in the bizarre masquerades of the night's ritual, tripped along with eagerly, jabbering with unsuspecting excitement, approached the path leading to the next house for their candy treat.

He watched them approach from his vantage point, his eyes mere slits now of concentration. Almost there. He gauged his timing knowing from long experience, when the right time would be.

The children separated from the adults and began moving towards the house.

"Oh yes," he thought, "those little ones will make for a TASTY appetizer before turning on the banquet of treats the man and woman would be.

The children lifted their feet to place upon the first step of the jack-o-lantern festooned house, when he vaulted up on his tail, shook the full length of his fabulous body and gave out a stream of blood-curdling hisses...a sound soon harmonizing with the multi-pitched screams of his feast.

Nothing scarrier than a snake-in-the-grass...dontcha agree? So when you are out and about this coming Halloween season, remember to be on the lookout for that well-hidden fright...the good, old, snake-in-the-grass. ;>)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Fright Month 2!

My next featured book is one of my favorites. Dark Needs At Night's Edge by Kresley Cole is book four in her Immortals After Dark series. This book epitomizes everything about Halloween. The hero is a vampire and the heroine is a ghost. Here's what the dust jacket has to say about the story:

A Raven-Haired Temptress Of The Dark: Neomi Laress, a famous ballerina from a past century, became a phantom the night she was murdered. Imbued with otherworldly powers but invisible to the living, she haunts her beloved home, scaring away trespassers-until she encounters a ruthless immortal even more terrifying than Neomi herself.

A Vampire Warrior Consumed By Madness: To prevent him from harming others, Conrad Wroth's brothers imprison him in an abandoned manor. But there, a female only he can see seems determined to drive him further into madness. The exquisite creature torments him with desire, leaving his body racked with lust and his soul torn as he finds himself coveting her for his own.

How Far Will He Go To Claim Her? Yet even if Conrad can win Neomi, evil still surrounds her. Once he returns to the brutality of his past to protect her, will he succumb to the dark needs seething inside him?

I love all five books thus far in this series but this one, Dark Needs At Night's Edge is my favorite. I love Conrad and Neomi is fantastic. Years of boredom at not being seen have caused Neomi to develop a few bad habits. She likes to pickpocket from unsuspecting mortals. And Conrad's insanity caused by drinking blood until he kills has left him with a cruel streak. He often takes his rage out on Neomi.

But when Neomi's ghostly life is threatened with complete and total destruction, Conrad's fierce and cruel tendencies are the only things that may save her. Dark Needs At Night's Edge by Kresley Cole is currently out and available. Click on the link I have up for her if you'd like to check out any of her books.

Tomorrow my Mom, Lin, author of Lin's Blog, will be here guest blogging about Halloween so make sure you come back for that. I will have the next Fright Month installment for you on Monday. Until then, Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fright Month!

Welcome to October, the month that is dedicated to everything spooky. That's right, Halloween is coming. So, I'm going to spend this month highlighting books that are about vampires, witches, ghosts, demons, and all manner of other things that go bump in the night. Up first is Veiled Truth by Vivi Anna.

This is book three in Vivi Anna's Valorian Chronicles series about a bunch of paranormal crime scene investigators. The head of the OCU unit is Caine Valorian, a long-lived vampire. Book three is about a member of his team, Lyra Magice. Lyra is a witch who's specialty involves curses and hexes.

Determined to uncover the truth about the recent ritual killings that have been plaguing her town, Lyra steals a book from a Dhamphir. But, after an attack on an important personage, she is forced to work with him to uncover the truth, even if it means putting her own life on the line.

Veiled Truth releases today from Silhouette Nocturne. I can also highly recommend the first two books in this series. Book one is Caine's story. Book two is the chief werewolf's story. Given the fact that almost all the characters in these books are creatures of the night, this whole series is perfect for October.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the days I will update with the next Fright Month books so come back Friday for the next spooky installment. Until then, happy haunting!

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Almost Here!

Tomorrow is the day. The Rogue Hunter by Lynsay Sands will be released. I'm so looking forward to this one. It's the first book in her Argeneau series that doesn't center around an Argeneau family member. They're in the book, but the hero of this story is Garrett Mortimer. We met him back in Lucien Argeneau's story, Bite Me If You Can. He was one of Lucien's fellow rogue vampire hunters and now he is getting his story.

And what makes it even better is it's releasing just in time for October and Halloween. Since it's a vampire book it is perfect timing. Lynsay Sands is fantastic and one of my favorite authors. I can't wait to read The Rogue Hunter. It releases everywhere tomorrow, September 30th. I have had it on pre-order for months. There are several authors I pre-order ahead of time no matter what and Lynsay Sands is definately one of them. Click on my link to her website if you'd like to know more about any of her books.
Trust me, everything Lynsay Sands writes is absolutely amazing and totally funny. The Rogue Hunter comes out tomorrow. Trust me, you will want your own copy of it. Her books are that good. I get all of her books in hardcover because I read them so much.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


My mom made a very recent blog entry on her own blog about a recent news story that spoke of how a man in Bucks County, PA was trying to have his home converted into a church of scientology. It would seem he's having trouble getting approval because a lot of residents don't want that religion in their neighborhood.

Both my mom and I feel that Scientology is a cult. And it's a cult based on the ideas of a science fiction writer no less. Now, if you want to be a scientologist, good for you. I hope you are happy and you certainly have the right to believe whatever you want to. But, some scientologist fanatic decided to leave a comment on my mom's blog that was highly rude and insulting.

Normally, I wouldn't be pissed about it. My mom could easily and without resorting to insults deal with this person and their opinions. But this nut decided to also leave a propaganda link to a scientology information site. We do not promote anyone's religions on our blogs. I've mentioned here on my own that I am pagan but I have never placed up any links to information sites on paganism here and I never will. I've said it before on my blog and I will say it again, no one has the right to foist their own religion on someone.

At my mother's request, I have removed the comment the scientologist made on her blog and I will do so with anyone who comments on my blog and leaves a link to any religious sites. Believe whatever you want to believe people, but you will not be using our blogs to promote those beliefs.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mana Of The Gods!

We are about to head into October, a month known for Halloween and lots and lots of candy. It got me thinking about what my favorite candy is. I adore chocolate and anything chocolate ranks high up the list for me. But my all time favorite candy is snowcaps. I love snowcaps and can never get enough of em though I rarely can find anyplace local that sells them.

Isn't it always the way? The one thing you like more than anything is always the hardest to find. Does that seem fair to you? It doesn't to me. I have easy access to tons of other delicious chocolate confections, but snowcaps I can only find on the rare occasion. I think all stores should always carry my favorite treats. It should be a law.:-)

So what are your favorite sweet treats? Do you have trouble finding them too or are they always in stock at your local market? Anyone know where I can lay my hands on snowcaps?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hot Hot Hot!

I just finished reading Pleasure After The Pain by Savannah Chase and all I can say is hot! Serena's friend drags her into a tattoo parlor to be inked. While thumbing through the artist's designs, she stumbles upon a picture that she just knows is for her. Begging the artist to tattoo that picture on her back, Serena gets the tattoo.

But this tattoo isn't just an ordinary one. It just might bring Serena more pleasure than she's ever had. After first experiencing the pain of being inked, Serena is now in for more pleasure than she may be able to handle.

I loved Pleasure After The Pain. It's a quick little story that is absolutely steamy and a fun read. Pleasure After The Pain by Savannah Chase is available now from Red Rose Publishing. I have links up to both Savannah's website and Red Rose Publishing if you want to check it out. But make sure you have flame retardant gloves handy when you read this little gem.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

They Think We're Dumb

The phone rings. You trip over stuff in your rush to answer it. It's a telemarketer. Oh Joy! It's not bad enough we get a zillion calls from these bozos, especially when we've just sat down to eat, but then they go and think we're stupid.

I just got a call for the second time today from the same company. Both times they asked for my Mom. The first time, when I realized it was a telemarketer I just hung up the phone. The second call just came. The guy asked for my mom. I said she wasn't available, and really she wasn't I didn't lie about that. I swear. You believe me right?:-)

Anyways, I asked if I could take a message. So he asks if I'm a family member. Very reluctantly, I say yes. Then he goes for the big lie that I guess he figures I'm just to dumb to realize is a lie. He says he's calling because my mom expressed an interest in starting her own home-based business. Woop woop woop. The sirens sound. Guess what? I knew it was a lie.

7 years ago, 11 days after 9/11 my mom was involved in a car accident. A girl on her cell phone ran a stop sign and plowed into my mom's car. She suffered serious injuries and has been disabled ever since. A couple weeks ago, she had a minor stroke. No way in hell is my mom going to be trying to start up a business, not even one based in the home.

I told the idiot that no she hadn't expressed any interest in starting a business and to stop calling here. But that's how these clods work. They seriously think if they aren't talking to the person they were calling for that lying and saying they expressed an interest in whatever the company is selling will convince us to take leave of our senses and give out our family's personal info.

I used to work for a telemarketing company when I was going to college. I know how these places work and they really do think we're dumb. The sad part is on occasion they do manage to successfully dupe someone into giving out info. So as a former telemarketer, let me tell you, everything they say to you on the phone is pre-scripted. They really are looking at a printed script telling them what to say.

NEVER believe them if they tell you someone expressed an interest in what their selling. It's totally a con. If a person really expresses an interest in whatever is being sold, they can handle it themselves. Never give them any info. You'll find yourself getting hounded just as much as the person they were trying to reach. Save yourself and your loved ones the hassle.

And one of word of advice to you lovely telemarketers out there...no we really aren't dumb so stop treating us like we are.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


PC Cast has an interesting topic going on over at her blog about religion. It so got me going that I decided to blog about it here too. I'm pagan. I'm polytheistic and a follower of Demeter, the Greek Goddess of the Harvest. I was raised Roman Catholic and I consider myself to be a recovering Catholic.

I'm very proud of what I am. I discovered paganism when I was sixteen. My mom was going through cancer and I needed something to believe in. Though I grew up technically as a Catholic, none of us ever really followed in the ways of the church. My mother was a victim of rape when she was younger and the priest told her that the only way God could forgive her, the victim of the crime, was if she became a nun. It was impossible to believe in a religion that blamed her for the criminal act of another.

So, years later when my mom was diagnosed, I went on a spiritual quest. I started reading Greek myths and fell in love with the story of Demeter and how she dealt with the kidnapping of her daughter Persephone. I knew then and there that following her was right for me. But, just because it's right for me doesn't mean it's right for anyone else. Heck, my brother is a Buddhist.

I have never denied my religion. I'm not ashamed of it or feel the need to hide it. But I also don't advertise it. If you ask me point blank I'll tell you straight up that I'm pagan. But, aside from this blog entry, I don't talk about it. Two topics you should never discuss in public; religion and politics.

A couple years ago a couple of coworkers asked me about my faith and I told them. They were genuinely interested in my beliefs so we chatted while we worked and I answered their questions. Another coworker overheard us and waylaid me during a break. She was a born again Christian and considered it her sacred duty to save my soul before I was damned to hell.

I have never tried to convert anyone to my religion. All I ask is for the same courtesy. In the first place, I don't believe in hell. I also don't believe my soul needs saving. I'm not saying my religion is right or better than anyone else's. All I'm saying is let me believe what I believe and leave it at that. What you believe is your own personal business and if it makes you happy than that's great. I'm happy with what I believe and that's all that matters to me. In the end, everyone has the right to follow what's in their own hearts. That is what freedom of religion is all about.

If you'd like to see PC's blog about this topic, just click on the link I have up for her. And there ends my sermon for the day.:-)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


A little while back I responded to a blog post on NJ Walter's blog about how an author is never totally satisfied with the final product and is always tweaking their stories. I mentioned how I'd written a story a long time ago but had never tried to publish it. NJ encouraged me to try and I finally did a few weeks ago. I sent my story off and am waiting to hear about it.

But, it was as if finally actually trying to publish my book had opened the floodgates and I haven't been able to stop writing since. An idea for a series of novellas came to me and I have been writing non-stop since then. I'm halfway through book three in this new series. I've sent off book one and I'll let you know if it's a go.

However, after I finished this third novella, I figured I'd take some time off. Not long, just figured I'd take a week to read, watch movies and stuff like that. Since I began this series, I have only taken one day off. But you know what they say about the best laid plans right?

All last night, a new idea for a full length story was haunting me. The whole thing just played in my mind like a movie and I know that I'm going to have to write it as soon as I finish my current story. I have no choice. It's the whole reason I wrote my very first story, the one NJ encouraged me to try to get published in the first place. The story wouldn't leave me alone until I'd written it.

The same goes for these novellas I have been writing. Once the idea came to me, I had no choice but to sit at my computer and write them. The idea for the fourth book is also already in my head, but this novel that came to me last night is demanding I tell it first. I can see I'm going to be very busy for the remainder of this year. There is no rest for the wicked.:-)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Book One

Ok, it's finally time to talk about some of the fantastic books I was reading over the course of being sick. And yes, I still am. I'm going to the doctor's today and hopefully I will finally be feeling better. Anyways, book one that I want to talk about is called BID FOR LOVE by Savannah Chase.

This story was awesome. Nico and Jeff are star crossed lovers. Both want the other one, but neither has the courage to say anything. So, Nico's friends hatch a plan in secret to help them get together. They organize a charity bachelor auction and invite Jeff to be auctioned off. When Nico discovers the object of her secret desire on the block, she must decide if she has the courage to make a BID FOR LOVE.

This story was hilarious. Both Nico and Jeff have quirky friends who try and help them get out of their dating ruts. Some of their plans are not only unsuccessful, some are downright hilarious. I loved this book. Actually, it's an e-book. If you want to check out BID FOR LOVE by Savannah Chase, click on the link I have up for Lyrical Press Publishing. It's so worth it.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Slight Change

I know I said I'd blog about some great stories today but I had to change my plans. I want to instead talk to you about an author whom I adore. NJ Walters is a story-telling GODDESS. I just finished her most recent release, Lily Blossoms and it was phenomenal. This woman simply can't tell a bad story. Everything she writes is not only beautifully written and sensual, but each story touches your emotions.

She has become one of my three top authors and you knew that already if you have been reading my blog. I just can't get enough of her wonderful stories. She's become one of my heroes as well. You'd really love her books if you read them. If you want to check out her stuff, click on the link I have to her website. Make sure you check out her blog at www.njwalters.blogspot.com/ as well. This woman is totally awesome and amazing. I really can't go on enough about how fantastic she is. I'm a fan forever.

Monday, September 01, 2008

I Can't Catch A Break!

I have been sick most of this year. Two months ago, when I was finally feeling better, I ventured from my house for the first time since January. I thought it was finally okay for me to go out again. I should have known better. I'm not that lucky. Yes, I am sick again. And once again, by the order of my doctor and my mother, I am on restriction again.

That means no going out except for doctor's appointments again for who knows how long. The way things are going, I might not be allowed out of the house until next year. This is totally driving me nuts. I can't tell you how sick I am of being sick. On the plus side though, I have been too tired to do anything but read lately. I'll be talking about some of the fantastic stuff I've been reading over the next few days. But I am still tired of being sick.

I don't mind the tiredness, but I am so sick of sore throats. It is driving me insane. Anyways, tomorrow I'll be telling you about a great new book I just read and I'll be covering some of the other ones later on. Happy Labor Day all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

End Of Summer Bash!

This weekend marks the final bash of summer. Monday is officially Labor Day. After that, the pools close for the rest of the year, kids go back to school, and the weather starts to get cooler. I'm so looking forward to fall. I love the way things look as the trees start sporting a beautiful array of different colors. Plus, with the temps cooling down a bit, everything just seems crisp and bright to me.

And pretty soon it will be my favorite time of the year, winter. I like the colder weather, always have. I just find the colder temps more invigorating. Plus, in winter the bugs go into hibernation which is great for me as I'm a total bugaphobe. I keep the RAID very handy during spring and summer.

But, I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Enjoy summer's final bash. Have a good one everybody.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Next Carpathian Book!

The next installment of Christine Feehan's Carpathian series is about to come out. I can hardly wait. On September 2nd, Dark Curse releases. Dark Curse is Nicolas De La Cruz's story. And we finally get to meet one of the children Razvan created for the purpose of blood drinking that he actually kept. Also, for the first time, the Carpathians true enemy, Xavier actually takes an active role.

Nicolas has come to the Carpathian Mountains to warn his Prince of a plot against him. It's the last thing he intends to do before ending his long existence. But just before he does, he meets his lifemate. However, she is not going to be an easy conquest. Possessing her own powerful magic, she has a deep inbred hatred for Nicolas' kind after the way her father and Xavier have used her.

Christine Feehan has the full book trailer up on her website if you want to check it out. Dark Curse releases in hardback on September 2nd. I'm so looking forward to this. Nicolas' story is one I have been waiting for since he was introduced in Dark Secret.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Upcoming Release!

I want to announce an upcoming release by one of my favorite authors, NJ Walters. On Wednesday, August 13th, Lily Blossoms releases from Ellora's Cave and it looks to be a good one. Here's a brief description:

Lily Summers writes erotic fiction under an assumed name. No one in her small town knows her secret identity. As far as the town is concerned, Lily Summers is just a quiet, shy woman who owns the local floral shop, Lily Blossoms.

Carson Granger, a younger man has lusted after Lily for years. And when he uncovers her secret and learns of her secret fantasies, he volunteers to let her use him to conduct her research. What Lily doesn't know is he has a secret agenda, one that ends with them together forever, not just the length of her research.

I am really looking forward to Lily Blossoms. If you'd like to check out the author, click on my link for NJ Walters. If you want to get your own copy of the ebook, it realeases August 13th from Ellora's Cave. I have a link to their website as well.

Friday, August 08, 2008


I have found some new providers of great ebooks. I have spent the beginning of August doing nothing but reading ebooks and I have found some awesome multi-author series being put out. I've known about Ellora's Cave and Samhain for awhile. Both distribute some great ebooks. But, I just discovered two new ebook publishers, Changeling Press and Cobblestone Press. I love their ebooks.

From Changeling Press I have gotten hooked on three different multi-author series. What that means is many different authors contribute single title stories to an ongoing series. The single titles all have something in common with a baseline theme. The first of the three series by Changeling I fell in love with is the series called Agency Of Extraordinary Mates.

That series is about an agency that helps paranormals get together with their one true mate. They have a private paradise island for so called chance encounters, matchmakers who come to you, and many other services. They hook up everyone from vampires, aliens, shifters, elves, and humans to many others.

The second series is similar to the first. It's called Paranormal Mates Society. But while the first involves a kind of secret society pulling all the strings, the second is an online dating service that specializes in helping paranormals meet other paranormals. Again, this series is a multi-author series.

The last series by Changeling that I have fallen in love with is called Big Blooming & Wild. The premise is an alien race that came to earth after their own planet went boom. The aliens are all shifters who are trees. But when they reach a certain age, they shift into humans and can then shift back and forth between tree and human. It's an awesome collection of stories.

The series I fell in love with from Cobblestone Press is called Vampire Oracle. The premise is at least one person in the story is a vampire. Someone else in the story receives in the mail from an anonymous source a kind of tarot card with one word written on it. That card and the word written on it determines the course and challenges that will face the couple. It's an awesome ongoing series. I intend eventually to have em all.

I held out a long time against ebooks. I liked the idea of holding a book in my hands. But, I decided a while back to try one just for the heck of it and I loved the story. I realized how many great stories were out there that I was denying myself by not getting ebooks. Now, I love ebooks just as much as I love regular books. Don't believe me? For August, I bought 11 ebooks. And I've enjoyed them all. I have put up links to all the ebook publishers that I have been buying from. Check em out if you want to find some really great stories.

Monday, July 28, 2008


It doesn't officially release until tomorrow, but I guess libraries get early copies, so I spent today reading Turbulent Sea by Christine Feehan. It was absolutely fantastic. I loved it. From start to finish it was a wonderful roller coaster ride. And Ilya is just totally hot. This story totally moved me.

Book 6 in Christine Feehan's Drake Sisters series is Joley Drake's story. Joley is the wild child of the Drakes, but she's also very much a loner. Her voice has made her a rock superstar, her magical abilities to manipulate sound has made her a target of fanatics. This story is different in many ways from the other Drake novels. The others all take place in the family's hometown of Sea Haven and majorly involve the other sisters in the plot. Not this one.

Because of Joley's profession, this follows her life on the road and centers around her band. But, because of her lifestyle, the danger to Joley is even more profound than most of her sisters. Therefore, whether she likes it or not, Joley needs Ilya for protection. But don't worry, the sisters and Sea Haven do play a part, just smaller than the other books. I'm not going to go into any more detail of the story than that. This book is so awesome that you have to read it if you want to know what happens. But this book is so worth the reading. Turbulent Sea is truly phenomonal.

Turbulent Sea will be released tomorrow, July 29th. Trust me, you are going to want your own copy. I have had mine on pre-order for 2 months. But I am so glad I got to read it a day ahead of time. I loved it. Christine Feehan NEVER disappoints.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day everyone. That's right, it's Wednesday, the middle of the week. I want to take this time to discuss heroes. Who are heroes? Police? Medical providers? Firefighters? Yes they are. They willingly put their own lives at risk to help us every day. But, in the end, my true hero is my mom. She is the bravest, most wonderful person on the planet.

My mom deals daily with my seizures. They fill her with concern every time I have one. I have almost died from them in the past. But, unlike other people, even my own brother, she doesn't treat me like a freak or someone to be afraid of. My brother panics and strangers treat me like I have the plague. But not my mom. That makes her a true hero in my book. She's also my best friend in the whole world.

Who are your heroes? Why are they your heroes? And, if you thought you never did anything heroic than I have to ask; have you ever smiled at a stranger? That alone, though you might not have realized it, may have perked up that person's day. Even small things can make an ordinary person a hero. Have a great day all.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I've Been Reading!

I've just discovered some great books. For a while now I have heard Gena Showalter gush about the books of Kresley Cole, but I never tried them. Well, I just read the first four in her Immortals series and am so in love. I can not wait to read the fifth one and will do so as soon as it arrives. This series is awesome and intense. Totally passionate and the characters are so cool. She has so many stand out characters that I hope will eventually have their stories told such as Regin and Nix.

Book six will be out February of next year and I am looking forward to that one as well. The demon king is one of the characters that has stood out and can't wait to read his story. Book five, which I purchased and am just waiting to be delivered is about his brother and also looks dynomite. It so makes me wish I had listened to Gena's gushing earlier. But, in a way it's a good thing. I've had a lot of books to read without the wait.:-)

If you'd like to check out Kresley Cole and her books, I put up a link to her website. Her books are fantastic. But I have to warn you, if you are tired, don't pick up one of her books and start reading it. I was stupid enough to do that and I couldn't put it down until I finished it even though I was dead tired. That's how good they are. Consider yourself warned.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Introducing My Babies

I have never put up pictures of my sweet kitties before, but I want to now. These are my babies. These are the two sweetest little angels in the world and they keep me sane. They make me laugh and they make me melt. I can't imagine life without these two little lovebugs. Both kitties are girls.

This first picture is my oldest cat, Pudge. You can't tell from this picture, because of how she is stretched, but she's a little pudgeball, hence how her name came about. She sleeps with me at night curled up around my hip. I sleep better with her there.:-)

The second picture, with the Christmas decorations, is the younger one. Her name is Spatz and she's called that because of her fur. It's totally black except for peach colored spots all over that look like an artist picked up his brush and just went whack with it. And, I'm certain you can tell from the picture that she's a totally mischiefous imp. I love the little cutie.

They each have their own strange personality quirks. Pudge likes to watch the water go down the toilet when you flush it. It fascinates her to no end. Spatz likes to knock everything off shelves. She jumps up at bats at the item, no mattter how big and heavy, until it does a swan dive. They are just so adorable. That's my babies.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th

Tomorrow is Independence Day and I hope you all have a great one. Enjoy the fireworks, have a barbeque, and just plain have fun. But, if any of you indulge in the picture I put up, please keep it safe and let someone else drive. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend all.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Three Queens!

I want to take a moment to discuss the three authors who are for me tied at the top as the most awesome authors ever. These three ladies write some of THE best books I have ever read, and continue to do so with each new installment they produce. These ladies are number 1 in my books. I will talk about them in alphabetical order.

Christine Feehan is up first. I can't tell you just how much I love what this lady writes. All her series rock. Her Ghostwalkers, her Drake Sisters, and of course her Carpathians. This year's Ghostwalker novel has been released, her Drake for this year is due the end of next month, and this year's Carpathian novel will be out at the end of August. I also love her Leopard series and can't wait until she returns to it.

Lynsay Sands is next up. Her Argeneau series is the bomb. It's a very unique take on the vampire genre. I so love this series and I was totally psyched she intends to not only continue it, but bring in non-Argeneau characters who have stood out. Her next book, out this year, will be about just such a character. It's called The Rogue Hunter and will be about Mortimer from Bite Me If You Can. He's not an Argeneau, but he works with Lucian Argeneau hunting rogue vamps. Lynsay Sands is awesome.

Last, but certainly not least, is NJ Walters. Her books rock. I am so in love with her Dalakis and Tapestry series. I also adored her single title, Amethyst Moon. She knows not only how to write a great story, but she manages to make you feel like you know the characters. Her first story I read was Christina's Tapestry and I was hooked from then on. She makes me wish I were rich so I could purchase everything she has out right now. Unfortunately, I have to budget each month.:-( But this woman is two words: freaking awesome!

As I said, all three ladies are tied as my number one favorites. These are authors I can guarantee deliver each and every time. If you'd like to check out anything they write, I have links up to each and everyone of their websites. Trust me, you won't regret reading their books.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Funny & Sexy

This next book was both erotic and hilarious. It's called Who Wants To Date A Superhero by R.G. Alexander and is part of Ellora's Cave gemstone series. It falls under the month of amethyst. I loved this. It's a spoof of reality shows like The Bachelor.

Cassie is an ordinary girl living and working as an insurance clerk in Gaia City. But, while she's normal, superheroes and supervillians are common everyday things. And the hottest thing around is the television show called Who Wants To Date A Superhero where average women compete in crazy and dangerous tests for a chance to win an evening out with a superhero. Normally, Cassie has no interest in such activities, but this season's hero is one she's desperate to meet.

With the help of an amethyst anklet, Cassie heads to the show to win it. But, her true reasons for needing to meet superhunk of the season, Theta Wave, remain a mystery. And, if she wins, Cassie may lose the man she loves above all others.

This was fantastic. I laughed so hard while reading it. But it was also extremely erotic. It had me going that's for sure. Who Wants To Date A Superhero by R.G. Alexander is available now from Ellora's Cave if you'd like to read it. All I can say is YUM!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I know I have been silent lately. I'm finally over being sick, but have been extremely busy because it's that time of the year. Lease renewal time. I have been getting everything done for it. And, after one last meeting next week to sign the lease, the process will be done. So, I now wanna talk about some of the awesome stuff I have been reading. First up is an ebook by Maya Banks. It's called Stay With Me.

If you find menage stories offensive, don't read this. But if you like romantic menage stories, this one rocks. It's about a woman named Cat and her two husbands, Logan and Rhys. In spite of the fact that she has two husbands, Cat is more alone than most of us with just one guy. Logan and Rhys, building up their business, have long made it a practice to forget and or postpone important events in their marriage. They are always sure Cat will be understanding.

Desperate to save her marriage to the men she loves, Cat plans a kind of second honeymoon to Jamaica. But, when her husbands not only forget their anniversary but also cancel the trip to attend to business out of town, Cat decides she has had it. She goes on her vacation alone and Logan and Rhys come home from their business trip to find Cat's gone. Now they must combine forces to win back the only person they love before it's too late. So, together they head to Jamaica to find and woo back their wife.

I loved this story. Even though it involves a polyamorous lifestyle, it shows what happens to any marriage when the husband and or husbands become workaholics and forget to put the time into their marriage. Can you say meltdown?:-) Stay With Me by Maya Banks is fantastic and is available through Samhain publishing. Just click on the link I've added if you'd like to check it out.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Next In Line!

I know I have mentioned this before, but I am a total Christine Feehan fanatic. I LOVE everything she writes. All her series are fantastic. The woman never goes wrong. Her current Ghostwalker series release, Predatory Game, was awesome. I loved the characters. And her next Drake Sisters book is about to be released and is the book I wanna talk about.

Turbulent Sea will be released on July 29th. It's book six in the series and is Joley Drake's story. Joley is the wild child of the Drake clan. Her fiery temper however hides her true nature. Joley is a woman who will risk everything, even her own safety, to protect her sisters. She has allowed false rumors of her so-called love life to be published to protect her sister Libby's reputation. She has made herself a target of a woman bashing rapist with political pull by publically exposing him after her sister Hannah was nearly killed. And she will go to the mat for anyone she loves.

Unfortunately, this sets her up as a prime target from those she has angered. Joley is a famous singer and entertainer, a very public and easy to find figure. When her life is threatened, the one man she neither wants to be around nor wants to care about is her only hope. But Joley will fight Ilya tooth and nail because he's a member of the Russian mafia and she wants no part of that.

I'm really looking forward to this book because Ilya, who has been in two other Drake novels, is an anti-hero who is also a hero. He's a killer and works for one of the major kingpins in the Russian mob. But, there is a question of whether or not he really does work for the guy or the was sent to infilitrate his organization. But there is no doubt Ilya's a killer. He has already killed many others in the previous books he's been in. Joley is going to have to decide if she can not only love him, but live with him the way he is. The ultimate conflict.:-)

The making of the book trailer article is up on Christine's webpage. Just click my link if you want to check it out. She'll have the trailer up soon. Circle Of Seven Productions once again did the trailer, as they do all of Christine's novels. But, because Joley is a singer, this trailer is gonna be different. It's done as a music video with the lyrics emphasizing Joley's struggle to except Ilya. The trailer was in fact directed by one of the giants of the music video industry who is famous for work involving Gloria Estefan and many others. Turbulent Sea comes out July 29th but is already available for pre-order from Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Of Many

This is about one of the many awesome books I have been reading while sick. It's called Because Your Vampire Said So by Michele Bardsley. It's the third in her PTA moms series. It's about a whole town of single parents who in one night of violence changed into vampires. Because Your Vampire Said So is about town hairstylist Patsy. Divorced from her drunken ex-husband and raising their teenage son alone, Patsy had no idea one night when taking a cigarette break that she'd end up the undead.

Patsy's problems only get worse as her son spirals down the same drunken path her ex-husband took. Add into that a bunch of psycho master vampires out to destroy the world, starting with her, and being undead gets to be a real a drag. Things look up when she meets her hunky bodyguard, Gabriel, until she finds out he's a shifter. Shifters and vampires are not allowed to get together under any circumstances. But, Patsy is not the type of woman who plays by the rules.

I loved this book. In fact, I have loved all three. If you'd like to check out the whole series, click on the link I added called Welcome To Broken Heart Oklahoma. It's a whole site about this series that Michele Bardsley set up. It also includes a synopsis of the next one coming out this fall called Just Wait Until Your Vampire Gets Home. That one will be about the only man who got attacked and changed into a vampire.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Road Is Long

Well, it has been a very rough road to recovery for me, and it isn't over. After two months on heavy antibiotics, my sore throat is finally gone, though my throat still isn't right yet. I'm under confinement for the next month and a half. I'm not allowed to leave my house for anything but medical appointments. The reason for my confinement is because I can not afford to catch anything else. My immune system is seriously weak. Lucky me.

But, while I haven't been going out and doing things, and will continue not to go anywhere, I have been doing a LOT of reading. I have so many books to talk about and new authors to add to my favorites list. I'll be adding the authors this week and I will start talking about the awesome stuff I have been reading. Check back tomorrow for the first installment.:-) See you all then.