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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Makes An Author?

There has been a lot of talk lately, people saying that e-writers aren't real authors cause we could cut the mustard with the big print houses. So tonight on my BTR show we e-people are going to talk about it. Join me and my guests, e-publisher Lea Schizas, e-editor and author Nancy Bell and e-author L.J. Holmes as we discuss the things being said and what we think about it. And feel free to add your own opinions as well. The show starts at 6 pm EDT. Go to www.blogtalkradio.com/katholmes1212 to join in the chat room or dial 619-393-6798 to talk to us directly. I hope you'll join us.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Welcome back

Timp. I really wanted to have you come back and spend more time with us.

I shouldn't tell you how pleased I am to have you visiting on my blog again, but I don't do the

NON-GUSH stuff too well, do I?

No need to

worry. It's my pleasure,

Kat. Mari likes me to keep

my paw on the

pulse point of all this, and naturally I cannot help but agree with her choice of representation.

(Timp's beautiful pink tinged chest swells up most impressively, and her eyes take on a

humorous twinkle.)


When you visited last time, you told us a lot about your relationship with Mari, but little about you and your previous lives. Would you think me rude if I asked you which of your

nine lives you are currently living?

Hmmm. That's a really good question. Normally we cats don't bother with

linear time. For us time is marked by

naps...what happens in between, naps. We're really good at perfecting the art of

napping, so anything else in our lives falls into line behind that, but we DO have a way of

deciphering which life we are on.

Timp extends the long graceful length of her right paw, lifting it high enough for my eyes to see.

See my long toes...yes the one's that are pink? And the one on the non-pinked front paw? That tells us all I am on my

third life now. Most humans don't realize our toes are the equivalent of

tree rings. Which by the way means those of you that declaw us, are stealing our calendars.

Not nice!

I personally am on my third life, which I suppose makes me a

baby, or would had my original life not been lived at the very paws of my

Egyptian Mother, Bast.

Bast? You're a descendant of the

Egyptian Cat Goddess?

You don't need to say that like I'm claiming celebrity status I am not entitled to. I don't do

Paris nor will I serenade at

any Hiltons, so I keep my star-power below the rim, so to speak...

Many of today's

kitties were first formed during the reign of our

Goddess so we're ALL celebrities.

You must have witnessed some pretty incredible things back then. What was the most exciting thing about being an Egyptian kitty?

Riding shotgun on chariots! The feel of the wind in our fur...nothing finer...well except for Mari's overall body rubs, but we're not talking about today. I did have to hold on

pretty tightly though. When the pharaoh came to a ripping stop an unprepared kitty

could go sailing way into the desert screeching all the way.

The deserts...not pleasant places for

kitties to land unprotected. Sand fleas, you know...nasty little creatures!

We're not allowed to remember everything, though. It's kind of like you humans. Do you remember details from YOUR past lives? Admittedly I do retain MORE than humans, but I am a most

superior kitty. Meow!

Throughout our lifetimes we are spiritual

tranquilizers. Our purrs and meows bring joy and comfort to your humans in ways

Valium and

lorazepam just cannot duplicate. Calming

pharaohs in one life is no different than me

calming Mari in this life.

Cat's can also be arrogant, right? Unlike dogs you don't come when called.

If we did come when you all call us, wouldn't that make us little more than

mini-robots trained by our human pets? "Here Rover!

Roll over! Shake Paws, Rover.



We have far more important roles to play. We're highly developed conduits between spirit and flesh.

Dogs slobber,

we preen.

You claim cats are wiser than humans. Give us an example.


Humans worked very hard to become upright, lose their body fur just so they could pay a fortune to wear the fur of other creatures. We, on the other hand, are quite proud of the skin we're in and have no desire to shed our

luxuriance for some misguided concept of esthetics's.

We are perfect just the way we are. Humans are never content with their own skin. Look at how many rush to get

plastic surgery.

There are some who might think my three pink toes are signs of imperfection, or the coloring

of my nose that makes me look like I have a permanently skinned nose is off, but they are just further examples of my unique


If you had one piece of advice to give to humans, what would it be?

You have a saying

"An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away". I say, a good deep

body rub every four hours keeps ALL maladies away. You can't be sick when your


Fantastic advice Timp and I am sure my readers will be in agreement.

Thank you for stopping by again. I hope you know you're welcome here anytime.

It's been a pleasure and I am sure Mari will send me your way again

soon. (I think she wants the cabin to herself for a bit,

can you imagine? Of course the body rub I'll get when I go back will make this excursion outside the mountain well worth it.)


Timp has

launched herself from the building...

until next time check out


L.J. Holmes a

Muse It Hot Author starring

Timp, and yes, a few humans too.

Click here to go directly to the Buy Page for Timp's saga at Muse and keep checking back. One never knows when Timp will land on all four of her

Bast designed

paws here again.