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Monday, May 25, 2009

True Blood

The first season of True Blood, the HBO tv series based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris is out and I watched the whole thing over the weekend. It was SENSATIONAL! I loved it and can't wait for season two. Anna Paquin was great. I remember watching her in The Piano, the movie she won an Oscar for when she was just a kid and man is she all grown up.

Because it's cable and not mainstream tv, they get away with showing a lot more. The sex scenes are explicit, the women's breasts are exposed, and so are the men's backsides. This is definately not a show you should let your kids watch, especially if you have read the books and know what a degenerate Sookie's brother Jason is. His sex scenes are very graphic, and very numerous because of the way he is. But beyond that, this series is amazing. I can totally understand why Anna Paquin won a Golden Globe for her performance as Sookie.

Season 1 covers basically book 1 of the series. There are many differences from the book, but is stays true to the basic plot of the book. Sookie Stackhouse, a small town barmaid in Louisiana takes up with a vampire. Vampires have only just come out of the closet and admitted to the world that they exist. But in a small hick town like Bon Temps, progression is not the name of the game. And soon, people around Sookie, known sympathizers of vampires, start dying by strangulation. Number one suspect? Sookie's sexually depraved, bigoted brother Jason. In order to clear him, Sookie has to come face to face with a killer and survive.

The character of Eric is delicious. The actor who plays him is a perfect fit and he looks so edible. If the series continues to follow the major points of the books, then we'll get to see Eric naked and truth be told I can't wait. I love the Eric and Sookie combo and just can't wait to see them get together. True Blood is without a doubt a series you can sink your teeth into.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I loved this ebook!

I bought two ebooks yesterday. I still have one to read, but I read Highland Beast by Regina Carlysle and it was excellent. I truly loved it. The hero, Silas was absolutely scrumptious. Talk about hot and sexy. He's a Scottish hunk who also happens to be King of the Lycans. Nothing beats a sexy animalistic lover with a Scottish brogue.

Silas is cursed by a witch to exist inside a magical mirror until such time as a woman with a pure heart touches the mirror and frees him. Along comes Martha, a human empath who has been forced to retreat from people due to the pain caused by unwanted emotions flooding her. When she buys an antique mirror, she unwittingly releases a sexy Highland lycan from a three hundred year curse. And he enters her life ready and raring to go. His first order of business is not to contact his Pack, but to drag Martha to his bed.

Martha falls for her sexy Lycan lover, but wonders if his only interest in her is gratitude for freeing him. Can Martha find the courage to embrace a love that crosses time, or will she be left alone with nothing but memories? To claim what she wants, Martha must wholly embrace a culture that is fierce and untamed.

I LOVED Highland Beast. It was totally fantastic and I know I'll re-read it again and again. Highland Beast by Regina Carlysle is available now from Ellora's Cave. Just click on my link to their website. It was just released on Friday so is up on the main page right now. This is one really hot, steamy read that you don't want to miss. It's completely amazing.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kids Are Clueless

My mom has suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember. Migraines come in many different forms, although the pain is always excruciating. One type of migraine is the nausea kind. You literally feel sick. The funny thing about these kinds though is once you have actually vomited, you feel better and the headache pain usually goes away. In spite of being sick, these types of migraines are the kind most people prefer because it's usually over quickly.

Then there are the visual migraines and these are the worst. It doesn't start with pain but instead starts with the temporary loss of eyesight. In essence, you go blind for a time. This usually lasts from anywhere to twenty minutes up to an hour until it clears up. And once your vision clears, the pain begins and can last for days. There is no quick recovery from these.

When I was a kid, I was totally clueless about what my mom went through. I never really understood why when we were driving sometimes my mom would have to pull over for half an hour because she said she couldn't see. Nor did I understand why sometimes she was in so much pain that she'd tell me and my brother to just shut up. Oh for the ignorance of youth again.

At the age of fifteen, I had my very first migraine. It was the milder form where I was fine after I got violently sick. But once you have one, you are prone to getting them again. And I have had migraines ever since. In school, I would get visual migraines and have to go to the nurse's office until my sight came back. Then, the nurse would have to call my mom and send me home because I was in no shape from the pain to be there. I'd be out for three days at least, sometimes a whole week.

A few years back they came out with the first really serious treatment for migraines called Imitrex. One problem though, I'm allergic to it. So, while my mom could take it and get relief for her migraines, I had to just suffer through. But, they have since developed more meds for migraine pain that do work for me. I'm on a major migraine program with three serious medications. The first is called Toprol and its purpose is to prevent migraines from happening. It doesn't prevent them completely, but it has reduced the frequency I get them.

The second med is called Furinol and it's purpose is to deal solely with the pain. It's a godsend. The third is called Maxalt and I take it when my vision starts to blur letting me know a migraine is coming. It knocks it out before it even begins and that is even more of a godsend. Some migraines start when I'm sleeping and the pain is already full blown when I wake. Too late for the Maxalt so that's when I take the pain meds.

My mom has suffered with these for years. I got a visual today and started thinking about how unsympathetic I had been as a child and realized I truly owe my mom an apology. I'm so sorry mom. I love you so much. But until I got migraines myself, I never understood just how bad they are. I wouldn't wish a migraine on my worst enemy. You are my best friend and I wish you didn't have to suffer migraines. I wish neither of us did.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Goddess Of The Written Word!

I'm so sorry that this is late. I'm still sick, but I'm finally feeling well enough to at least do my update. I totally apologize for not being up to doing this sooner. Anyways, May's Goddess of the Written Word is none other than the amazing Charlaine Harris.

I just finished her most recent Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead And Gone, and it was amazing. It was so good that I read it cover to cover in 4 and half hours. I just could not put it down. I love the Sookie Stackhouse's. And all the men that Sookie has interested in her are each yummy in their own ways. Eric is intense, Bill is quiet and strong, Quinn is an animal in more ways than one, and Sam is strong and steady.

If you'd like to know more about Charlaine Harris, her books and the television series True Blood based on the Sookie novels, click on the link I have for her website. In the tv show True Blood, the part of Sookie is played by Oscar winner Anna Pacquin. Charlaine Harris is this month's Goddess of the Written Word. Congratulations!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Little Bit Late

I'm going to be a little bit late this month with my Goddess of the Written Word. I have a really bad cold and am not up to doing a major blog entry. But, I promise, just as soon as I past this worst part of my cold, I will announce this month's honoree. Till then, have a great weekend all.