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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! It's the last day of 2009. Tonight, millions of people will be watching the ball drop as they count down the final seconds of this past year and cheering as 2010 is ushered in. I can remember, just 10 short years ago as we waited for 2000 to come in, everyone fearing Y2K and the collapse of the computer network. Of course there were also the doomsday talks that 2000 was the end of the world. Yet here we all still are, the computers work and the world didn't explode.

Now I find myself thinking about the past decade. It was, for me a very rough ten years. In July of 2000 my ankle was severely injured and thanks to insurance I wasn't permitted to get the reconstructive surgery I needed for a year and a half. By then there was so much damage and scar tissue that the surgery, which took me 7 months to recover from, was an utter failure. Then the grand mal seizures began and they have been a trial.

But, at the end of 2008 things began to turn for the better. I developed relations with family I didn't even know I had but have become so important to me. In August of 2009, Red Rose contracted my first ever book and it's going to be released in early 2010. Plus, they have since contracted a brand new series that I am so proud of. So, while most of the past decade has been difficult, I wouldn't change a thing. Each trial has led to the point I am at now and it's a really good place to be.

So, as we say goodbye to 2009, I wish each and every one of you the best possible new year ever. Happy New Year's Eve everyone. Enjoy the parties, the fireworks, and the ball dropping and stay safe. I'll see you all next year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Back!

I had a wonderful holiday but I'm back and once again hard at work on a new WIP. I hope all of you had a great holiday weekend and got lots of goodies.:-)

Don't forget, make sure you stop by on Friday. Angela Kay Austin will be kicking off the 2010 author interviews. You don't want to miss it as she'll be having a contest where you can win a really nice prize.

And remember, if you're an author and would like to participate in the interviews, email me and let me know. Everything from the end of April on is still open. Have a wonderful week everyone. It's so nice to be home.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I'm not going to be on again until just before New Year's so I want to wish you all a very happy, joyful, and safe holiday season. I hope you all get what you're wanting and that no one gets a lump of coal in their stockings. Unless of course you actually asked for coal.:-) Happy Holidays everyone and see you soon. And don't forget, on January 1st the very talented Angela Kay Austin will be stopping by with goodies to help you start off the new year right. You don't want to miss it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Release Date!

I have a release date for my first book. Voice In The Night will be published by Red Rose Publishing on March 18, 2010! I'm so excited. I love this story. It's the tale of an older woman and a younger man. My heroine has a few tricks to teach the hero and she isn't shy about what she wants. I'm putting up the blurb again and closer to the release date I'll post a small excerpt as well as run a contest to celebrate. Check back in the beginning of March for that. Here's the blurb:

Phaia Mykos is a 47 year old librarian. To most she is a quiet, proper woman. But, to put her daughter through college, Phaia creates an alter-ego called Sasha who titillates men at night as a voice on the phone. When women in her line of work start to fall prey to a madman, the police decide to send Derek Hoffman to her home to set up a trap. For Phaia who has long desired after the much younger man, this provides the perfect opportunity to get what she has wanted, hopefully before the one stalking her catches up to her.

I can hardly wait. I must again thank NJ Walters for her encouragement. I never would have tried submitting my writing if not for her. And to Red Rose, thank you so much for taking a chance on me. Wendi and everyone else there, you guys totally rock!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Is It About The Fantasy?

Now let's be honest, at one time or another every single one of us has either read a fantasy novel or watched a fantasy movie. You know, those books, films and television shows about powerful wizards, evil witches both beautiful and ugly, questing heroes striving to overcome their own uncertainties while facing their darkest hours, and the obligatory beautiful woman in distress.

What is it about these that we find so interesting? Is it because for a few hours we are taken out of our own reality and plopped into a world of magic and wonder where anything is possible? Or is it because we wish to pretend for just a moment that we had the ability to do what they do? Or is it something else?

No matter what, we all seem to love a good fantasy now and then, even guys. If you don't believe me, then how many of you, men and women, went to see all three Lord Of The Rings movies while they were in the theater? Come on now be honest. And how many of us adults have actually enjoyed the Harry Potter films and even the books? Practically all of us.

And of the books, let's face it we all expect a beautiful woman performing magic or something to be on the cover, and the man has to be rugged, handsome and just a little tormented, hence why we all love Aragorn from The Lord Of The Rings. So young or old, male or female, somewhere down the line we've all read or watched a fantasy whether we want to admit it or not. Just what is it about the fantasy? Oh and so you don't feel cheated, I put up the obligatory picture of a beautiful woman casting magic. Enjoy.:-)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sensational Story!

I recently read this ebook from Red Rose Publishing and it was awesome. Merry Christmas To Me by Aline de Chevigny is sensational. Here's a brief blurb about it:

Jennifer was having the worst Christmas ever. She'd just quit her job, her ex had happily married some blonde Barbie doll and the man of her dreams didn't even know she was alive.
Franko was through with women, or so he thought until the hottest little spitfire he'd ever met walked into him and set him straight. He now had five days until she left the mine for good to convince her that he was the Christmas gift of her dreams.

I loved this. There are no words to describe how much I enjoyed it. Both Jennifer and Franko were great characters and you really want to see them have their HEA. Merry Christmas To Me is available now from Red Rose Publishing. Just click on the link I have for them. And if you want to know more about Aline de Chevigny, click on the link I have for her website.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Author Guest Interviews!

As you can see, I have posted a schedule for author interviews for next year up on my blog. There is an open space in February. The second half of April is still open. All of May through December is currently available. If you'd like to participate email me and let me know when you'd like to be plugged in. The dates are filling fast so let me know ASAP.

Thank you to all who are participating and to all who may participate. I'm looking forward to it as much as you are. Make sure you all tune in on January 1st for our very first guest, the fabulous Angela Kay Austin. You don't want to miss it!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Help Animals!

Do you love animals? I have two kitties and they are my world and so this site has become near and dear to me. If you'd like to help animals for free, then you need to click on the following link for The Animal Rescue Site. It's great. And again, it's free. http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today's my mom's birthday and I want to wish her the best day ever. I'm so sorry you're sick. I love you so much Mom. Thanks for being my best friend in the whole world. I hope you feel better soon. And, even though you're not feeling well, try and do something enjoyable on your special day. Pet the cats. They love you too.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sniffle Sniffle Cough Cough!

I am so sick of feeling sick. I swear all week I've been a total slug. I finally felt well enough last night to do some writing. Now understand, I'm the kind of person who likes to write a whole chapter before stopping. Well, not last night. Yes I was feeling up to writing. Yes I wrote and finally worked on my WIP. But I didn't do a whole chapter. HALF of chapter 3 is now written.

I want to be well again. I'd like to be able to breathe with ease and not feel like I have a lead anvil on my chest. Can you tell I'm frustrated? What really bugs me is I so love this story I'm writing. I'm having so much fun with it and I really want to work on it. The mind is willing but the body is saying 'Don't even think about it.' Darn it!

Monday, December 07, 2009

You Never Know!

When you are writing humor, you always are asking yourself two questions. Is it really funny? And will other people get your humor? You just can't tell yourself. So, I'm sick and not up to working on my WIP. I still haven't been able to write chapter 3. Luckily, my deadline for turning this in since it's a Halloween story is not until May. Plenty of time though most likely I'll have it done before the New Year.

But, so I didn't feel like a total slug, I sent the two chapters I have to my mom to check out for me. She helps me edit my writing. And I was on cloud nine when I heard her laughing away. So, since she laughed I guess I accomplished making my story so far funny. Humor is by far the hardest thing to write because what one person finds funny, another person won't. I think, in the end, every one of us fears doing humor for that reason. But at some point, every single one of us attempts it and it's nice to know we succeeded.:-)

My last WIP was a much darker story. I won't go into it because I'm waiting on news about it, but though it's a work of fiction I used it as a sounding board for my own past, a kind of theraputic release. I knew when I started this current one that I needed something lighter and I'm really relieved that the fun and humor came through.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Days Like This!

I hate days like today. I've mentioned it before on my blog, but I suffer from seizures. I have done so since I was four, although the grand mal only began back in 2002. The grand mal suck big time. I'm working on a new WIP. I did chapter 2 yesterday. I love this story and I am having a lot of fun with it. I was all set to do chapter 3 today. I always edit the previous day's chapter before going into the new one. I find it helps me get into the mindset for the next chapter of the story.

Well, I finished editing and whammo, I get hit with a grand mal. Now my head is killing me and I feel like I've been hit by a freight train. I'm no longer up to working on chapter 3. I hate days like this and unfortunately they happen all too frequently. I'm one of those lucky people who can't take anti-seizure medications. The few meds I can take don't stop the seizures. The other 99% of the meds out there make me violently ill. So I'm stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Oh well, I guess I'm going to go take a nap. I don't really have a choice. Today is just one of those days.

Friday, December 04, 2009

I Took The Plunge!

It wasn't easy but I finally took the plunge and created a website for my writing stuff. It's very simple so I don't wanna hear any snickers. I'm not as computer savvy as I was when I was younger. But, it fits what I need for now anyways. If you'd like to check it out, I have put it up in my links as Kat's Corner. Again, no laughs please. LOL. Ok you can laugh since I am.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


I just finished the ebook I won, Wild Wyoming Nights by Sandy Sullivan. All I can say is WOW! It's a great book and I loved it. It's also heartwrenching. I cried from start to finish. The characters are really great and your heart breaks for them.

The hero, Chase Wilder, is a hunky Wyoming cowboy. Two years ago, he lost his wife in a freak car accident and is now afraid to love again. When Abby Carter moves in next door though, she is too much to resist.

But Abby has her own scars. She lost her beloved husband, Josh, a firefighter on 9/11. She's moved to Wyoming from New York to get away from the haunting memories of the man she loved. She is no more ready to step into the romance market than Chase.

But fate has a way of shoving you in the direction you are meant to go whether you want to go there or not. Now, two wounded souls must learn to bury the past so they can have a future.

This story is a real tear jerker. Anyone who was alive 8 years ago knows the pain and heartache of that awful day. I still remember seeing on the news people jumping from the tower because falling to their death was preferable to burning alive. I was at work when it happened and we didn't find out about it right away. Our computer network was through NYC and it crashed when the first tower came down.

We all found out when our boss's husband called her at work and told her to turn on the news. We kept getting sporadic updates. We heard a plane went down in Pennsylvania, but we didn't know where. I live with my mom literally ten minutes ouside Philly across the bridge in NJ and I spent the entire day until 3 p.m. trying to reach my mom to make sure she was ok. She was thank heavens, but I will never EVER forget that day.

Wild Wyoming Nights by Sandy Sullivan captures the pain of loss from that day very well. I can definately recommend this story, but I caution you to keep a box of tissues next to you as you read it. Wild Wyoming Nights is available now from Sirens Publishing. This is a great book.


I can't believe it. Honoria Raven interviewed the lovely Sandy Sullivan on her blog yesterday. Sandy was giving away a free copy of her latest story, Wild Wyoming Nights and I won it. I'm amazed. I have never had the best of luck when it comes to winning things. Thank you so much Sandy. I can't wait to read your story. And thank you Honoria for having the contest on your blog.:-)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Voice In The Night Blurb

I have had a few people ask me for a blurb about what my first book is about so I am posting it now. I can hardly wait until my book comes out.:-)

Phaia Mykos is a 47 year old librarian. To most she is a quiet, proper woman. But, to put her daughter through college, Phaia creates an alter-ego called Sasha who titillates men at night as a voice on the phone. When women in her line of work start to fall prey to a madman, the police decide to send Derek Hoffman to her home to set up a trap. For Phaia who has long desired after the much younger man, this provides the perfect opportunity to get what she has wanted, hopefully before the one stalking her catches up to her.

I had so much fun writing this story. My heroine is a spitfire of a woman who has lived her life and lived it well. And she has a few tricks to teach her much younger neighbor and object of her desire in this Autumn Rose story. I totally love NJ Walters for encouraging me to try submitting. Thank you so much I can't express just how grateful I am. Also, my editor for this one, Ansley Blackstock was amazing to work with. And the artist, Emmy did a sensational job on the cover.

I love Red Rose Publishing and all the wonderful authors and staff I have met. As soon as I have a release date for my story I'll post that as well. By the way, scroll down and you will see the fantastic blog banner that Emme did for me. She also made me an email banner too.:-) Cheers!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ta Da!

Here it is, my very first cover ever! Isn't it gorgeous? Click on the picture to see it full sized. There is so much detail I am totally amazed. The wonderful Emmy of RRP did the artwork. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I'm having this cover framed. Thank you Emmy!

Great Story: Great Cause!

I'd like to talk about a great book called Stormy Weather by Nancy O'Berry. It's a new release from Red Rose Publishing and it's a fantastic story about a woman's struggle to recover from breast cancer and the rebuilding of her life. I absolutely loved it.

Lauren Phelps has had to endure the loss of her breast to breast cancer and the loss of her marriage. When she is finally recovered enough to return to work, Cole McGuire, a coworker and friend has to battle her personal issues to win the woman he loves.

I highly recommend this book and proceeds from the sale of this story also goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Stormy Weather by Nancy O'Berry is out now and it's a fantastic book. You'll love it.

Season 3!

First up, I will announce the final Goddess of the Written Word for 2009 tomorrow so be sure to check back then. Also, as soon as I can tell you I will, but I have some fantastic news. And I have added a new feature to my blog. Just scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a button to follow this blog. I already have two followers so thanks a lot.

Now on to what I want to talk about. Season 3 of True Blood starts filming this month! Alan Ball has also given us Team Eric fans a sneak peak at the first episode. For those of us who have been eager to see a naked Alexander Skarsgard, well we are about to get really lucky. In the first episode of season 3 Alan Ball has confirmed that we will get to see all of his glory. Go Eric!

Season 3 itself starts airing on HBO in June. Season 2, if it follows what they did last year, should release on DVD the month before the new season starts. I'm getting cable next year just for HBO so I can watch True Blood. Eric, Eric, Eric! Alexander Skarsgard is sooooooooo HOT!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful and happy weekend. The things I am most grateful this holiday season are my Mom, my two sweet cats and my brother and new sister-in-law. I'm also eternally grateful to Red Rose Publishing because they took a chance on me and are about to publish my very first story. I also have some more good news that they have given me but I can't share it yet. Probably sometime next week. And lastly, I'm grateful to NJ Walters who's encouragement gave me the courage to try getting published. Bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And even if you've already had Thanksgiving where you live like NJ Walters has, I still wish you a wonderful weekend.

Monday, November 23, 2009

50% Off Sale!

If you love books, now's the time to get a whole bunch while saving a lot of money. Friday the 27th Red Rose Publishing will be hosting its Black Friday sale. All books published before 2009 will be 50% off their cover price. Now's the time to buy and save on some really great stories. If you like to read and like to save money, do not miss this incredible sale. Just click on the link I have up for them or scroll down to the bottom of my blog and click on the Red Rose Publishing banner to be taken to their website.

I can say I'll be buying. I can't resist a half-off sale for books. The sale is one day only so don't miss it. Again, the sale is this Friday the 27th, Black Friday. Enjoy!


It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but I'm finished my WIP. Well, that is to say I'm finished the first draft. I still have to go back and polish it, but I'm very proud of this story. It's my first full length story and I think it turned out really well. It's 48,000 words and it was totally a labor of love. I'm not going to tell you just now what the story is about, but I will say it's a ghost story. I have one other story ahead of it that I'm editing right now and once that is done I'll get this one ready to go. Then I think I'm going to take a week off before I start on my next story which has already made itself known to me. And, later this week or next week, I should have some good news to share. Later everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I was working on chapter 9 of my WIP and I ran into this snag. The first half of the chapter went really well and I liked where it was going. But the second half just felt royally wrong. It felt wrong as I was writing it and it continued to bother me hours after I completed it. It seemed like it had gone in the wrong direction and flowed badly. The second half was definately giving me fits.

So I thought, heck with it. I completely cut out the second half of the chapter and started over on it. I love it now. It's completely different than what it replaced. It not only flows better though, I think it really took the story in the right direction. Before, I felt I'd dug a hole that I just couldn't dig myself out of. By starting the second half over from scratch I was able to get myself out of that hole. It works so much better now.

I'd heard other authors say that sometimes they had to start over to move on and I didn't truly understand it. It seemed to me that you could just fix what you didn't like. But they were right. Sometimes a quick fix here and there is all you need, but sometimes, you have to start over. I absolutely love chapter 9 now. Can't wait to dive into chapter 10.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

More Edits!

Some more edits came today for my soon to be released story and I have gotten them off. I'm so excited. Soon, my cover flat should come and I totally can't wait to see it. I'm totally loving this whole process. Also, today I turned in a new story to my editor so we'll see where that goes and I am up to chapter 5 on my WIP. I'm loving this story I'm currently writing. I personally think it's a great story and it's coming along like hotcakes. I'm having so much fun.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My Back Is Killing Me!

I have been working on that WIP I told you about and is my back killing me. I have gotten done the prologue and the first two chapters. This story is being very demanding that I work on it and work on it hard. But, I think it's going to turn into an excellent story. I really like where this is headed. However, I am headed for a long soak in the tub to ease my very stiff back muscles. Hopefully, tomorrow my muse will let me get away with just doing one chapter. She's a demanding mistress though so who knows.

Monday, November 02, 2009


Ok this is so cool! My buy page for my story is up on Red Rose's website. There is no release date yet, but my story and a blurb about it is up on the webpage. If you want to check it out, click on the link for Red Rose Publishing that I have up and then click on authors and search for my pen name, Kat Holmes. You'll get to read a brief blurb of my story. I am so excited.

There is still stuff to do on the book. The editing process is not complete yet and the cover art isn't finished, but I am totally excited. As soon as I have the cover art, I'll post it. Also, I have started a new story. I'm not going to go into into detail about it because I don't want to jinx it, but it's looking as though it will be a full length novel when I am done. My story about to be published is not, but I am so proud. It's my first ever story to be published and I am beyond grateful to Red Rose for giving me my start and to NJ Walters for her encouragement. This is so neat!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Goddess Of The Written Word!

Happy November all. I hope you had a great Halloween. It's time for this month's Goddess of the Written Word and it goes to Kerrelyn Sparks. Congratulations. I absolutely love her vampire series. Angus' story is my favorite. You just can't beat a Scottish vampire in a kilt.

There are currently 6 books in the series with the 7th to be released early next year. They begin with book 1 called How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire and it introduces us to many of the characters who will be the main hero or heroine of the subsequent stories.

Like I said, Angus' is my favorite and his story is book three. While each book can be read as a stand alone novel, it is best to read them in order to understand everything that is going on. I have all 6 in hardbound and am eagerly awaiting the seventh. If you'd like to learn more about her books, click on the link I have up to her website. Kerrelyn Sparks is November's Goddess Of The Written Word. Congratulations!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone. I hope you have a wonderful day dressing up, going to parties, and getting lots of candy to eat. And for all of us for whom this day is a serious holiday, I wish you all the best. May all the people who have died this year have a peaceful and loving journey to Summerland. And may all those who have lost someone they loved this year know peace and contentment.

So Happy Halloween to everyone, and Blessed Samhain to all of us Pagans. And rest in peace to all who have past on this year.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spoiler Explanation!

Ok, I have been reading some people's comments on season 2 of True Blood and some spoilers that have come out about season 3 dealing with the Eric and Sookie relationship. So, without revealing too much about what is going on, I'm going to explain a few things. These comments are making me crazy, and anyone else who has read the books too probably because we know what's going, even with the subtle and not so subtle plot changes in the television show.

First up, some people are upset about the possibility that Sookie won't end up with Bill and instead is headed towards Eric's direction. All I can say is, read the books. Bill is NOT the nice guy you think he is. He's up to way more than you know. Come season 6, which will deal with book 6, the true depths of what Bill has been up to will come to light. But, at the end of season 3, which will be dealing with book 3, you will have a good idea why Bill and Sookie will not work. Let's just say, after what Bill does, Sookie will owe her life to Eric.

Next, for those Sookie and Eric fans, people are really ticked that a spoiler has come out for season three where Eric gets romantically involved with a new Fangtasia dancer named Yvetta. People want to see him with Sookie. Ok people, Eric is a thousand year old vampire very used to controlling situations around him. His feelings for Sookie confuse him. He knows he has lust for her, but it's something more and that bothers him. She is immune to all vampire control as well, so this puts him outside his comfort zone.

Also, even though he wants Sookie, he doesn't begin to truly understand the depths of his feelings for her until the end of book 3, after Bill very nearly destroys her. And, because Eric was made vampire by a man, Eric's sexuality doesn't lean one way or the other. Expect some male/male action from him as well. The true meat of the Eric/Sookie love interest doesn't really happen until book 4, which will be season 4 of True Blood. Like all Eric fans, I am dying for that one.

But even after they get to the real meat of their relationship, remember Eric is extremely conflicted about his feelings for Sookie and will struggle with them for a long time afterwards. It will be many books, and obviously many seasons of the show, before he will accept his feelings. And, even when he does, Sookie's confliction will continue. And before you get upset about that, Sookie goes through a lot of torment and heartache thanks to the vampire community. No one, after going through so much, would ever accept a permanent relationship with ease.

All I can say is, if you really want to know what is going on, why Eric is the true fit for Sookie and not Bill, read the books. And yes, I say Eric is the true fit for Sookie because he's the only man who has never and will never lie or betray her. Even Sam, her boss who's deeply in love with her, betrays her at one point. Eric himself has told Sookie he may not tell her everything, but he won't lie to her. And if you read the books, you will see that Eric, unlike Bill, will defy his higher ups to protect her. Of course, as he is a master manipulator, he does this in ways that are sneaky, but is designed to protect the woman he wants for his own.

So please people, if you are upset about what you think are bad storylines, read the books. They really do explain, even with the plot changes in the television show, just what is going on. Alan Ball, the director of True Blood, may have changed a couple things around, but he is staying basically true to what Charlaine Harris wrote. He himself has said if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Total Excitement!

I am totally excited. My story, the one that is about to be published, has entered the editing stage. I know edits are the bane of every author's life, but I am looking forward to it. It's my first time and it means everything is going forward. I can hardly wait untilI get the cover art and see what they have done. I feel like a little girl, all giddy. I'm so looking forward to this.:-)

Monday, October 05, 2009


I was supposed to do this yesterday but I got really sick. However, I want to dedicate the month of October to NJ Walters! NJ Walters was my very first Goddess of the Written Word back in January, but she deserves way more than just one month.

Not only is NJ an amazing author who tells the most wonderful stories, she is also an amazing person. It is because of NJ's encouragement that I am about to be a published author myself. She had encouraged me to try submitting my own stories and it royally paid off. If she hadn't, I never would have attempted it. Up until then, my stories were really just for my own enjoyment. I never thought I was good enough to get published.

NJ Walters is a fantastic author of so many awesome series. Her Tapestry and her Dalakis Passion are numbered among my favorites along with her Amethyst books. But NJ has also become my hero and I count her among the top people I know. Thank you so much for all your encouragement, NJ. October is dedicated totally to you!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Emma Frost

In the X-Men Origins movie, the character of a young Emma Frost is played by Tahyna Tozzi as seen in this movie pic of her in diamond form. They are planning a fourth regular X-Men movie and there is a good chance that Emma Frost will be in it as an adult. I like the idea. The character of Emma has always intrigued me, even when she was evil. And now that she's good, even she is surprised by her own need for redemption. She questions her own motives even more so than her team mates. In my mind that makes her a very unique character, tortured in a different way than Wolverine but no less torn.

The question is, who should play Emma Frost as an adult? I've put up a pic of who I am voting for. Hudson Leick has stuck in my mind ever since she did Callisto in the Xena television show as an ideal fit for Emma Frost. Who do you think should play her? Who woul you like to see play her and why?

Also, there won't be a Goddess of the Written Word this month. I have a special tribute planned for an author who's a dear friend of mine and will put it up tomorrow. I want October to be dedicated to her and not overshadowed by another award. Check back tomorrow for the dedication I have set up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Exciting News!

I said earlier that as soon as I could, I'd announce some really great news that I have. I can now do that. Red Rose Publishing, a fantastic publisher of ebooks, has contracted a story from me. I am over the moon. This is my FIRST ever book to be published and I am on cloud nine. I don't have the publication date yet, but it has been contracted and is currently being prepared for publication. As soon as I have a release date I'll post it. And, as soon as I have the cover design, I'll put it up. I am so grateful to Red Rose Publishing for giving me this opportunity. I also have to say a huge thanks to NJ Walters who encouraged me to try submitting my stories and it totally paid off. So thanks so much.

Right now the working title of my story is Voice In The Night and I am writing as Kat Holmes. It's up on Red Rose's website on their coming soon pages. It's on the coming soon page 2 section if you'd like to see. Right now, all I'm going to tell you about the story is that an older, more experienced woman teaches a much younger man some new tricks. I'll have a brief blurb up soon and I'll post an excerpt close to its release. I am so excited and can't believe this is happening. This is just amazing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I just saw this movie for the first time and all I can say is WOW! It's totally amazing. Some people may be upset because the main villains, Stryker and Sabretooth, are not taken care of. But that's because this is Wolverine's backstory. This is what made him Wolverine before he joined the X-Men. This movie is a prequel to the X-Men films.

If you have seen the X-Men movies, you know what will eventually happen to Sabretooth and Stryker. This movie covers how it all will come to pass. Patrick Stewart is also in the movie as a younger Xavier who still has the use of his legs. But, make no mistake, he and Logan do NOT meet in this movie. Xavier's purpose is completely different from Logan's. In this movie we learn about Logan's past that has been long shrouded due to amnesia. We see Logan's mutant powers manifest and his true connection to a young man named Victor Creed.

Together, they fight side by side in many wars. Victor's experiences make him more feral and cruel. Logan just wants out. After a raid in Africa goes badly, Logan walks away only to be sucked into a program called Weapon X after Victor kills the woman he loves. Consumed by vengeance, Logan has no idea that everything going on around him is a carefully woven net contrived to bring him to heel. Only after he learns the truth does he take steps to shatter the unsanctioned program that has created him.

With the aid of a young acrobatic thief who successfully escaped the program, Logan tears the Weapon X base apart and in the process frees a bunch of young mutant children. One of those children, though neither one will meet, is a young Scott Summers. This movie concludes though with just what it was that Stryker did to him that cost Wolverine his memory. And Wolverine's origins are now set.

I have heard that they are going to do a fourth X-Men movie and that Gambit, who is in the Origins tale will not be in the movie. They say it's because it would affect the timeline they have set. They are quite correct. As much as we love Gambit, he wouldn't fit the timeline. He's a full-grown adult in this film when they free Scott Summers, the future Cyclops, and the other mutants. By the time Wolverine joins the X-Men, at least 20 years has passed and the teen Cyclops is now a full grown adult and engaged to Jean Grey, the doctor. Gambit would be a tad too old, especially for the much younger Rogue by the movie story lines.

I am hoping that in the next film, they bring Xavier, Jean and Cyclops back. Jean as any true fan knows has been resurrected more times than we can count. But Xavier and Cyke need to come back too. Also, I'd like to see them give Rogue all her abilities. In the comics, Rogue's power is the ability through physical contact to steal another person's life force, and in the case of mutants, their powers. It's the same in the movies. But in the comics, Rogue was once a willing member of the Brotherhood, a bad group of mutants. Rogue's thefts are usually temporary, but if she holds on too long those transfers can become permanent and she can even kill the person she is holding.

In the movies the Brotherhood was after Rogue to use her in an experiment that would kill her, but she was never a member. In the comics, while being a member, Rogue permanently drained a woman called Ms. Marvel and gained her super strength and her ability to fly, never to lose it. It would be so cool to see them give Rogue all her powers. But X-Men Origins: Wolverine was absolutely fantastic and I loved it. It's out now, released today. So go watch it. You will love it.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Red Rose Publishing Sale!

Red Rose Publishing is offering a sale, today only. 50% off their e-books to celebrate the birthday of Wendi. So, if you'd like to have some great ebooks to read and save money, head on over there. Just click on the link I have up for them. Soon I hope to be able to share with you the news I have concerning Red Rose, but for now go and get some great reading material. The sale is only for today, the 9th of September so don't wait.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Goddess Of The Written Word!

Happy September all. This month's Goddess of the Written Word goes to Gena Showalter. As a prolific writer of both adult paranormals and YA novels, it seemed only fitting. I love everything of hers that I have read.

My favorites of her stories are her Demon series and her Atlantis series. Her demon series is about a group of warriors who opened Pandora's Box and are now cursed to house the evils contained in the box, which are actually demons, within their own bodies. Each warrior houses a different demon. The first three books were about the demons of Wrath, Death, and Pain. Book four, The Darkest Whisper, has just been released and is about Sabin who houses the demon of doubt. It just arrived so I haven't read it yet but I am so looking forward to it.

Her Atlantis series is unique. It's about all the creatures the Gods created and didn't like so they buried them under the sea and forgot them. The only people who's lives the Gods still are interested in are humans so they have mandated that no one from Atlantis may interract with humans. But several gateways are open between the undersea realm and the human realm. These gateways are supposed to be guarded to prevent humans from entering Atlantis and from Atlanteans to leave, but mistakes happen. My favorite is The Nymph King about Valerian. It's a fantastic story.

So, this month's Goddess of the Written Word is rightfully Gena Showalter. Congratulations. If you'd like to check out any of Gena's books click on the link I have up for her blog. Also, I said I'd announce if I was up to doing the book of the week and I am afraid I will again have to pass on the update this coming Friday. I truly apologize but I am very slowly recovering from this concussion and ask you to please bear with me.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Really Sorry!

I am so sorry. I know I have only just begun the Book Of The Week feature and have missed several entries. I will have to skip tomorrow's as well and I can only apologize. The first time it was because my computer crashed and last week and this week it is because I am recovering from a really bad concussion. As most of you know I am epileptic. Well, I had a seizure two weeks ago and cracked my head into the wall. I am very slowly recovering and am just not able to sit at the computer all that long. I am not sure about next week's update but I promise, no matter what I won't skip the Goddess Of The Written word update. I'll let you know next Friday though if I will do the book of the week. I can only apologize for this and ask you to please bear with me. I WILL get back to them just as soon as I am physically able to.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Book Of The Week!

This week's book is my favorite of Lynsay Sands' Argeneau series, Bite Me If You Can. This is book six in the series and it's fantastic. It's about Lucian Argeneau, the patriarch of the entire Argeneau family. Lucian is the longest lived of all the immortals. The loss of his lifemate and daughters when Atlantis fell has left him bitter and cold. His long-time service as both a member of the ruling council and an enforcer have made him hard and without mercy. But his well-controlled world is about to be knocked out of its orbit.

On a routine mission to take out a nest of rogue vampires, Lucian finds his curiosity picqued for the first time in thousands of years when he witnesses the rogues' carrying in a young woman. Leigh turns out to be a newly turned vampire. Because she hasn't yet had a chance to cause any harm, Lucian and his two associates save her. But, loving the idea of Lucian out of his element, his family decides to abandon him so he'd have to train Leigh in her new status. This is made all the more difficult when he realizes that Leigh is his lifemate.

Leigh is a bar owner who escaped an abusive husband. But, to her dismay, a former co-worker turned vampire has decided he wants her for eternity. Rescued by rogue hunters, Leigh finds herself falling for the aloof yet devishly handsome Lucian Argeneau. But, past lessons and her own fear of making another mistake make Leigh cautious. Lucian has to not only overcome his own arrogance stemming from years of indifference, but he must also convince Leigh that he's worth taking a chance on.

Bite Me If You Can is hilarious. There is nothing more funny than a guy who is used to getting his own way, used to doing things a certain way, and used to solitude suddenly having his world turned upside down. Bite Me If You Can by Lynsay Sands is a fantastic book and is this week's book of the week.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I know I didn't do the book of the week on Friday and I completely apologize. My computer crashed and it took me all weekend to fix. However, as you can tell, I finally got the problem rectified and this Friday the book of the week will be back. I hope you all have a good week and try to stay cool. For the first time this summer we are in a heatwave. I'm eagerly waiting for winter.

Monday, August 03, 2009

I Don't Know What I'd Do Without Her!

My mom is probably going to kill me for putting up this picture of her, but believe it or not I am not trying to tease her. I just think it's an utterly adorable picture of her. I snapped this pic of her with our oldest kitty, Pudge crawled up on her back. I just think it's sweet.

Having said that, this blog entry is about my mom and is actually also for my mom. I love you Mom more than I can ever adequately express. You are more than a mother to me, you are my best friend, my confidant, and yes, I say it again, my hero. You are the strongest, most courageous person I know. I know, like me you are struggling with recent events and what they have brought back to us. But the fact that you not only survived what we went through, but came out such a giving and loving person is amazing. This world would be a very sorry place without you.

As you know, there are times when I feel like a weight around your ankles, dragging you down. Because of the seriousness of my seizures and several other health problems, much of the daily responsibilities have fallen to you even though your own health is far from perfect. It pains me when I see you limping like you were yesterday because your back, which was injured in that car accident back in 2001, is bothering you. I just want to break down and cry when I see you hurting. And it is made worse knowing that I can do nothing to help.

That's why I like it when I can do something really nice for you. I know you feel like you are getting the lion's share of our bonus money this year, but I want you to get a new computer. You deserve it. I know you feel guilty every time you ask me if you can use mine. I loved being able to get you all those things back after I got my workman's comp settlement. I so rarely get to do something really nice for you. I so rarely can afford it. But I would gladly give up everything I own just to make you smile. Well, except for the cats. I won't give them up.:-)

I love you, Mom. I would die for you. And I would take on the world for you. You will always come first with me. No one else is more important, and no one else's battles will ever come before yours as far as I am concerned. I let my own battles slide. I get tired of fighting them, but for you I would go to the wall. No one picks on my mom and gets away with it. That's just the way it is.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Goddess Of The Written Word!

Happy August everyone. I hope you are enjoying your summer. This month's Goddess of the Written Word is none other than Kresley Cole. I talked earlier about the book that got me hooked on her Immortals After Dark series, but I have since become a major fan of her books. I totally love all the books in the Immortals series.

The books are about many groups of immortals. They are on the cusp of what is called the Accension, a time when immortals war against each other and many die. It's nature's way of keeping a balance in the levels of immortals. For as long as anyone can remember, the Horde, a ruthless group of vampires has gone through the Accension with the least amount of casualities. But that may be changing.

Various groups of immortals, including a splinter group from the vampires called Forbearers, are aligning together. This unsual occurence is being brought about by unusual combos of couples falling for each other and deciding to ensure the survival of those they love.

Book one is an anthology called Playing Easy To Get and introduces us to immortal enemies Myst and Nickolai Wroth. Myst is a Valkyrie and is known as Myst the Coveted. She is the most beautiful of her warrior sisters and has been imprisoned in a Horde stronghold by a vampire known as Ivo the Cruel. Nickolai is a general in the Forbearers' army. When he and his fellow soldiers invade and take over the stronghold, he finds himself falling for a woman who could never accept him, a woman who hates all vampires.

Book two is called A Hunger Like No Other. Lachlain MacRieve is king of the Lykae who has endured 150 years of torture at the hands of the Horde. Scenting his mate above him, he takes drastic matters to escape only to become enraged at discovering his true mate is half vampire. Emmaline Troy is a sheltered half-vampire half-valkyrie who has never seen another vampire or even a Lykae. In Paris to discover the truth about her heritage, Emmaline is horrified to find herself kidnapped by an insane Lykae who hates her kind.

Book three is No Rest For The Wicked. Kaderin is a Valkyrie known as Kaderin the Coldhearted. Gifted by a benevolent source years ago to have no emotions, Kaderin is a stone cold killer of vamps. Her hatred, though not felt any longer, still runs deep. A vampire she had shown mercy repaid her kindness by killing her two blood sisters. The only pleasure in life she feels is the Talisman's Hie, an immortal scavenger hunt that can be very deadly. Sebastian Wroth is a vampire who wants to claim Kaderin, a woman who hates what he is. To win her over, he enters the Hie.

Book four is called Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night. Bowen MacRieve, the Lykae cousin to the King has entered the Hie to win the prize. It signifies his only chance of resurrecting his long dead mate, Mariah. He will be ruthless to win, but finds himself angry and disgusted when a fellow competitor, a witch, draws his interest. He is convinced she has cast a spell over him and seeks to punish her. Mariketa The Awaited is fated to become queen of the witches, if she can ever learn to master her haywire powers. But when a Lykae traps her and several others in a cave of cursed incubi, Mariketa who is not yet immortal might not live to fulfill her destiny.

Book five is my favorite one and is called Dark Needs At Night's Edge. If you'd like to know what it's about, scroll down to the entry I did about the whole story. Book six is called Dark Desires After Dusk. Cadeon Woede is a rage demon who through inaction lost his brother his crown. He finds himself falling for the only type of creature who is forbidden to his kind, a human. But the human turns out to be a Valkyrie and also something called the Vessel. The Vessel is a woman born just before an Accension and is fated to give birth to a child whom, depending on the father, will either be the ultimate soldier of good or of evil. To claim a weapon of great power to get his brother's throne back, Cade must betray the woman he loves to an evil sorceror. Holly Ashwin never knew she was a Valkyrie until the day a group of demons decided to kidnap her. But, though Cadeon seems to be on her side and teaches her to fight, she has a feeling that she might not be able to trust him.

Book seven is the newest installment and is called Kiss Of A Demon King. Rydstrom Woede lost his kingdom due to his brother's inactivity. Determined to win it back, he goes on a quest to accquire an ultimate weapon only to be kidnapped by the usurper of his crown's sister. Sabine is Queen of Illusions and she is determined to save her people by getting pregnant by Rydstrom. However, when he manages to escape he turns the tables and imprisons her. If she can't win Rydstrom's love, then Sabine will end up dead because her brother, the one who stole Rydstrom's throne, has insured that she will either serve him or die a painful death along with her sister Lanthe.

In October, a dualogy with Gena Showalter called Deep Kiss Of Winter will come out. Kresley's contribution will be about Murdoch Wroth, a vampire soldier in the Forbearers' army, and Daniela, a Valkyrie who cannot be touched by anyone but members of her own species. Any who touch her will feel freezing pain. Now, to claim the woman he loves, Murdoch and Daniela must search for a way to cure her icy skin. January of next year will mark the next full installment of the series and will be called Pleasure Of a Dark Prince. Garreth MacRieve, the brother of Lachlain the Lykae king will finally claim the Valkyrie who has stolen his heart. Lucia is a great archer cursed to feel excruitiating pain whenever she misses a target. I can't wait.

I truly love this series and I really hope Kresley gets to do Annika's story soon. Annika is the Valkryie who is currently head of the New Orleans coven. She became foster mother to Emmaline and is the only reason her fellow Valkyrie, who hate vamps, didn't kill Emma but instead learned to love her. I really hope her story gets told. Kresley Cole is August's Goddess of the Written Word. Congratulations!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Book Of The Week!

This week's book is my absolute favorite of Christine Feehan's Carpathian series. Dark Melody is a wonderful story and the one Carpathian story I love best. Each time I read it the story makes me cry.

Dayan is a member of the Dark Troubadors, a Carpathian musical group. Recently, the rest of the members of his group have found their lifemates. Dayan alone is without color and emotion. These only come back to Carpathian males when they meet their lifemates. Needing some time to himself, he goes on the road. But music is his one passion, the only sensation he has left as darkness creeps into his soul. Unable to resist, he enters a bar and heads up on stage to play his music.

Corrinne is a human with telekinetic abilities. Widowed when her husband was murdered, she is on the run from the killers who took out her husband. But time is running out for Corrinne from more than one direction. Pregnant and desperate to bring her child into the world, neither the murderers, nor her own failing heart may let her.

Dayan must call on all his own immense powers and the combined strength of all Carpathians to save his lifemate from killers, vampires, and her own failing health. Because for Dayan, now that he's found the woman who has brought feeling and color back into world, he won't let even death seperate them.

Dark Melody by Christine Feehan is this week's Book of the Week. I cannot express just how much I love this story. I love the entire Carpathian series, but Dark Melody is my abiding favorite. Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5th Member!

I have written before about how amazing the musical group Celtic Woman is. And truly, they are spectacular. But, I want to take a moment to talk about the 5th member and newest addition to the group. Her name is Hayley Westenra from New Zealand. And her voice will haunt you.

All the other singers each have their strengths that stand out from the rest of the group. Maev, who is leaving the group to pursue her solo career is an uber soprano. When she sings you don't need to wonder if it's Miramax or Maev. Chloe infuses her singing with a hopeful and playful innocence. Lisa sings with the experience of life and its trials. And Orla has a flowing silky quality to her voice.

But Hayley, the newest member of the group has a haunting voice. She literally reaches down and rips out your soul with the passion of her singing. If you don't believe me, listen to the Celtic Woman album A New Journey. Listen to the song Scarborough Fair. Hayley is the one who sings it and man her voice is hauntingly beautiful. You really do feel the pain of lost love.

Hayley Westenra, like all the girls had a successful solo career before joining Celtic Woman and has several albums out. She is a singer well worth listening to both as part of Celtic Woman and as a soloist.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Book Of The Week!

This week's featured book is an ebook called Woven Dreams by NJ Walters. This is book 3 in her Tapestry series and is my absolute favorite. I think it's because two of the three main characters are wounded souls who find a new chance at happiness and family.

In the world of Javara, women are scarce. Brothers have to compete for the right to marry a woman and the competition is fierce. The brother who wins the woman's hand not only gets the most nights with her, he gets to claim any children born no matter who fathers them. However, the other brother retains the right to be with the bride one night a week.

Jarmon Bakra was badly injured during a battle with the Craddock clan who sought to steal a Tapestry Bride from the Bakra family's allies, the Garen brothers. Scarred both inside and out, he fears neither he nor his handsome, unscarred twin will ever find a woman who would be willing to be with both of them.

Genny is on the run from her violent past. When the two Bakra brothers come across her on their land and refuse to let her leave unprotected, she claims that the mystical tapestry of Javara brought her to them in the hopes of eventually disappearing. All people know of the Tapestry fashioned by a sorceress to help bring women who can handle the rougher lifestyle of Javara to it.

Because they think Genny is a Tapestry Bride, Jarmon and Garrick begin a quick and sensual assualt on her senses. They think they have only three days to convince Genny to stay with them before the Tapestry reappears and offers her a chance to go home. But the the truth may be more than they can handle, especially Jarmon. Can Jarmon put aside his own tortured past and help save the woman he and his brother loves before she ends up dead at the hands of her violent family? And can Genny find the courage to trust the warriors who have every reason to hate her existence?

Woven Dreams is a beautiful story. I love it and re-read it often. Woven Dreams by NJ Walters is available now from Ellora's Cave. Though it is the third installmant of the series, it can be read as a stand-alone novel. I can not tell you enough how good this book is. NJ Walters is a master storyteller and her books are amazing. You will love Woven Dreams without a doubt.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Of The Week!

I truly love books. Reading is my all time favorite hobby. So, I am starting a new feature here on my blog called Book of the Week. Every Friday, I will feature a book I have read and totally loved. I am starting this segment with the book that got me hooked on Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series. Up first is Dark Needs At Night's Edge.

Now, I had been visiting Gena Showalter's blog for a couple years and she was always gushing about Kresley Cole and how good her books are. But, I never broke down and read them. Then, Dark Needs At Night's Edge came out and once again Gena was gushing. I finally said what the heck and got it from my library to try. I LOVED it. I totally worship this book. It's book five in the series even though the first story about Myst and Nikolai is a short story included in an anthology. I immediately had to get all the previous books and read them. I have since purchased every single book except for book 2 which I will be buying on the 1st of August.

Dark Needs At Night's Edge is a fantastic story and such an original concept even for the parameters of this series. Conrad Wroth is a fallen vampire claimed by madness. Unlike the Forbearers who abstain from drinking directly from people, Conrad not only has but he has also killed while doing it. He is considered by many to be irredeemable, but his three brothers who are generals' in the army of the Forbearers believe he can be saved. Risking being imprisoned for defying their leader, they kidnap Conrad and lock him up in a spooky old house to try and cure him of his blood lust.

Neomi is a ghost. A former burlesque dancer turned ballerina, Neomi was brutally murdered by her jilted fiance and is now trapped within the walls of what was once her beloved manor. Unable to be seen, she questions her own existence until the day a madman vampire is imprisoned by three other vampires in her home. He alone can hear and see her. But the question is can their forbidden love save Conrad's sanity and give Neomi new life before her spirit anchor is destroyed, thus destroying her?

Dark Needs At Night's Edge is my absolute favorite of this series. It was the first of the Immortals After Dark series I read and it holds quite a special place in my heart. Therefore, Dark Needs At Night's Edge by Kresley Cole is my very first Book of the Week! See you all next Friday for the next installment.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


We all need things to do to unwind or to cheer ourselves up after a particulary difficult day. Everyone has different ways of coping with stress or just relaxing after a hard day's work. I used to take long hot bubble baths. That was before I started getting grand mal seizures on a regular basis. Seizures and baths don't mix. I have no desire to drown in my bathtub. But, I have other ways of unwinding.

I love to read. A good book can take you away from reality for awhile and spirit you off to new places. Some of my favorite authors are NJ Walters, Lynsay Sands, Christine Feehan, Charlaine Harris, Alyssa Day and Kresley Cole, just to name a few. In fact, I am currently rereading Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series. And sometime this week, the next Alyssa Day novel, Atlantis Unmasked should arrive. I can't wait. Christine Feehan's current release Hidden Currents just arrived today and I am looking forward to it even though it's the final chapter in her Drake Sisters series. And NJ Walters has a new ebook release out today from Ellora's Cave called Amethyst Dreams that I am so eager to read.

I also play video games on my computer and my Playstation 2. I love mystery solving games and hidden object games the most. I also love diner and bar type games where you have to serve wacky customers as fast as you can. Those games are both challenging and extremely funny. I also like watching tv shows on DVD. I love True Blood as you know, but I'm a big fan of shows like Hogan's Heroes, F Troop, NCIS, CSI NY, Gilligan's Island and Burn Notice. I also like a lot of the shows that come out of England such as The Vicar Of Dibley, Midsomer Murders, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, and Inspector Lewis. Lot of really neat shows from England.

I like movies too, everything from kids movies to the adult action stuff. I'm a big fan of both Garfield films, I love all the Shrek's, both Ice Age movies and am looking forward to the third, all 3 Lord of the Rings, all the X-Men films, anything with Robin Williams, Iron Man, the secon Hulk film which totally outshined the first, Dante's Peak, Poseidon Adventure and other such movies. I love classic movies like Harvey, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, I'd Rather Be Rich, Tootsie, Some Like It Hot and A Night To Be Remembered. About the only type of movies and books I don't like and will neither watch nor read are horrors. There is enough horror in the real world that I don't find fake horror entertaining.

I've also recently discovered a great docudrama called Paranormal State about a group of paranormal investigators who attend Penn State. It's awesome and season three just finished. I can't wait for September when season 3 comes out on DVD. I don't watch much in the way of actual tv programming anymore because to be frank, I HATE so called reality tv. It's all a bunch of horse pucky as far as I am concerned. But I do watch Rachael Ray every morning. I love that show and she has gotten me hooked on cooking which I never used to enjoy. And I watch the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson every night. He's hilarious. I used to watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but since they brought in Conan O'Brien I have stopped watching. He can't compare to Jay. Sorry but he just doesn't measure up.

So that's what I do to relax, besides hug my kitties.:-) I can't forget the cat hugs. That's my most favorite thing to do. And right now, my youngest cat, Spatz, is currently trying to get into the catnip canister. I swear she's a little druggie. I love the little imp. So what do you guys do to unwind?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Goddess Of The Written Word!

As promised the Goddess of the Written Word segment is back and July goes to Alyssa Day! Alyssa Day writes the Warriors of Poseidon series and it rocks. Justice's story was just released last month and it was amazing. It was supposed to be released last year but Alyssa was in a car accident and didn't finish the book. But, to make up for the very long gap between books, three are being released one after the other. June was Justice's story that we have been waiting over a year for. This month, July will be Alexios' story. Alexios was tortured and scarred by the vampire Goddess Anubisa and opening his heart is not something he does with ease. And next month, August we will get Brennan's story. Brennan was cursed long ago by a God to not feel emotion.

Alyssa Day's Warriors of Poseidon series is spectacular and I highly encourage you to read them. If you wish to read them in order, book one which deals with the Atlantean Prince Conlan is called Atlantis Rising. Thus far Conlan's story, Bastien's story, Ven's story, and Justice's story have been released. Bastien's sister's story is part of the anthology Shifter and takes place after Ven's story and before Justice. Alexios story will be released this month and Brennan is next month.

Alyssa Day is July's Goddess of the Written Word and she totally deserves to be. Congratulations to her and I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday weekend. Have a wonderful Independence Day everyone.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I Don't Understand It!

I don't understand all the hoopla over the death of Michael Jackson. Ok, he was relatively young at age 50 and his death was sudden. But people are treating him like he was a god or something and his death was the equivalent of the death of Christ. Give me a break.

Ok, he was a very gifted musician. No one can take that away from him. Without a doubt, he was extremely talented. But, that does not make up for the fact that he was very perverted. Twice, he was charged with sexually molesting young boys. The first case, which probably would have put Jackson in prison, was settled out of court for millions because Michael did not want to risk a jury's verdict. The second case was marked with inconsistencies from the boy and his family so Michael was found not guilty.

But that doesn't mean he wasn't really guilty. Michael Jackson is a man who has said publicly that there is nothing wrong with sharing a bed with children. He said that it was loving and there was nothing wrong with that. Obviously, Jackson couldn't distinguish between healthy relations with children and sick relations. Michael has stated in the past that his father abused him and I do believe it. Too many of the Jackson children have acted out in crazy ways for it not to be believed. But, as is so often the case, it looks like the victim of abuse became the abuser.

I'm a victim of extreme abuse as well at the hands of my father. My father is currently in prison serving a sentence of 3 to 20 after having been caught in an internet sting trying to solicit sex with kids. His exact words that were used against him in court was that it was just good old fashioned family fun. It still turns my stomach. I have had nothing to do with my father since I was 9. I am 33 now and obviously my father hasn't changed. But just like Michael Jackson, my father doesn't believe there is anything wrong with having sex with children. I was only 5 years old the first time I was forced to do that kind of stuff with my father.

It is wrong. It is sick and it is disgusting. Having been a victim myself, it becomes easier to spot the kind of people who are abusers. Not always but it is easier. I suspected, even before the first headlines of his arrest for the first boy, that something was wrong. He surrounded himself too often with young boys. It just wasn't natural. And now people are acting like a hero has died.

All weekend long, the major networks have been running tributes to him and will continue to do so into this week. Bluewater Comics is planning to run a tribute comic book. And everyone is acting like they have been told that their best friend has died. Give me a break! Michael Jackson was a great musician. I totally give him credit for that. But he was also a very sick man who's erratic behavior has lead to trouble even before the stories of sexual molestation arose. Michael Jackson is no hero and it is time to stop treating him that way.