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Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Post Of 2012

Wow, it's the last day of 2012. I was going to do the Monday Madness posting but figured that I'll do that next week. This time should be used instead to say thank you to all my wonderful readers, and my dear friends.

I hope you have a great New Year's Eve full of joy and fun and that your 2013 is better than ever.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Thankful For

2012 is coming to an end. This has been a very rough year combined with 2 moves and loads of health issues. Also, we've seen some pretty terrible things this year. The devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the shootings in Connecticut and on Christmas Day we had tornadoes here in the Gulf Coast.

But I still have a lot of things to be grateful for and here now is a list of all the things that have made 2012 special.

1: My mom and best friend. I don't know what I'd do without her to laugh with. She's an angel on Earth.

2: N.J. Walters. This woman is amazing. She's an author but she's also a dear friend who always seems to know when I'm down and she does something to cheer me up. For Christmas she sent me THE most beautiful card ever and she made the card herself. It wasn't store-bought.

3: Kevin Hopson and Rose Oliveri. Both of these wonderful people have helped Mom and me through some really rough patches and I love them dearly for it.

4: Glenn Kleier. He is a constant source of friendship and support. When we moved into our new place he sent a couple of housewarming gifts that brought smiles to our faces.

5: Laura Stamps. I LOVE this woman. She helped mom and I when we desperately needed to feel safe. And she also sent us a housewarming gift. I am so grateful I joined Twitter just to have met this woman.

6: Mamabear & Spatz. My two adorable kitties. They are the ones I totally credit with bringing Mom and me out of a depression after having to move a second time.

7: Lea Schizas. She's my publisher but also a dear friend and we talk to her on the phone a lot. She's been there for me and for Mom through many of our more recent difficult times.

8: Litsa Kamateros: Our marketing director and the sweetest woman you could ever know. She too has been there for us and is a wonderful friend.

9: Gail Branan. This woman is wonderful and she helped in ways I can't express when we desperately needed it and thought we were alone.

10: Suzi Safi. I love this woman. She is the sweetest person ever. She's a dear friend whom I treasure and I wish I still lived close enough to visit. I miss you angel girl!

11: Charlotte Volnek. She is a dear friend who's kept my secrets even while she let me unload my troubles on her shoulder. Love you C.K.

12: Marion Sipe. I cherish this woman for making my mom smile. Best gift ever that I could receive.

13: Sara Durham. She has been a true friend for several years now and I am so grateful for her.

14: Nancy, Chris and Greta, my three editors. These ladies are wonderful and I adore each and every single one of them.

15: Emmy Ellis. I have known this woman for several years and she's a sweetheart and so much fun. Wish I lived in England.:-)

16: Tanja. She's been a dear friend and confidant to both my mother and me. I love you sweetie.

There are so many more, too many to count but I want you all to know just how much I cherish you. Happy New Year and may 2013 be an amazing year for us all.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2013 Is Coming

A new year is about to begin and with it new hopes and joys. So, I decided it was time to change the layout of my blog. What do you think? I kinda like it. It reminds me of a big pink candy cane.:-)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone from the Holmes family. L.J. Holmes, Kat Holmes, and our two kitties Mamabear & Spatz hope you have a wonderful holiday.

The Monday Madness and Tuesday Tunes features will return next week. Until then, enjoy being with family and friends. Happy Holidays.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Reflections Of Ice Now Available!

I am over the moon excited. Reflections Of Ice, book 2 in my Artica Lights series is now available from Muse It Publishing. I love this story. It means a lot to me and is a very personal tale. I hope you enjoy it.


Reflections of Ice

by Kat Holmes

The Artica Lights Series - Book Two

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Release: December 14, 2012

Editor: Nancy Bell

Line Editor: Greta Gunselman

Cover Designer: Suzannah Safi

Words: 24673

Pages: 95

ISBN: 978-1-77127-216-2

Price: $3.50

Back Cover:

Delia is a woman on the run from her past. Everything she knew, even her own name are no longer hers. But that past is catching up to her.

Elric is a man from a land forever locked in winter. But with the help of a mirror and mystical lights he glimpses his future.

But can he cross time and space before the woman of his dreams vanishes on a tidal wave of malice?



He didn’t get home to see them nearly as much as he’d like, but his job took up a lot of time even when Awni wasn’t in a bad mood. Though he didn’t get home often, he always made it a priority to write every week and let them know how he was doing. He’d also write his brother, Lorric, and his wife, Cena. One of the things he was most looking forward to with the upcoming Faire was the fact his parents, brother and sister-law, and niece and nephew would be visiting. He’d get to spend time with them, which was a rare treasure.

After he sealed the last letter with wax and marked it with his stamp, he sighed and rotated his neck until he heard the pop of muscles realigning. Sitting back, he gazed at the mirror. His mirror had been a gift from his parents to celebrate becoming an advisor in the queen’s court. The mirror itself was made of pewter and etched into the frame were several snow dragons with ruby eyes. He’d added a small chair and table beside the mirror so he could write and attend to business there.

His father must have saved a long while to pay for the mirror because it was very ornate and the craftsmanship very detailed and stunning. The only way Elric would ever replace the mirror would be if it were broken beyond repair. Just thinking about the day his parents gave it to him to celebrate his new career brought a tear to his eye.

Just as the thought crossed his mind the image in the mirror started to blur and liquefy. It swirled and swished until suddenly it came into focus. But what it showed shocked the living daylights out of him as heat raced to his cock. Staring back at him wasn’t his own reflection, but a woman, wet and stark naked.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Mom's birthday. I love you so much. You are my best friend. Happy Birthday a gazillion times over.

And this is so cool. My mom has a new book releasing today to celebrate her birthday. The Hidden Glade is releasing from Muse It Up Publishing. Follow the link to get your copy & help make Mom's day special.


Back Cover:

His eyes followed the sea-sprite. At first, he'd questioned his sanity. After all, it's not every day a man comes across a living mermaid. He'd first discovered her just before she'd arched her lovely spine like some graceful porpoise preparing to submerge. She was beautiful...not in the way of a movie star or a model...more in the way of a pagan princess. Her long hair touched the cleft just above the ripened swell of her bottom. His groin tightened, and he longed to wrap himself up in those silky, flowing tresses. Her breasts were full with large pinkish nipples standing at rigid attention when he first saw her...and were no doubt even more pointed now. Her legs were long, well defined and sleek. What he could see of her face had enchanted him; high cheekbones, an aristocratically chiseled nose, and full, pouting lips. He couldn't help wondering what color her eyes were, but he knew intuitively they would be deep enough for a man to drown in. Her tummy, he'd noticed, was not perfectly flat, but the softened swell did nothing to detract from the sensual beauty of her. Indeed, she was magnificent and so at one with her surroundings.

He watched her play, debating with himself about joining her. A cold swim might be just what he needed to relieve the painful rigidity pulsing against his suddenly too tight length of jeans.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Today's song is a golden oldie that I think is just beautiful. And its just as relevant today as it was when released. Please enjoy "Imagine" by John Lennon.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Madness!

It's that time again. Yep time for another great book. This week's great read is Vampire Interrupted by Lynsay Sands. This is book 9 in the Argeneau series and focuses on the matriarch of the family, Marguerite.

After finally being freed from 700 years of marriage to a cold and uncaring husband, Marguerite finally feels like she's living and embarks on her very first job ever...as a detective. Her first case comes to her from Christian Notte who's hired to find out who his mother is.

But his father Julius is not happy and comes to convince her to leave...at least until someone tries to cut off her head. Now Julius is determined to keep the woman who's definitely his lifemate safe at all costs and woo a very reluctant woman.

But the mystery surrounding Christian's birth won't be denied and before its all over Argeneau secrets buried beneath 500 years of secrets will come to light. Hopefully though they won't get Marguerite killed, or anyone else.

I LOVE this story. We finally learn why Jean Claude Argeneau has been so cruel to Marguerite all these years. And Julius is one hot alpha male. I waited YEARS for this book to be written.

To learn more about Lynsay Sands and all the books she has available, check out her website.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Welcome to Tuesday and this week's song. Carrie Underwood performed this song at the CMA's and it was so spectacular I knew it had to be this week's song. Enjoy Blown Away.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Trailer for Reflections Of Ice!

Reflections of Ice is book 2 in my Artica Lights series and is releasing from Muse It Up Publishing December 14th. Suzi Safi, the awesome woman who designed the cover made this fantastic trailer. What do you think?

Friday, November 30, 2012

2 For 2

Book 2 in my Artica Lights series will be released from Muse It Up Publishing December 14th. To celebrate, I'm holding a two day contest. The prize? Two books. Frozen, book 1 in the series along with the upcoming sequel Reflections Of Ice. To enter is simple. Just leave a comment here on my blog today or tomorrow. The more comments you leave, the more chances you'll have to win.

Frozen Blurb:

Brent Larkin came to Antarctica to study penguins. He didn’t come looking for either adventure or romance. But when a freak storm blows in and he loses his way, that’s exactly what he gets. Attacked by some bobbing lights, he suddenly finds himself in a wintry forest surrounded by men with swords pointed at him. The next thing he knows he’s in a dungeon and chained to the wall.

Awni is the queen of Artica, a land of eternal winter. The daughter of a god, Awni’s cursed to never know the touch of another. Her icy skin is death for anyone who dares to touch her flesh. But, when a mysterious stranger shows up in her lands, she finds herself drawn to him. Eager to learn about his world, she invites him to spend time with her only to be shocked when he touches her and doesn’t freeze to death.

But Artica is a land ruled by tradition. Though she longs to keep Brent with her, the laws of the land force her to send him home. But without him, both she and the land begin to suffer. Now, Awni is facing the same peril as one of her ancestors. And if she perishes like her ancestor did, all of Artica will pay the price. Can Brent, returned to his own world, somehow find his way back and save her before all is lost?

Reflections Of Ice Blurb:

Delia is a woman on the run from her past. Everything she knew, even her own name are no longer hers. But that past is catching up to her.

Elric is a man from a land forever locked in winter. But with the help of a mirror and mystical lights he glimpses his future.

But can he cross time and space before the woman of his dreams vanishes on a tidal wave of malice?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Welcome to a new feature I call Tuesday Tunes. Every Tuesday I'll post a great song here. This first song has one of THE most powerful videos I've ever seen. Enjoy 'Beautiful'.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Madness

Because of the Thanksgiving  holiday there was no book last week. I hope you all had a great Turkey Day. But this week the book is Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day. This is book 3 in her Warriors Of Atlantis series and I LOVE it.

Poseidon’s warriors swore an oath eleven thousand years ago to protect humanity from those who stalked the night. Now those powerful forces are uniting. So are two souls who are all that stand between justice and the eternal darkness…

A warrior prince…Lord Justice made the ultimate sacrifice for his brother and paid for it with an unimaginable torture. Now he’s back, rescued from death, his sanity shaken, and his mission inescapable—the search for the lost Star of Artemis. But the beautiful human female whom he has sworn to protect is shadowed by an evil that could destroy them both…

A woman of science…The archaeological artifacts of Atlantis speak to Dr. Keely McDermott, sharing visions of life long ago. The ancient revelations have cast her into a world between past and present, between reality and illusion—and, when she meets the fierce Atlantean warrior assigned to guard her, between terror and temptation. Now as their two worlds collide, so too will danger and desire…

A quest for a lost star…Atlantis is unleashed.

Justice is one uber super hot warrior with blue hair. I can't resist blue hair.:-) And he's intensely sexy. I totally fell in love with as he struggles to get ahold of his sanity and find a balance with the woman he loves. All the books in this series are sensational, but Atlantis Unleashed is my favorite.   Check out Alyssa Day's website to see everything she has available.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Madness

This week I'm talking about my all-time favorite series by N.J. Walters. Her Tapestry series is totally awesome. Every book is a great read. But the one that stands out the most for me, my absolute favorite is book three, Woven Dreams.

Javara is a world where women are scarce. To keep men from fighting wars they put in place a law that demanded two brothers compete sexually for the right to marry a woman. The other brother, the one she doesn't choose as husband still maintains the right to her bed one night a week. Or more if the woman so chooses.

Jarmon and Garrick Bakra are twins, the two youngest of the Bakra family. Their older brothers already have a woman, Jane. And after a fight with a family that steals whatever they want, Jarmon is severely maimed. He and his brother despair of ever having a woman of their own.

Genita Craddock is the only sister of the brutal Craddock family. She has six older brothers and has borne the brunt of their cruelty and abuse her entire life. But when her eldest brother threatens to give her in marriage to men even more vile than them, she flees.

When Jarmon and Garrick find her on Bakra land, she pretends to be a Tapestry bride. Tapestry brides are women from our world who are magically transported to Javara. The men have three days to convince the woman to stay in Javara. After that, the tapestry returns and the woman can to choose to leave.

But Genita is from Javara. And though she falls for Garrick, and the scarred Jarmon, she dares not tell them the truth. Her eldest brother Leon is Jarmon's mortal enemy. He was the one who maimed him and nearly killed him.

This book is DYNOMITE! I swear I fell in love with both Jarmon & Garrick. They are two amazing men. And Genita, or Genny as she prefers to be called is scarred as well. Her back bears the marks of her brothers' less than tender treatment. I cried throughout this story.

The whole series is fantastic, but Woven Dreams is my absolute favorite. And N.J. Walters is my all-time favorite author. To check out her books, including the Tapestry series, go to her website. See you all for next week's installment.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing…will it be vampires, bondage or wizardry? Probably not, as lightning seems to choose somewhere different and unpredictable to strike. Like a marriage, every author goes into writing to be wildly successful in creating love and inspiration for her readers, but reality often has something else in mind.

Hop onto this blog adventure through some new reads. For those who are not familiar with a blog hop – it’s like a treasure hunt–once you find something special on one blog you hop over to the next blog to add to that treasure. In this case, the treasure is new and exciting books. Some are still in progress, some just released. Either way, if you are a fiction lover, it’s full of potential treasure. I’d like to thank the very gifted Chrsitine London http://christinelondon.com for tagging me to join in this event.

On this particular hop each author answers ten questions about our work in progress/new release and why we chose to spend our lifeblood and time in cobbling an entire novel about these particular characters and situations. When all is said and done, questions and comments are always welcome. Who knows–maybe your thoughts will contribute to the Next Big Thing.

What is the working title of your book?

It just came out so it's more than the working title it's the published title, HIDDEN...it is Book One in my Brand NEW Heckate's Web Series and it's a vampire story...so I guess I'm hoping lightning isn't going to strike twice, but strike vampire stories anew with earth-shattering results. I like to think big...but with the Greek Goddess Hekate behind my version of the world's vampires how could I do less?

Where did the idea come from for this book?

I've been writing the Gods At Work series for about a year and a half now. I have six in that series so far, but they're pretty straight forward and basic romance. I wanted to write something gritty, darker. Hekate popped into my head along with her elaborate web, and before I knew it the whole story behind Hidden was playing out in my head. Before I knew it I had what I knew could be nothing less than the first book in a series...a series I cannot foresee an end in sight to any time soon.

What genré does this book fall under?

Dark paranormal? Urban fantasy? Historical? There's elements of all of them in my Vampire series.

What actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Lilith is red haired. Wasn't there a time when Nicole Kidman was red-haired? Her ex-husband played a vampire along the way...I can picture her playing one powerful vampire after her time with him. Can't you? A gracious one, but still...

As for Bejamin...Sean Bean maybe with a lot of make-up attitude? Think of Boromer from Lord of the Rings with elegant fangs!

What is a one sentence synopsis of your book?

Guy vamps think they're all that and so much more, until Lilith dusts the street ways with them and Hekate takes over.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

It's already released by Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I'm a chapter a day writer. This book has nine chapters and an epilogue so ten days.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genré?

My mom author L.J. Holmes, tells me there's a series where King Arthur and Guinevere are the head of vampires at their main base in Avalon, but Mom is a bit of a ditz and can't remember which series that is. She also thinks she's read a series that has the Vikings the root of all vamps. I'm not sure. Lilith is a bit of a brooder and the Water Demon charged with protecting her is not exactly a fan of vampires...so I'm not really sure. Lilith and Hekate both add a unique female twist to a species typically male dominated.

What other books inspired you to write this book?

My Gods At Work Series. I'd already given Aphrodite, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Apollo and Artemis their Happy Ever Afters among mortals. Each of them has elements I found powerful, but for the most part they're light hearted stories. I wanted to delve into a place that cannot be iced like a sweet confection. I will go back and write more of the GAW series, but this series and my Artica Lights Series are allowing me to create women with more complexity and more attitude than anything I'd written before. I'm really enjoying these women and these series immensely.

What else about your book might pique your reader's interest?
Hekate has a long term plan for the vampires, but they are not the only magical dark ones she has captured within her web...and every single one of them has a part in her overall scheme. What is her scheme? Well, time will tell.

Chapter One
August 16, 1981
Lilith Fischer yawned as the afternoon faded into evening. This surely was the most boring
day of her life. Attending a wedding at a Renaissance Fair should be more eventful, or at least
more entertaining, than what was unfolding at the moment. Listening to her brother, Paul, drone
on and on about the first time he met Ella was killing her.
By Hekate’s stars, I wish he’d hurry up. We haven’t even eaten yet!
She and Paul weren’t close. Far from it in fact. He’d been horrified when she abandoned the
Catholic Church at age sixteen to follow Hekate, the Greek Goddess of Magick. Ever since her
pronouncement, he’d done everything in his power to convince her to return to the Church and
save her soul from eternal damnation.
Lilith snorted. She’d never been devout, even when she’d still technically been a member. It
just never made sense to her. Then, one day while at the library she stumbled on some books
about Greek myths and the stories of Hekate, the Goddess with three faces. The information
resonated within her and she’d known without question it was the right path for her. Ever since,
Lilith followed Hekate ardently.
She didn’t doubt her invitation to this wedding would prove to be another attempt by her
brother to bring her back into the fold. She found it ironic he was so deeply religious, yet he
wasn’t marrying in the Church. Her brother could be such a hypocrite.
Ten years had flown by since she’d left the Church. Paul, recently discharged from his term
of duty in the Navy, decided to tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend. Both of them loved the
Renaissance Fair in Pennsylvania so they’d decided to have their wedding here. Lilith wished her
parents were still alive to see the event, but they’d died six years prior in a car accident.
Paul was the only family Lilith still possessed. There weren’t any other siblings and both
sets of grandparents died when she was a child. So, even knowing her presence was going to be
met with another religious lecture, she’d come. She did love Paul; they just got along better from
a distance.
Now Ella, on the other hand, was the sweetest person you’d ever want to meet. Lilith really
liked her and wondered what the woman saw in her brother. Okay, he was good-looking she’d
give him that. But Paul was also a very dour person; his negativity could destroy a good mood
with only one sentence. Every time she was around him the sheer force of his pessimism sucked
her dry like a discarded orange peel.
please will you finish up!
Lilith didn’t know how much more she could take. Her eyes were crossing and if he laughed
once more at his own stupid jokes she’d scream. Plus, she really needed to use the bathroom and
in the medieval gown she was wearing it would take time to do her business.
She nearly cried in relief when he finally ended his long-winded speech. She leaned over
and whispered to the bridal couple to let them know she’d be right back. Rising from her chair
Lilith walked as fast as dignity would allow. Once she was out of sight of the wedding party, she
ran the rest of the way to the bathroom.
Twenty minutes later, Lilith exited the restroom. She’d been right, it had taken awhile.
Relieved from the stress of a full bladder, she walked slowly back toward the reception area.
Night had fallen while she was in the restroom and she found herself wondering which way to
go. The Fair lanterns weren’t lit yet and before she knew it, she was all turned around.
“Damn it! What else can go wrong tonight?”
“Is something wrong, Miss?”
Lilith jumped out of her skin as she turned to face the man who’d just spoken. Standing
before her, wearing a black cloak was the most physically perfect man she’d ever seen. Wavy
brown hair fell in curls to his shoulders and her gaze traveled downward to appraise his lean
muscular body. It was so dark she couldn’t see his eyes. He stood at least a foot taller than her
own five-foot-five frame.
He smiled pleasantly, but she felt the prickle of danger dance over her. For reasons she
couldn’t fathom this beautiful man made her skin crawl. Looking around she noted they were at
the edge of a large group of trees and no one was anywhere near.
Pasting a fake smile on her face, she answered him. “No, thanks. Just on my way back to my
He smiled again and it chilled her to the bone. “Are you sure you’re not lost?”
Smiling brighter, she shook her head.
Please Hekate; I don’t know why, but this guy scares
me. Help me get away.
“Oh, I think you are and that’s just perfect.” He hissed with pleasure. “I can hear your heart.
It’s pounding fast and you smell so sweet.”
Lilith backed up. “I swear, if you don’t leave me alone I’ll scream.”
Suddenly, in less time than it takes to blink he zipped forward and grabbed her arms in a
vice grip she couldn’t shake. This close up she could see his eyes glowing red and then his fangs
dropped. Before she could scream he pushed her head back and sank his teeth into her jugular.
All Lilith could manage was a small gurgle as her life essence drained away.
Sweet Hekate! I don’t want to die. Someone help me!
Unable to make the plea out loud, despair settled in her heart. So this was how she’d die, the
victim of a creature no one thought existed. If her brother could see, he’d swear it was what she
got for being a pagan instead of a Catholic. She could only be grateful he wasn’t watching.
Dying was bad enough, but listening to him talk about divine retribution would have been more
than she could stand.
She felt her heart stuttering, desperately clamoring for life. But the blood needed to keep it
pumping now flowed inside the monster attacking her. Her body went limp as her eyes clouded.
She was only twenty-six; she wouldn’t be reaching twenty-seven. All the things she hadn’t done
raced through her thoughts. She’d never married, had kids, or even gotten to travel. She wanted
to go to Greece but now she never would. If she could, she’d cry.
The vampire ripped his fangs from her throat, shredding her neck. She was vaguely aware of
what was happening as the last of her blood flowed from the horrible gash and more dripped
from his elongated incisors. He lowered her to the ground, and dimly she heard him roar with
what she could only call satisfaction. Though it was a horrible, piercing sound, no one heard and
came to her aid. She felt her eyelids getting heavy.
“Oh no, I won’t let you go that easy,” he hissed wetly through his bloodied fangs. “You’re
mine. I have chosen and I will claim you. Montague won’t like it, but then what he doesn’t know
won’t hurt me.”
He laughed at his own little joke. Lilith groaned. He was as bad as her brother. Why didn’t
people realize if they were the only ones laughing at their jokes, they weren’t funny? She lay
dying and she was wasting the last moments pondering the non-existence of humor? How truly
With one hand, he gripped her jaw and forced her mouth open. Then he bit into his other
wrist releasing a fountain of blood. He placed his wrist over her mouth and let the viscous fluid
pool in her mouth. With her jaw held open, it was either swallow the sickly substance or choke.
So she drank from necessity, every fiber of her being revolting against the act as she did so.
When he finished the vampire finally released her mouth. Lethargy clung to Lilith’s body,
rendering her weaker than when he stole her blood. Gasping for breath, her throat closed and her
lungs seized.
“When you awaken tomorrow night, you will be my Beloved Vampire Bride for eternity!”
Those words were the last thing she heard as her heart stopped and death claimed her.
* * * *
She felt so cold. She didn’t understand it and she couldn’t seem to make her mind work.
Where was she? What happened? Why was she so damned cold? Slowly opening her eyes, fear
coursed through her.
Sweet Hekate, I’m buried alive! Panic gripped her. Then she remembered
and dread took over.
That man, that vampire, he killed me! But, why am I awake in my grave?
Oh shit! No, don’t tell me he turned me, made me a filthy parasite? Please Hekate, no!
closed her eyes, made herself stop and take stock of the situation. She noted she didn’t have a
heartbeat, her skin was cold and clammy, and she didn’t need to breathe. Yep, he’d definitely
made her one of the undead. She didn’t want to be undead.
Okay, think back to the old folklore
about vampires. You don’t have to be one forever. You have a couple of options open to you.
She could get herself staked, she could meet the sun, or she could be set on fire and burned
to a crisp. She could ask a priest to dump holy water on her. That was supposed to work, too.
And silver would work. Wait, no it wouldn’t. Silver would hurt like hell and immobilize her, but
according to the stories silver didn’t kill vampires. Neither would garlic or crosses, they’d only
repel and burn her a bit.
Also, she’d no longer have a reflection and would forever be frozen at the age she was when
he turned her, never to change in appearance.
Damn it, this sucks! In more ways than one!
Opening her eyes again, Lilith could no longer bear the close confines of her grave. She began to
claw at the dirt above her head. She kept clawing and clawing until at last she saw a glimmer of
light and pulled herself up through it. She was ravenously thirsty. She felt almost mindless with
hunger. Crying out in pain, she pulled herself free from the grave at last.
Lilith looked up at the owner of the voice. The man who’d done this to her was standing
next to the grave with a huge smile upon his face.
“I knew it would work with you. I just knew it!”
Her stomach cramped painfully at that moment and she shrieked in hunger and rage.
Looking down she noted he’d removed the gown she’d been wearing for the wedding and
replaced it with a nightgown of white satin that now appeared dirty and disheveled from her time
“You must be hungry, my pet. Look over there.”
She looked toward the back wall where he pointed. The room was obviously some kind of
torture chamber filled with hideous devices. What grabbed her attention were the two naked
women chained to the wall. Fear lined their faces as they gazed back at her. The sound of blood
pumping in their veins and their hearts pounding in horror resounded in Lilith’s mind like a
beautiful symphony. She was so hungry.
“After I brought you here last night, I went out hunting, as I knew you’d be starving when
you awoke. I found these two coming out of a local diner, and I must say I couldn’t resist their
lush curves. They are beautifully healthy and perfect for your first meal. Go ahead, take what
you need.”
Unable to resist the siren’s call of their blood, Lilith stumbled forward. Fangs, sharp and
pointy, erupted from her mouth. She didn’t know which one to dine on first, the old lady or the
young woman.
“Please,” the younger women begged. “I have two small children. Just let me go.”
“Yes,” the older woman chimed in. “Take me instead. Let my daughter go.”
Lilith knelt next to the women, both of whom cringed and tried to make themselves smaller.
The young woman smelled sweet, sweeter than the older one. She smiled at the girl, though it
was anything but pleasant. Both women screamed in terror as Lilith grabbed the young woman
and pushed her head back. As she was about to sink her fangs into the woman’s jugular, she
Quicker than a blink, she was on the man who’d made her, tearing into his throat with
vicious ferocity. He screamed and tried to throw her off, but she was latched on too tight. She
reveled in the taste of his blood as it soaked into her senses. Each drop filled her body with
strength and made the terrible cramps go away. She was invincible. She continued to gorge as
the women and her victim screamed.
While she drank her gaze skipped over to the wall opposite the women and saw sharp
swords adorning it. Pulling herself away, she zipped with the speed of a full-fledged vampire to
the wall, pulled down a sword, and turned to her creator. With one swing, she severed his head
from his body, turning him to ash.
“Well, it seems beheading is another way to kill a vampire.” She laughed.
Still hungry, she turned back to the women only to freeze in place. The room began to glow
and mist swirled about her. Suddenly standing before her, in all her glory, was Hekate, Goddess
of Magick. Hair black as midnight fell to the floor, her skin was as white as moonlight and her
black eyes gleamed with the light of stars. She wore a dress of billowing black mist and in her
hand she held a tiny bell-shaped lantern that glowed with a mystical purple light.
“I have heard your prayers, my child, and have answered.”
Her voice was soft and silky, like flowing water that conveyed both mystery and peace all at
once. All Lilith could do was stare and marvel that the goddess she’d long worshipped had come
to save her. Belatedly, she wondered vaguely if she should bow to the goddess.
Hekate shook her head. “No I am not here for what you think. I want you to live. You are
one of my creatures of the night and I have plans for you. But I am here to help you. It will take
time for you to learn what you need, but I will guide you all the way. Fear not, my precious
Lilith, all will be well.”
Lilith felt her heart sink at Hekate’s proclamation. She didn’t want to be a vampire, but she
didn’t dare argue with a goddess, even if she could find the words to speak. She watched as
Hekate turned to the two women, covered their naked bodies in clean clothes, and unbound their
“Hear me!” Hekate intoned. “You will remember nothing of the past twenty-four hours. You
took a wrong turn leaving the diner and got lost. You wound up far from home and stayed at a
motel so you could get some sleep. You were never prisoners of vampires. Vampires don’t
“Vampires don’t exist,” both women chanted. Hekate’s magic held them entranced.
With a wave of her hand, both women vanished. She turned back to Lilith. “Don’t worry, I
just sent them and their car to a neighboring town. No harm will come to them. But now, I have a
few things to say to you.”
She gazed into Lilith’s eyes and smiled. Lilith was enveloped by a deep calm and a sense
that all was right with the world. “Being a vampire isn’t all bad. You now possess great gifts,
incredible speed, night vision, and strength. You possess the ability to turn into any nocturnal
creature and to control the minds of humans.”
She caressed Lilith’s cheek. “And I have my own gift for you, but first I will mark you as
mine. Let the world beware if they mess with one under my protection.”
So decreeing, Hekate lifted Lilith’s gown until her upper thighs were exposed. She touched
the left thigh and fire coursed through the newly made vampire’s leg. Still frozen, she wanted to
cry out but couldn’t. When Hekate pulled her hand away, her leg bore the mark of the goddess, a
full moon between two crescent moons.
“And so, now it begins.”
Hekate laughed as the dungeon faded away.
* * * *
November 30, 2010
Snow fell lightly, blanketing the streets of downtown Boston as she walked in search of
something. She couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was she was looking for. All she
wanted after so many years of being sheltered, of being kept out of sight, was a night of freedom.
Her bodyguard, for the first time in years, had taken a night off to pursue some carnal pleasures
and left her to her own devices.
This suited her fine. Without Royce’s constant watchful eyes, she could at last have one
night to herself. It helped that Royce forgot to provide her with dinner before he left. She found it
odd the water demon was so forgetful. The woman he was with must truly be something special.
Usually he brought the women he had sex with to the house and did the deed in his room, but
tonight he’d wanted privacy.
Shrugging, she made her way further down the street. With the inhospitable weather not
many people were out and about even with the start of the holiday shopping season upon them.
This made finding dinner difficult. Usually Royce either brought her a meal or took her out
hunting with him. This was the first time she’d be hunting on her own and she relished the
Freedom. Such a simple word and something she hadn’t known in years. Kept locked away
in an old colonial manor outside of Boston, she didn’t get to see much of the world. They said it
was for her protection, and based on what she’d learned over the years, she figured they were
telling the truth. But she tired of always being safe and protected. She wanted to take chances, to
live again as much as it was possible for a vampire to live.
Lilith had seen many amazing changes in twenty-nine years. The advent of the personal
computer, the Internet, banking messes, and the election of the first ever black president just to
name a few. Television had evolved, and she honestly didn’t think for the better. The invention
of so-called reality programming was the worst invention in history.
With so many changes in such a short time, it made her marvel at the developments older
vampires must have seen. Hekate had been right. It wasn’t all bad being a vampire, but she still
wished she weren’t a parasite. She refrained from killing when she fed, but she still drained
people of their blood. Basically, her life depended on feeding off the innocent and it disgusted
Throw into the mix a water demon that hated vampires and her life was loads of fun. Royce
owed Hekate for something and she’d called in the debt by making him a protector to Lilith. The
chore was one he never failed to remind his ward that he loathed beyond measure. It only
reinforced how much she hated what she’d become.
Royce did have some sympathy for how she’d been made. He told her that and said it was
the only thing that made his job tolerable. It didn’t make living with him and his constant snipes
bearable however, but he was good at his job and very fierce. A few years back he’d taken her
out hunting when a pack of rabid werewolves attacked them. Before she could even be afraid
he’d dispatched them all.
Royce, being a water demon, was one of the deadliest creatures on the planet. His ability to
liquefy his body made him an impossible target to hit. Also, he could drain any living soul of its
life sustaining water. Apparently this worked on vampires, too. Not on turned vampires like her,
because they were undead, but it would on natural born vampires like the leaders of the two
vampire factions.
She also was forced to admit Royce was one hot hunk of a water demon. If he didn’t dislike
her just for existing she’d have been tempted to get him into bed. She wasn’t a prude. In fact,
she’d been and still was, very liberal in her views about sex. She wasn’t a virgin when that
bastard turned her. The sex she’d enjoyed had been with numerous and varied partners.
But Royce, based on his loathing for vampires, was off limits. It drove her nuts because
thanks to being in what she could only call the Vampire Protection Program, she hadn’t engaged
in the act for twenty-nine years. A dry spell that long would be enough to drive anyone insane.
Lilith turned a corner and headed toward an alley hoping she’d be able to find someone
soon. Her stomach was starting to cramp painfully and she needed to feed. Afterward, perhaps
she’d do some window-shopping. Boston was beautiful at night with the snowflakes gently
falling. She intended to enjoy this night out to the fullest no matter what.
As she neared the alley she became aware of the sounds of a struggle. Someone was getting
the daylights kicked out of him by a group of people. Three gang members by the sounds of
things were robbing some guy and beating him senseless. She could smell blood from the poor
sap and it made her fangs drop.
Well, I hate thugs and these guys are thugs. So, let’s play.
She walked to the edge of the alley and leaned against the wall out of range of the lamplight.
She didn’t want these creeps to see her fangs until it was too late. Opening her shirt to reveal her
breasts encased in black lace, she cleared her throat loudly, catching the attention of the men.
“Hey boys, is this a private party or can anyone play?”
“Oh baby, we’ll play with you any day!” The largest of the thugs cackled.
The men turned and kicked the guy on the ground once more before walking toward her,
cupping their dicks.
“Want some of this, Red?” the short bald guy asked her.
Lilith smiled and it wasn’t pleasant. “Oh I have way better than that in mind.”
Now that they were close enough she pulled back her lips and hissed, displaying her fangs.
The men cried out and tried to scramble backward, but it was too late. Quick as a blink she hit
the two smaller guys, sending them flying into the depth of the alley. Bone crunched as they hit
the back wall and slid to the ground, lifeless. Not wasting a moment she grabbed the big guy and
spun him around until his back faced the wall she’d been leaning on. She smelled urine as a dark
patch spread from his crotch down his leg.
“So, you like hurting those weaker than you, huh boy?”
He shook his head and whimpered. “N-n-n-n-no. I swear. Please don’t hurt me.”
Lilith held his gaze and the man stopped trembling as her will took control. “What is your
“Parker Cohen, but my buds call me Snake,” he replied in monotones.
“Well Parker Cohen, tell me the truth. Do you enjoy hurting people?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Why do you like to hurt people?”
“Because I can. I enjoy watching them beg and plead. I’m big and strong and they have to
do whatever I want because they’re not.”
“I see. However, I’m stronger than you even though I look weaker.”
“Yes you are,” he agreed, his voice still droning.
Lilith released him from her gaze and she immediately felt him trembling again. He liked
hurting people, yet he himself was a coward, couldn’t even attack a single guy without having a
group to help him. He sickened her.
“Had I felt even an ounce of remorse in you, I would have spared your life. But you are
about to end up as dead as your friends.”
“Please…No!” he shouted, his eyes wide with fear.
Without an ounce of mercy, she bent his head and punctured his jugular while he screamed.
Those screams quickly died as his essence flowed into her. Besides, he must have realized on
such a snowy night no one would be around to hear his cries and come to his rescue.
When Lilith had taken enough of his blood to satisfy her hunger, she gave in to another,
deeper hunger she hadn’t known she possessed. It was rage. The thug, though weaker than the
creep who’d stolen her life from her, still reminded her of him. He enjoyed inflicting fear and
pain. She pulled her fangs from his neck and gave an unholy yell before she raked her fangs
across his flesh. Blood gushed everywhere as she laughed like a maniac.
It took only seconds, but she watched as his heart stopped beating and he took his last
breath. She hadn’t killed anyone since the night she killed her maker, but this hour she’d
murdered three people, one quite viciously. In spite of the brutality, she didn’t feel like she’d
become evil.
There was no desire to go on a mad rampage killing anyone who got in her way. She didn’t
understand what happened tonight, but she still felt like herself and for that she was grateful. Her
biggest fear was turning into a complete and total monster like her creator. In spite of how
bloodthirsty she’d been tonight she didn’t think she’d crossed that line.
She heard a groan and remembered the man they’d been beating. She ran over to him. He
was in pretty bad shape. Picking him up like he weighed nothing, she carried him faster than
humans could detect back to her home where she could heal him. No, she definitely wasn’t a
crazy lunatic or she’d have either left him to die or finished him off herself. Feeling happier than
she’d felt in years, Lilith whistled as she carried her burden home.
My name is Kat Holmes and I want to thank Christine London for asking me to join the hop. My mother L.J. Holmes and I moved this past summer so we've been kind of out of things and are coming to this Hop after it's been making the rounds for quite a while, so we were both unable to find authors to join the hop who haven't hopped already, but my mom came up with the idea of maybe recommending some authors we've read, and that sounded like an excellent idea to me...so here are a few authors I KNOW are blazing new trails..and I wouldn't be surprised to learn they're the catalysts for the next lightning bolts.

If you have not found your way to N.J. Walters, are you in for a treat. This talented author has been thrilling readers for several years now. I found her through her Tapestry series...but recently she let me know starting in January she is kicking off a brand NEW series. I can hardly wait. If you like intense heat, N.J. will sizzle your eyebrows..and that's just for starters. You can learn more about N.J. Walters on her website.

Another author I have just started reading and am absolutely blown away by is Laura Stamps. I am constantly on the look out for authors that bring a unique...pardon...stamp...on fiction and this gifted author, Laura Stamps does that and so much more. Check out her blog for more information. I mean hey, this woman has won a Pultizer Prize, so you KNOW she's good!

Not all books are fiction that could turn out to be the BIG LIGHTNING BOLT...This next book is a collaboration between Litsa Kamateros, Muse It Up Publishing's Marketing Director and Lea Schizas, its publisher. These two women are making powerful inroads towards understanding Autism and helping families and the world at large deal with the confusion and challenges of this condition. They also take time from their extremely busy schedules to appear at Autism Expos to further aid the cause. I have no problem at all saying...Litsa Kamateros...along with Lea Schizas...definitely are lightning bolts for today and for the future.

Again I want to thank Christine London for inviting me to hop and all of you for hopping with me.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Monday Madness

First off I need to apologize for missing last week. I had a slew of friends in Sandy's path and was terribly worried about them. I still am and my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Now for this week's book. Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan is this week's tribute. This book saved my sanity and I am forever grateful to it.

Safe Harbor is the 5th book in the Drake Sisters series and is about Hannah Drake and Jonas Harper. Hannah is a world famous model, but she has a secret. She hates being on public display and never wanted the life she has led. She became a model solely to please her family who felt that she was so beautiful she should pursue a career in the field.

Painfully shy, she stutters in public. All she has ever wanted was to be a homebody raising a family. She has a show coming up in New York and starts asking everyone to go with her, even long time childhood friend Jonas Harper in spite of the fact that he's long been cruel to her. He disapproves of her life and calls her a Barbie Doll. But something is wrong and she reaches out for help.

Everyone turns her down, Jonas included. So she heads to the show on her own. And disaster is on her heels.

Jonas has loved Hannah for years but can't bear that she displays her body to the world, especially since he knows she hates it. He just doesn't know how to reach her without sniping at her. But when he is nearly killed while on an assignment for the government to take down a Russian mobster, he reaches out to her. But he can't bring himself to go with her to NY and watches instead the show on television.

He gets more agitated as the show goes on. He knows something is wrong, and before his eyes on national tv she's brutally stabbed and slashed. He and her sisters get on planes and head immediately for NY.

Jonas, a cop is determined to find out who is trying to kill Hannah and keep her safe. He is also forced to finally admit how much he needs her. But a storm is brewing and the truth behind the attack may destroy them both.

This book is sensational. And it arrived when I really needed it. It came the day my Mom was admitted to the hospital with a stomach blockage and I was afraid I'd lose her. Reading the book helped get my mind off the fear. For that reason alone I treasure this book. But beyond that, its just a really excellent story.

To get any of her books, check out Christine Feehan's website. And check back next week for the next book of the week.:-)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Madness

I promised everyone I'd be starting some new stuff and I meant it. Welcome to Monday Madness. Every Monday I will dedicate the day to a book I've read that I loved. Just one book, be it a singular title or part of a series that stands out as an excellent read. Now here's the first book:

Dark Needs At Night's Edge: This is book 5 in Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series and is my absolute favorite. Books 1 thru 4 introduced us to the world of the Lore and the many species who inhabit it. The Valkyrie, Witches, Vampires, Lykae, Sirens, Furies and Elves just to name a few. But with book 5 we meet a whole new member.

Conrad Wroth is a vampire who's gone insane. Turned against his will by his older brothers, his rage was beyond measure. Throw into the mix that he'd been a vampire hunter before the switch and he's got real issues. Determined to save his sanity, his brothers, once again against Conrad's will, kidnap him and lock him up in a spooky old house. They chain him up with magicked chains so he can't break free.

The house is spooky for a damn good reason. It's haunted by the spirit a woman who'd been murdered. Neomi Laress has her own problems. No one can see her yet she's stuck in limbo. The house that she'd once loved and lovingly restored is now her prison. She has immense power in her home, but she physically cannot leave the property. To make matters worse, once every month she is forced to go to her ballroom and physically experience her murder all over again.

But Conrad, due to being nuts is able to see her, hear her, and communicate with her. His brothers think he's just manifesting delusions as part of his madness and discount his claims. But Neomi is real and help from a powerful witch will be needed to save her. The question is, will the witch's spell bring her back wrong? Or will she take a place among the Lore as one of the most powerful and rare beings in their world?

I LOVE this book. Conrad is a total hottie and Neomi is an awesome and strong woman despite being a ghost. In life she'd been a burlesque dancer turned ballerina killed by a spurned lover. That strength of spirit, to overcome her poor past and rise to high society translates to her fight to become more than just a ghost.

And Conrad's struggle to overcome years of madness and years of anger and betrayal by his brothers make him one super hot sexy nutso vampire. If anyone threatens Neomi or his connection to her he goes beserk to the point that he becomes stronger than even the Rage Demons or Lykae when they fully embrace their dark sides. Only Neomi can bring him back from the edge of total madness.

I love the Immortals After Dark series, but Dark Needs At Night's Edge is my total favorite hands down. This book is awesome and Kresley Cole tells a fantastic story. For a full list of Kresley's books, go to her website. Trust me, these books are worth getting. I got my first copy from the library and have since bought them all...in hardbound.:-)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Coming Tomorrow

Her Last Day, my first co-authored novel with my Mother, L.J. Holmes is releasing tomorrow from Muse It Up Publishing. I am so excited. This story, a historical romance that takes place in Ancient Rome was a labor of love for both of us. Get your copy by clicking below.


Back Cover:

The date was August 24th 79 A.D. and it started like every other day in Pompeii. But the clock is ticking and disaster is about to strike. Daria, the wife of a selfish businessman, is about to find out that there are worse things than a loveless marriage. But through it all, is there any cause for hope?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stellar New Cover

I am so thrilled to unveil my new cover for book 2 in my Artica Lights series. Reflections Of Ice will be releasing from Muse It Up Publishing this December. The extremely talented Suzi Safi did the cover and I LOVE it!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

In To The Past!

Do you believe in past lives? That we have lived before and will again? I do. When I was a child, before I ever spoke English, my mother will tell you I spoke fluent German. My grandfather immigrated to the United States from Poland, but he was a social climber and refused to ever allow his native language or his culture to be spoken anywhere. So I didn't learn German from my family. Yet I spoke it and to this day I still say certain phrases in German rather than English.

I also have very vivid memories of the Nazi death camps and know I died in one. So I firmly believe in reincarnation. They also say if a certain period in history draws your interest to the point you have to know everything about it, you probably lived in that time.

For me, the historical points that hold my interest besides the Holocaust are many. I have always loved learning about the Scottish Clan wars, ancient Greece, the Gothic histories of Romania and Bulgaria, and the history and culture of Nepal.

My mother is drawn to the American Revolution, medieval Russia, the Mary Queen of Scots period of Scotland, & the Anasazi period of American history. She is also completely in love with the time period of Vesuvius's eruption in Pompeii.

It is because of her love for that time period that I decided we should write a story about Pompeii. Her Last Day, our first co-authored tale releasing in October from Muse It Up Publishing is the result. It follows a Roman noblewoman named Daria through the events of August 24th 79 AD.

Those are the times that matter to us historically. What time periods catch your eye?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fury Of Nature

They had no word for volcano back. To them, Vesuvius was just a beautiful backdrop to a land lush and fertile. But such fertile soil comes with a terrible price. Though looking at the mountain while it sleeps, you can understand why no one suspected the danger that boiled beneath the surface.

The day started like any other with people milling about the markets attending their business. It was just another hot summer day.

But come lunchtime that all changes as Vesuvius roars to life.

Now is the time to make decisions, to stay or flee. Many will choose to stay not recognizing the peril they are in.

Roofs weren't build to withstand more than rain. Pebbles build up and roofs collapse.

People flee to find refuge anywhere they can with stronger supports like this bathhouse. But it will only keep them safe for so long.

Those in the streets and heading for the bay don't even have as long as those who have sought shelter.

But for Daria and Acteon, all they can do is hold each other as the storm heads right for them.

Do you think the people of Pompeii knew they were going to die? I'd say based on their death casts they knew. And they didn't die quickly or without terrible suffering.

HER LAST DAY, co-written by mother L.J. Holmes and daughter Kat Holmes is coming in October from Muse It Up Publishing. The mountain is waking.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brand New Cover!

Her Last Day, my first novel co-written with my mother, L.J. Holmes, now has a beautiful cover. Check it out. What do you think? It's releasing in October from Muse It Up Publishing.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

History's Contest!

Mom and I are so excited. Our first ever collaboration will be released next month from Muse It Up. It's a historical romance and is called Her Last Day. The story takes place on that fateful day in 79 A.D. when Vesuvius blew its top.

So we are running a contest between now and October 5th. Just tell us when the last eruption of Vesuvius occured to be entered into the drawing. 2...count em 2!...winners will be picked and will receive Her Last Day absolutely free. Email me at mykitty130@yahoo.com and place Volcano in the subject line. Good luck.:-)