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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Under The Huntress Moon

This is a story that means a lot to me. The characters of Ryan and Charlie, a father & son who've suffered a terrible tragedy and can't find their way back to each other were a joy to write. And Artemis, the tough as nails Goddess who's really broken in her own way by years and years of her father's callous ways was so much fun. This is book 6 in my Gods At Work series and is available now from Muse It Up Publishing. Here's a brief look at the story.

Back Cover

Ryan Sadler’s world fell apart with the senseless death of his wife. Now a single father, he struggles to reconnect with his angry and defiant son. In a last ditch effort he takes them on a nature survival course deep in the wilds of North Carolina.
Artemis works among mortals, known only as Diana Fox. With her friend and partner she runs a nature and wilderness school. But when she meets Ryan and his son Charlie, business is the last thing on her mind.
Ryan just wants to rebuild his relationship with his son. Artemis just wants to run her business without entanglements. But when Charlie’s life is threatened, the huntress goddess will be forced to make tough choices that could make or break three lives.

Just follow the link to get your own copy and I hope you enjoy this story as much I did.