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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Great Books!

Currently I am reading a book called Cold Winter. It's a CSI NY novel based on the tv show. This book is awesome. I love all three CSI shows and the books are proving to be just as great. I'm having to do a lot of reading and basically sitting around due to some unforseen complications from my concussion. There are so many wonderful books out there. After I finish the book I'm currently reading I am going to start Goddess By Mistake by P.C. Cast. It will be about the 100th time I have re-read that book but it's my favorite.

Another book I highly suggest is both Heart of the Dragon and Jewel of Atlantis. Both books are by Gena Showalter and are part of her Atlantis series. These are great stories. And I just got the best news. Raymond E. Feist who does the Krondor series is finally releasing a new novel. It has been too long. I know of the new release because I subscribe to Realms of Fantasy magazine. If you love fantasy books and games I urge you to try this magazine. It's awesome. So what are you guys reading lately?

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Jill Monroe said...

Heart of the Dragon is my favorite Showalter books of all time!