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Saturday, May 20, 2006

New Authors And Agents

My mom is without a doubt one of the most talented writers I have ever read. And I don't say that because I am her daughter. I love to read and what she writes has always held me from start to finish. A few of us tried a couple years back to get her to try and write professionally. And she had even gotten an agent interested in her work. They had compiled many of her writings and were just about ready to submit them when disaster struck.

My mom's agent had a family tragedy. The agent's ex-wife and mother of his son had a serious bout of depression. She got into her car and drove herself on purpose into a tree. She died. My mom's agent kinda went crazy after that. He just disappeared and no one, not even his close friends have seen him since. This ended my mom's desire to try at that time to be published.

Now a few years later, people like me and some of our friends are again trying to get her to try again at having her work published. So my mom has somewhat caved. She has posted a short story up on her blog in the hopes of getting some feedback. So if everyone who checks out my blog could head on over to hers and see what they think, I'd appreciate it. Her blog address is http://lins-blog.blogspot.com/ and she actually does talk about what went on with her agent.

I personally don't think she should start out with an agent this time. I'm not saying never get an agent, but I think she should start on her own. She writes some of the best contemporary paranormal romance and modern fantasy stuff. I think she should try Luna Books or even Harlequin's new Nocturne series to start with. But that's just me.:-)

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