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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fantastic Read!

Alyssa Day has done it again. I just got done reading Atlantis Awakening and it's awesome. It's also filled with some major shockers. This is Ven's story, brother to the Prince and future king and provider of the King's vengeance.

Ven doesn't like witches. He has no use for them. So when his brother, the prince, orders him to forge an alliance with the local witch's coven he is less than pleased. At least, until he meets Erin. Erin is a witch out for vengeance against the vampire who killed her family and has no time for romance, or so she thinks. But Ven quickly has her dreaming of long nights in bed.

This book is so awesome. I don't wanna give away some of the best parts, but let's just say some MAJOR things happen in this book. My only problem with the story is that it leaves one character's future up in the air. There is a kind of a cliffhanger ending for one of the warriors. Well, it won't hurt to say it. The cliffhanger involves Justice. And my major problem is that his story, where we find out what happens to him, won't be out till May. Total torture!

But there are quite a few surprises involving Justice in this book. And Erin is a lot more powerful than even she realizes. You will love this story. Alyssa Day's Poseidon Warriors series just keeps getting better. And even though we don't get to find out Justice's fate until May of next year, we do get a brief taste of the Poseidon series in March of next year when Shifter comes out. Shifter is an anthology and Alyssa Day's contribution involves the leader of the werepanther pride from Bastien's story in Wild Thing and Bastien's sister.

However, it still burns my bridges that I have to wait a whole 6 months to find out what happens to Justice. I love a guy with long blue hair.:-) But in the meantime, Ven's story is just plain dynomite.

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