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Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Fantastic Read!

I just finished reading a book called Tapestry Dreams and it was awesome. Actually, it's a printed combination of two e-books by NJ Walters. It's the first two books in her Tapestry series published by Ellora's Cave. Both stories are awesome. I intend to purchase the third in this series next month. The third is only out in e-book format though.

The first story in Tapestry Dreams is called Christina's Tapestry. It introduces us to the world of Javara. Javara is an alternate Earth set in medeveil times. Women are scarce and men in a family have to compete for the right to marry a woman. But it's not a competition of arms, it's a competition of skill in the bedroom. Created by a sorceress to help the men of Javara is a magical tapestry that travels to our modern earth and brings back women. The first is Christina.

The men of the Garen clan, two brothers only, now compete against each other to keep Christina for their own. The laws of Javara say each man must have sex with Christina. Each man must lie with her seperately, and once together so Christina can decide whom she is most compatible with. For only one can become her husband. But the tapestry offers another choice. The men have 3 days to convince her to stay and then the tapestry will reappear and let her go back to her own world.

The second story in the Tapestry Dreams book is called The Bakra Bride. Once again, we have two men, members of the Bakra clan, competing for the right to keep Jane Smith. And once again, they have three days only to convince her to stay. But Jane will not be an easy sell by any means. Jane had been living the high life. She had a high-powered job and an understanding boyfriend. But all that changes when she witnesses a murder. Her boyfriend dumps her, her job goes bye-bye, and threats are made on her life.

Then the day comes when her life is finally getting back on track and she impulsively buys a tapestry at a local thrift store. And suddenly, her world is upside down again. Javara is a harsh world ruled by the sword. And, after having already witnessed one ruthless murder, she is not at all sure she wants to exist in a world where bloodshed is common.

NJ Walters has become an absolute new favorite of mine. Her stories are so vivid. I loved these stories. You can get both at once by buying the book Tapestry Dreams. But you can also purchase them individually as e-books by going to www.ellorascave.com/ and looking up NJ Walters or the individual titles of Christina's Tapestry and The Bakra Bride. I love this series and am eager to start her Dalakis series which is about a family of vampires. If you'd like to see everything she has done, click on my links section to go to her website.

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