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Friday, June 20, 2008

Funny & Sexy

This next book was both erotic and hilarious. It's called Who Wants To Date A Superhero by R.G. Alexander and is part of Ellora's Cave gemstone series. It falls under the month of amethyst. I loved this. It's a spoof of reality shows like The Bachelor.

Cassie is an ordinary girl living and working as an insurance clerk in Gaia City. But, while she's normal, superheroes and supervillians are common everyday things. And the hottest thing around is the television show called Who Wants To Date A Superhero where average women compete in crazy and dangerous tests for a chance to win an evening out with a superhero. Normally, Cassie has no interest in such activities, but this season's hero is one she's desperate to meet.

With the help of an amethyst anklet, Cassie heads to the show to win it. But, her true reasons for needing to meet superhunk of the season, Theta Wave, remain a mystery. And, if she wins, Cassie may lose the man she loves above all others.

This was fantastic. I laughed so hard while reading it. But it was also extremely erotic. It had me going that's for sure. Who Wants To Date A Superhero by R.G. Alexander is available now from Ellora's Cave if you'd like to read it. All I can say is YUM!

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