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Monday, May 10, 2010

Writing Heroes!

Every time I do an interview one of the questions I get asked is who are my favorite authors to read when I'm not writing. That list is huge. Longer than I have space to fill out on the interviews and longer than I have space here for.:-)

But, it got me thinking about writing heroes. We all have them. One or two particular authors whom we completely revere and find ourselves jumping up and down like a loon when they actually are willing to not only speak to us, but encourage what we do.

My mom's writing hero is Glenn Kleier and today she was floored when he actually emailed her to thank her for mentioning him in an interview she did on Roseanne Dowell's blog. The smile on her face has yet to vanish. She was so honored and speechless that her hero was thanking her for talking about him!

My writing hero is without a doubt N.J. Walters. I fell in love with her Tapestry series and emailed her to let her know it. She emailed me back thanking me for telling her I loved her writing. As if that wasn't enough, she's the one who encouraged me to try submitting my own writing. The woman is a Goddess in my opinion. I even dedicated my debut novel to her because it really is thanks to her I was published. I'd never have tried if not for N.J. Walters and her encouragement.

So the question in, who are your writing heroes? Whoever they are, never forget to thank them for what they have done. Writers are such giving people and are so willing to help others reach their dreams. N.J. Walters, I thank you for what you have done for me. And Glenn Kleier, I thank you for making my mom's day. I love writers!


Cheryl said...

Mine might seem a bit odd, but that's because of the genre I write. Laura Ingalls Wilder and Lucy Maud Montgomery are two of my heroes.

Wilder had a keen eye for description. The Long Winter, which is my favorite of all the Little House books, is especially filled with the descriptions of the cold, their hunger, and the struggles they endured during that hard winter in SD.

Montgomery's long, flowing, descriptive passages might not be as popular today as when she penned her Anne books, but I still enjoy picturing the many places in Avonlea she shared with readers.

In other genres, I admire the work of Stephen King, Karen White, and Michael and Jeff Shaara.


MuseItUp Publishing said...

I really don't have a hero but as a child read Agatha Christie books because I loved her characters and how she kept you glued to a book and tied in everything at the end.

Kat said...

Nothing odd about your picks Cheryl. We all have our favs.:-)

I like Agatha Christie too. My favorites are The Man In The Brown Suit and Dead Man's Folly.

Lin said...

Agatha Chrsite, the genuis of misdirection while putting everything right out there before you.

When I was a girl, I saved my allowance each week because once a month the next Nancy Drew would be released and we'd travel into Newtown, PA. on the appropriate Saturday.

While my mother got her hair scorched to within an inch of its frazzled life at her hair dresser's, I walked up to this tiny book store, climbed down the rubber treaded steps into the basement floor and made a beeline to my coveted Carolyn Keene section, grabbed my new yellow hard covered copy, paid my $1.25, zipped back to the bench outside my mother's hairdresser and got lost in Nancy's latest mystery.

Such memories are treasures and primed me for one day finding Glenn Kleier and his amazing THE LAST DAY.

I love authors...they bring us the world right ehre in our armchairs. =^..^=

N.J.Walters said...

Thank you so much, Kat. I'm glad if anything I said or did helped you along the way.

The first romance writer I really got hooked on was Jayne Ann Krentz. I love her books. Still buy them as soon as they come out! As a kid, it was The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon books.