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Kat's Blog

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Have A Show On Blog Talk Radio!

I've taken the plunge and created my own show called Kat's Writing Pen on Blog Talk Radio. It will be every Friday at 6 pm EST. My show debuts November 05, 2010 and my very first guest for the debut I am pleased to announce is none other than MuseItUp's own Goddess of cover art, Delilah K. Stephans.

I have plenty of openings left though for anyone who'd like to be a guest on the show. The show's only 30 minutes so you won't have to give up a lot of time and it's a fun way to promote yourself. If you are interested email me here and I will schedule you. I'd love to have you.

And you can click here to be taken directly to my show's page. I hope you'll all join me starting November 5th. I'm also running a 15 minute test show on the 1st of November to iron out any bugs. Feel free to join me for that too. It'd be great to actually test the phone lines and chat room with people.:-)


MuseItUp Publishing said...

Here's wishing you nothing but success in all of your endeavors.

Kat said...

Thanks. You are the best.:-)

MeiLin Miranda said...

Are you still looking for guests? I'd love to send you my erotic fantasy book "Lovers and Beloveds."