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Kat's Blog

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

People keep asking me, besides cats what are some of your favorite things. So...here are ten things besides kitties that are my favorite things...and in no particular order.

1: Chocolate. Can't get enough.

2: Plums. My favorite fruit.

3: Water scenes. I love the water.

4: Demeter, my all time favorite Greek goddess.

5: Diet Pepsi. I'm addicted I admit.

6: Tulips. My favorite flowers.

7: Blue...my favorite color

8: Lighthouses...heck I made a whole story about them.

9: Winter. My favorite season.

10: Apple Cider...love the stuff.

So that's a bit about things that I like. There are way more...I'm a Scooby fan big time and X-Men, but those and other items will be for the next list I do.:-)


Karen Cote said...

I Love this Kitty-Kat and I love your blog-site. I learned a little more about you too. Scooby Doo, huh? That is sooo cute and you are adorable.

Love you my friend. Thanks for sharing a little of yourself today.

Kat said...

Yep I love Scooby Doo:-) I have a special Scooby and Shaggy clock that mom bought for me.

~Jane~ said...

Hi Kat!

Fun post! I love the pics you chose for "Blue" and "Tulips"!


Kaye Manro said...

I love the sharing, Kat. I also like many of the things you do!

Kat said...

Thanks Jane. I had fun looking for pics.-)

Hey Kaye that's cool.:-)

Lin said...

She told the truth when she said this is JUST the beginning. Kat is a multi-faceted young woman I am honored to call "daughter."

N.J.Walters said...

Fun list, Kat. And great pictures!

Kat said...

Thanks N.J.:-)

I love you Mom.

Robin Weaver said...

Cool pics, Kat. And maybe it's like the pina colada song, but many of these are my favs too.

Robin (aka Genia Avers)

Tanja said...

Water. Blue. Winter. Tulips. Four of my very own favourites too. I love the knack you have of finding exactly the pictures that say "bingo!".

Kat said...

Thanks Rhobin.:-)

LOL Tanja I just picked what i liked most.

S.Durham said...

Lovely things Kat, and chocolate...yep that is the best!