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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Great Quickie

I just finished listening to a quickie story called Possession In Death by J.D. Robb. I bought the audiobook version and its FANTASTIC! I love her In Death series and this was a great addition, absolutely hilarious.

Possession In Death takes place between Indulgence In Death and Treachery In Death. In fact, at the end of Indulgence Eve and her hubby are about to have a barbeque to help out her friend Morris who is still reeling from the loss of his girl with whom he'd been getting serious. But with her murder Morris has been locked into himself so Eve throws a barbeque to help remind him he's not alone.

The actual barbeque takes place in Possession and we get to see the party. But afterwards, while driving one of her guests, Father Lopez home, an old woman stumbles onto the street bleeding from multiple stab wounds. Before she dies, she tells Eve to find her great grand-daughter who's trapped. She makes Eve promise to find her.

Then, while clutching Eve's hands she dies. Now all of a sudden Eve can speak Russian and Hungarian, she sees the old woman's murder as it happens, and she can see and talk to dead people.

Turns out Eve made a promise to a real life Romany Gypsy and until she finds out who killed the old woman and abducted her great grand-daughter, Eve's possessed. It's a race against time to catch an obsessed killer, hopefully before Eve's new abilities drive her insane.

This story had me roaring with laughter. It's just a short but is a great tale. The reaction of Eve's cat to the new and somewhat improved her had my side splitting. Also, when she reads a Russian saying to her partner, Delia's reaction is priceless. I got the audio version from Audible. It runs just over three hours and I am so glad I decided to buy it.

Possession In Death is available now. And you can find a complete list of all the full length novels at Nora Roberts website.

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