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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

A Month Of Heroes

It's February and the Olympics begin tomorrow. The Olympics are two weeks of athletic prowess and amazing stories of sacrifice and triumph over impossible odds. It's two weeks of athletic heroes.

So, I've decided to put up my list of heroes and why they are heroes to me. These people are the most important people to me. I hope you enjoy my list of heroes. May we all remember the important people who've impacted our lives.

1: Linda Holmes. This is my mother and she is the absolute number one hero in my world. Some of you know our history, many of you don't. My mom survived a very abusive man, my father and got me away from him at a time when child and spousal abuse was still considered acceptable. She had no help, her family even turned on her. But, though she was very young herself at the time, she undertook a very dangerous undercover mission with the ATF to get my father's power from him. She is a true hero and I love her more than I can ever express.

2: N.J. Walters. This woman's stories are what first drew me to her. I first read her work, a book called Christina's Tapestry when I was sick with a very bad flu and reading it took me away from how bad I felt. Since then I've gotten to know the woman as a friend and she amazes me. No matter what is going on in her life she always manages to find a way to laugh and smile through. And every time I am really down, she does something to surprise me and cheer me up. I can never sing this woman's praises enough.

3: Kevin Hopson. I have to include his wife as well. These two people suffered the worse disaster that anyone could go through, the loss of a child. Thank heavens their son Skyler, a little angel was born healthy and whole. Given what they've been through it amazes me that they feel Mom & I are heroes for surviving what my father did. But I know they are true heroes.

4: Lea Schizas. This is my publisher and she's the sweetest, most giving person I know. She went through a very rough ride a couple years ago when she was first starting up Muse. And right now she's dealing with her MIL who is very sick and failing fast. Yet, through it all she still manages to laugh and make all of us at Muse feel special.

5: Suzi Safi. This woman blows me away with her giving nature. She's the head of the CA department at Muse and is amazingly talented. But what gets me most is her dedication to animals. She is constantly rescuing stray cats and paying for their medical out of her own pocket. This woman and her husband are true heroes to one such as me who adores cats.

6: Leona Pence. This lady has become a true friend. She's a fellow author at Muse and like me knows what it's like to be severely disabled. Writing has become a way for both of us to express ourselves when we couldn't otherwise do so. She has also done me an amazing favor that I can never fully repay without my asking. I love you Leona. Thank you for being the special lady you are.


Lin said...

Darling Daughter...If I had not had you and your brother to call to me, I would never have gotten away from our monster. I would never have found the courage to go the route I needed to go to get us safe. SOOO Kat, never doubt that YOU are the real reason I got us away. I would place myself between you and every dark entity inside hell to protect you and get you to safety. That doesn't make ME a hero...it makes YOU the hero.

NJ...I adore this woman because she has the power to make the daughter I love so deeply, smile.

Kevin, Gunes, Aydin, Skyler and Paco...your grace in dealing with the most devastating pain any parent can experience leaves me in awe of the depths of who you are.

Lea...Words cannot begin to express what you have done for so many. Dreams take flight because you let us soar on the wings of your magic.

Suzi...everything Kat wrote multiply by a thousand. It's an honor to know, and love you.

Leona...with all you and your family trudges through, that you not only smile, but share the radiance of your smiles, gives Kat and Me more than we can begin to adequately express.

Love to all...and Kat...thank you for choosing me to share the magic of watching your soul spread your inner beauty. I love you from the very core of my forever.

Leona~Author said...

Kat, I am truly honored to be considered a hero by you. I admire you and your mother so much. You are the heroes in my eyes.

I'm glad I was able to help you.

Thank you both for being my friends.


Nancy M Bell said...

Lovely post Kat. We are all blessed to have angels and heroes in our lives.


Suzie Safi said...

Kat and Lin~ you are absolutely kind and generous to consider me and my hubby heroes. I am thrilled and grateful to you. And not to forget that you did help me with the expenses for Tiger, the stray kitten, I am giving him his medication for 10days now and found a home for him, as soon as he gets all his meds he will be heading for his new home. So I thank you for not only being such heroes in my eyes as well, but for being angels sent from God to help kittens and the ones who needs your help. Thank you for your generosity and thank you for being you. LOVE YOU!!!

N.J.Walters said...

I am honored to be considered one of your heroes. And glad I can make you smile. :)

meme Oliveri said...

Thanks for sharing so much personal things about your life. You are truly a survivor! Keep up the fantastic writing!

meme Oliveri said...