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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Bash!

Welcome back to the bash. This week my Mom and fellow author L.J. Holmes stops by to help heat up the party. Hi Mom. It is always a pleasure to have you. So what's up?

The Genesis of Ladybug Lin

Many of you know me as either multi published Muse It Up Publishing Author, L.J. Holmes, but in the past two years I have also spread my buggy feelers and became Book Reviewer Ladybug Lin.

There’s a reason why I chose to create the debut of my reviewing books around the versatile, and cute as a bug, thanks to the many talents of James Hartley morphing my L.J. face onto the Ladybug body I so often use on the review site that is now THE HOT SEAT REVIEWS site manned by me, still as Ladybug Lin, and my daughter Kitty Kat.

I have not hidden the dark reality of my violent marriage…and that has made so many of you ask me…”How can you write about such passionate, caring love?

And in answering that I will also be telling one and all about the Beginnings of Ladybug Lin.

Once upon a time, just like a fairy tale of old…I met a man online and we clicked. Our conversations seemed to reach into the dark spots left by my marriage and shine a light I never thought to experience on them.

Trust, after you’ve been involved in a bad marriage like mine, doesn’t come easy…I met my Blue Jay and even though we clicked, I was not going to be swept off my feet easily.

From the first time we met in a chat room, we spent hours, days, weeks, months, and more getting to know each other…It’s much easier putting aside all your fears when he’s half way across the country, and you do not have to turn off the computer, crawl into bed and rise above the fears from the past.

Maybe things would not have worked, had we lived closer and not had…years…yep years to talk about everything under the sun while that initial glow of finding the well inside your heart bloomed and finding a depth of mental connection…a connection that grew with each passing sentence and idea.

Three years…that’s how look it took before my Blue Jay could be in my part of the country when I’d reached the point of comfort in knowing he meant more to me than anything remotely casual.

I’ve written a book about that first night, that leads you all up to that first face to face meeting…it’s called THIS TIME FOREVER and is autobiographical, but the story ends before we climbed into the elevator and rose to the fourth floor and the room I found the other half of my soul.

This is not tell all…I’m not going to describe the power of the kiss, the electricity of touch…I will say until that night I hadn’t understood what being in love and even climaxing was all about. I never knew you could get so lost in something and never want to surface…until then.

Alas, the genesis of Ladybug Lin. When we finally did surface…mind you now, we were on the fourth floor of a Hilton Hotel.

When we opened our eyes, the room was awash with Ladybugs everywhere the eye could see…It was magical…I can’t describe it any other way.

Ladybugs from that moment on played a huge roll in our relationship.

Three weeks later, a ladybug pendant arrived at the school I was teaching at back then…

I’d like to say everything fell into place after that, but my first bout of cancer reared…Blue Jay suffered deeply. He couldn’t handle being half way across the country with me battling chemo and radiation and maybe die.

We broke up…I lived…Ladybugs happened often between us, but cancer would return, and Blue Jay changed job, taking him geographically further away.

My love for Blue Jay is ground in Forever, but the same forever I write about in THIS TIME FOREVER.

That book describes that first meeting up till the moment we both stepped onto the elevator and headed for the fourth floor of a Hilton Hotel and the genesis of Ladybug Lin.

Don’t be sad for us…I know in the very deepest place in my soul that Ladybug Lin and Blue Jay will have their THIS TIME FOREVER…it just wasn’t this life span…BUT I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and eyeballs it’ll finally be the next one.

I love you Blue Jay,
Always and Forever,
Ladybug Lin

THIS TIME FOREVER, by me, L.J. Holmes, a short love story is available via Muse It Up Publishing.

I want to thank Kat for having me visit her Summer Bash and share with you all why I collect Ladybugs to this day, and always will.


Cheryl said...

How lovely! You certainly deserve a happy ending, but as we all know, life doesn't always cooperate. That's why we're given hope, though!

Lin said...

That's true...Blue Jay and I couldn't find that happy ending this time, but having found him let me know what the REAL thing is.

Leona~Author said...

What an inspiring story, Lin. It makes a wonderful memory to overshadow those that aren't so good.

May you be blessed with an abundance of happiness in the years to come.

J Q Rose said...

I am so happy you and Blue Jay had that deep love for each other. I'm going to order that book right now. You have me wondering about your story. Now when I see those ladybugs fltting around my doorway, I'll think of you and your sweet Jay.

Lin said...

Thank you all for stopping by and sharing your beautiful words of caring and encouragement. Love you all...and Kat thanks for letting me stop by and tell my tale.

Lin said...

I'll let you in on another little secret. Blue Jay loved Hershey Kisses...that year I found cute Hershey Kisses Christmas Decorations. I bought us each one. I don't know if he still does it, but every year I bring out mine, and as I'm hanging mine, for just a second I can almost feel him reaching from behind me helping me place my Kiss. I'll get a picture of my Kiss and place it on Facebook.