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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Bash

Hello all again and welcome back to the bash. This week my guest is the very talented Alix Richards. Hi Alix and welcolme to the party.

1: How did you start writing? My grandmother overheard me telling a story to my siblings and cousins. She said I should write down the tales so they could be enjoyed by others. Eventually, that’s what I did.

2: What is the one thing you most enjoy about writing? Least enjoy? I have to admit I enjoy the whole process. The way the ideas forms and alters in my imagination and how characters make an appearance without my consent of knowledge beforehand, as if they are the creators of the literature I’m documenting. Does that make me their tool, or what? I least enjoy the end. Not so much ending the story, but rather tying up the loose ends. Making sure I haven’t overlooked or forgotten something. As most writer will tell you, forgetfulness goes hand-in-hand with creativity. At least those writers I know.

3: If you could go back in time and talk to anyone, who would you speak to? Why? There are too many to consider. Although, I wouldn’t mind checking into Shakespeare’s mind. Just out of curiosity.

4: When you write do you plot out the story or do you let your muse run wild? I am a pantser. I can’t plot to save my life. Seriously, if I want to kill an idea quick, all I have to do is plot and there it goes. I’m strange like that. I can have an idea for the beginning, middle and ending but when it’s all over if I’ve written the idea down it’ll change. If I leave it in my mind it’ll stay. Now is that crazy or what? On a normal writing day, I’ll just let the whole thing run rampant. Those ones don’t ever stop until I reach the end.

5: Tell us a bit about your book. Soul Nature was a bit of a surprise. It’s about two hybrids (Kat and Miguel) in Las Vegas for friends’ wedding and end up getting hitched and bound themselves. Completely unexpected. It’s one of my quick writes.

6: What inspired the story? My second daughter was watching a movie where this woman goes to Vegas for her bachelorette party and ends up married to a man who wasn’t her fiancĂ©. It just grew out from there. And very much fun!

7: Is this a series or a stand alone novel? It is a part of a series. I tend to create series, even without trying. J

8: What advice would you give an author just starting out? Don’t stop and be sure you have a tough skin. Because as sad as it is to admit, there are many other writers/authors who will see you as a threat to their readership and aren’t afraid to attack. Don’t lose hope and don’t give up. And always make sure you’re writing for yourself, what you want to read. Don’t lose yourself to gain an audience. J

9: How do you balance writing with the demands of everyday life? Lots and lots of Post-Its. Like seriously, I have sticky notes everywhere! I am so not even kidding. My stickies have stickies. It’s crazy. I swear they give birth overnight when I shut the lights off. I wonder if that’s why I can’t stop writing? Hmm, something to consider. J On a slightly more serious note, it’s not an easy thing. I have five children (three of whom are out on their own), so pretty much what I did was shift that unused time and energy to writing. Oh and I have a couple of awesome young daughters who try their best to keep me on my toes. Memory wise. And a husband who often mentions things. Like reminding me to eat. I tend to forget that.

10: How much research do you do for your writing? A lot. I’m always looking into and reading everything I can get my hands on when an idea tackles my imagination. Not all the time is it easy and sometimes take a LOT longer than I originally planned. But readers, these days, know a LOT about everything. You can’t fake your way through without knowing even just a tad bit about what you’re writing about. With paranormal and fantasy, I have to admit for the most part, I’m forgiven because it’s not a ‘reality,’ in essence, it’s make believe. However, for my peace of mind, I want what I’ve created to tickle their imagination with the possibility of it being REAL. J

11: If you met a genie, what 3 things would you wish for? Why? First, I’d want enough money to live well the rest of my life (not rich just enough I don’t have to worry about the bills and other necessities in life); Second,

12: What is the one thing about the writing world that most surprised you? There are more writers/authors who are afraid you’re going to take their readers from them. I thought that was something completely limited to high school, but found it’s not. I’ve been lucky enough to find even more of those who are willing to assist new writers/authors. J

13: What are you currently working on? I am working on multiple projects. A couple of which will release soon through MuseItUp, two new series; Gods’ Stones and Divine Immortals. For the most part, I’m a workaholic. I always have many different pieces going at the same time. Even a couple more series in the works. And yes, before anyone asks, there are more Twin Flames for that series. I’m kind of bouncing around at the moment. J

14: What do you like to do when you aren’t writing? Read, listen to music, make jewelry, veg out and watch movie marathons with the teens. Who doesn’t still enjoy a good horror marathon? lol

15: What is the one thing you’d like people to know about you? I’m a perfectionist and workaholic and I have OCD. Like seriously, I’ll hold onto a manuscript forEVER just because it isn’t perfect to me. I am working on that one. J As for the workaholic…yeah, doubt that’s going to change. It’s in my family’s blood. We work until we literally die. I’ve lost family members because they weren’t supposed to be working and were…but that’s another nasty tale better left for a book or two. J As for the OCD (or should I say CDO? LOL) it’s a lot better than it used to be. No, I’m not a control freak, I don’t have to be in control all the times. However, I found it gave my mind some peace during bad times. I no longer panic when things are out of order. I will however, grumble until someone puts it back the way I had it. Did you know, the positive thing about OCD is you always know when your things have been taken? Yep, that’s the positive side. J

5 Bonus Questions

16: What’s your favorite color? Red. I’ve always LOVED red.

17: What’s your favorite food? Pizza. You can eat at any time of the say and it’s still good.

18: Favorite TV show? Way too many to name. I enjoy watching The Walking Dead with the kids. It’s a family show. J

19: Favorite Movie? Again, way too many to name. The Star Wars movies, a share with my son. J

20: Favorite Song? I love them all!! Put Def Leppard or Nickelback on and I’m a happy camper. J

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Cheryl said...

Nice interview! It's true writers should develop tough skins because we certainly need them!