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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The summer bash is over but I've decided to continue the fun with author spotlights. The first spotlight is the very talented Heather Greenis. Hi Heather.:-)

1: How did you start writing?
My husband suggested I write. I have an active imagination and active dreams. I combine the two and the words flow.

2: What is the one thing you most enjoy about writing? Least enjoy?
it’s a creative release. An outlet for my wandering mind.
Least enjoy-like most artists, the marketing. Asking people to buy my product.  Gotta love word of mouth marketing.

3: If you could go back in time and talk to anyone, who would you speak to? Why?
Three good friends have passed away. I’d love to have a chat with them.  To hear them laugh again.

4: When you write do you plot out the story or do you let your muse run wild?
I begin with an idea but I allow my imagination to progress the plot.

5: Tell us a bit about your book.
The Natasha Saga is not a typical romance. Its a four part saga that deals with family, love, and values. 
Natasha’s Dream, Diary, Hope, and concludes with Legacy

6: What inspired the story?
I’m an active dreamer, just like my character Keeghan. I combine everything that has happened. I had a dream and couldn’t get the characters out of my mind. My mind began wandering, developing a life for the characters.

7: Is this a series or a stand alone novel?

8: What advice would you give an author just starting out?
Find a publisher. They will help you make your story shine. Don’t quit your day job the minute you sign a contract. It’s a long road without guarantees.

9: How do you balance writing with the demands of everyday life?
I really don’t think about it. I’m fortunate, my husband is amazing.

10: How much research do you do for your writing?
A fair bit.  When I want to include something, I do research to make sure it fits into the time period. How long has something been around. Not to say ooops don’t occur, but hopefully not to many.

11: If you met a genie, what 3 things would you wish for? Why?
World peace.
More compassion. 
Eliminate greed.
As for the why, I’d like to think these are obvious.

12: What is the one thing about the writing world that most surprised you?
The number of people that think self publishing is a good idea. The number of books on the market the need a good editor.

13: What are you currently working on?
I have two projects in the pipeline. One deals with a young women that must live with the consequences of making one bad decision.  Who hasn’t made at least one bad decision?
The second project is still bullet points. Too early to discuss.
I’m also working on a project that if published, will go under a pseudonym.

14: What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?
Oh my gosh.  I garden. That takes up a lot of time in the summer. We have over an acre of property.
During the offseason, we travel. It’s a big world and we haven’t scratched the surface.
During the winter, hubby and I both curl. I belong to a competitive team and also play socially.  I manage our junior curlers. I have three other coaches that assist. Last season we had 37 kids ranging in age from 5 -17.  It’s the future of the sport.

15: What is the one thing you’d like people to know about you?
I’m compassionate, and passionate. Don’t piss me off.  : )

5 Bonus Questions

16: What’s your favorite color?  I’m environmental so green.

17: What’s your favorite food?  chocolate

18: Favorite TV show? Depends on my mood
                                    Myth Busters
                                    Criminal Minds
19: Favorite Movie? - Must Love Dogs.

20: Favorite Song?  - too many to pick one
                        Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
                        I’m Already There - Lonestar
                        Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynrd

                        Sky fall - Adelle

It's been great having you Heather. If anyone else would like to be spotlighted, email me and I'll set you up.


Heather said...

Thanks so much for doing this, Kat.

Heather said...
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Cheryl said...

Nice interview!

And I think marketing is something every author detests!

Heather Brainerd said...

Lovely interview. I'm intrigued by your description of your work in progress.

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by Cheryl and Heather.
Marketing, I agree Cheryl.
Heather - Yes, my next novel. Hubby is reading it right now. If he likes it, well discuss it, I'll do some revisions and submit with my fingers crossed.
Someday I plan to tackle something light and comical.