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Thursday, October 05, 2006

X-Men The Last Stand is DYNOMITE!

I just saw this movie for the first time and it totally rocked. It's now out on DVD. Where do I begin? This is without a doubt the most awesome, action-packed, emotion-based film of all three. It's a total roller-coaster ride. From the very start to the very end, you are left guessing how things will go. Will the X-Men survive? Who will get the cure either by choice or by force? Will the Brotherhood survive? Who will be betrayed? And most serious of all, who will die?

I'll give you a few hints without revealing too much. Many of the mutants will be given the cure. Some will get it by choice. Others will be forced to have it. Mystique will be betrayed by someone she thought a friend and the betrayal will be the ultimate. Many, many mutants both good and bad will lose their lives. Some will die as the price of war, others will die as the price of rage and insanity. Some will be killed by strangers, others will die at the hand of those they love. The ultimate shock is what happens to Magneto in the end.

Storm really rocked with this movie. Her powers were so much more intense and strong. In this film, if you have never read the comics you come to understand just why she is called Storm. Her powers are awesome. And the Dark Phoenix is limitless power. Pure rage, pure power. She is the ultimate villian in every way. And she is nearly unstoppable. She quite literally almost completely destroyed everyone and everything. Charles Xavier is another surprise. You might be shocked at just how ruthless he can be with his telepathic powers. And that ruthlessness unleashes a deadly, disastrous course of events that he will come to regret.

Rogue is a prime candidate for acquiring the cure willingly. She does in fact leave the mansion to get it after witnessing a betrayal by her boyfriend Bobby and fellow student Kitty. She gets in the line of mutants at the cure center to receive the cure. Does she get it? Wolverine is thrust into a position he never wanted. Leadership of the X-Men. Due to the course of events, Wolverine must take over along with Storm the fight for mutant rights at the head of the team. And in the end, he may be the only one who can stop the Dark Phoenix.

Beast and Angel join the X-Men. They must each decide what they stand for. At the same time, Magneto builds up his army, and joining him is a power even he may not be able to control. On his side he has Mystique, Pyro, Callisto, Arclight, Quill, Juggernaut, and Dark Phoenix. Along with them is a huge army of mutants ready to fight. They go to Alcatraz for the final fight, and it is the fight to end all fights. For it is here that the full rage and power of the Dark Phoenix is unleashed and no one is safe. Not even the Brotherhood for whom she is a member.

I loved this movie. It is truly the best of all three films. I can only hope that 20th Century Fox decides to do more because each movie just keeps getting better and better. This movie is truly DYNOMITE!

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