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Kat's Blog

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Eyes Don't Have It!

It is the bane of every person's life. It is the beginning of the decline. It's a scourge of the human existence. What is it? Aging! I will be 31 in two months. No, it's not old, but I am not a kid anymore. And I can no longer see as clearly as I did when I was younger. Yes, the sad truth can no longer be hidden. I am going to the eye doctor tomorrow to demand.....GLASSES! Isn't it just frightening? And I did say demand, not ask. That's right people. My eyesight isn't perfect anymore. The first sign of aging, the eyes. I am gonna need a different prescription for each eye too.

I can no longer see distances clearly out of my right eye. It makes everything blurry and trying to watch tv from my sofa gives me a headache. And, while my left is way clearer than my right, I am starting to get blurring up close when I read. As tragic as it is, I can no longer deny the truth. I'm only in my early 30's but the aging process, or should I say the aging decline has already begun. Please don't cry for me. It's terrible I know but I promise to be strong and steadfast. Though I am about to enter a world of visionary aid, I vow not to let it control my life. WAHHHHHH!!!!!


aaron21 said...

I'm 21 and can't see for nothing. I remember back in high school one morning making it down the end of the street and wondering why everything was so blurry. That was when I realized I hadn't grabed my glasses lol.

Kathy said...

I needed glasses as a kid because I was near-sighted. I wore my glasses every day. Then one day, I forgot them. I felt naked all day.:-)