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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Black & Purple Not My Colors!

I have learned the hard way that I don't look good in black and purple. These are definately not flattering colors on me. I had to go for an MRI of the brain today. I suffer from seizures that doctors are having a hard time with so I needed to get this test done. I had one of those open MRI machines that are designed for people with claustrophobia.

Anyways, I laid down on the sliding table and the tech put this plastic cage on my head to hold it immobile. I couldn't move my head at all. Then I went into the tube. Now this machine made lots of noise. There was a bunch of loud clicks, buzzes and whirs. That alone should have tipped me off to impending trouble.

The tech had attached a mirror to the top of the head cage so I could see what was going on. As I watched, my lips turned black and purple and a line of this started seeping down my chin. I was bleeding underneath my skin. And then the seizure started. Yes, the sounds of the MRI triggered a seizure and bleeding. The tech decided since there was only 3 minutes left until the test was over to just continue rather than stop and make sure I was ok.

Now, a side effect of seizures is nausea. I was stuck on my back with a head cage that prevented my from turning my head and I felt like I was going to throw up. I was terrified if it happened while I couldn't move my head I'd end up choking to death on my own vomit. Thankfully, it held off till the tech got me out and I could run to the bathroom. This day has been very unpleasant to say the least and is not a day I want to repeat ever again.

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