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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Best So Far!

Bite Me If You Can by Lynsay Sands arrived and I read the book in 3 hours!. It was DYNOMITE! I totally loved it. I was laughing so hard throughout the book tears were falling. I have read the entire series and I have to say this installment is now my all-time favorite. It's that good.

I loved seeing the always in control to the point of being cruel Lucien dropped into total chaos. Falling in love with Leigh, who was the victim of an abusive marriage, leaves Lucien feeling unsure of himself both as a hunter of rogue vamps and as a man. After all, it's been several hundred centuries since he had sex last and he isn't even sure that part of his anatomy works anymore! And to make matters worse for Lucien, he has gotten stuck babysitting Marguerite's dog and every member of his family has to add their 2 cents' worth to his courtship of Leigh.

This book is well worth buying. I got it in hardcopy because I belong to a book club. I prefer hardcopies because they last longer than paperbacks. And this book is going to get read so much that it's a good thing it's not the paperback! Lynsay Sands rocks!


Lynsay said...

Thank you, Kathy!!

I think that's the best review I've had to date!! Glad you liked it.

Lynsay, off to peruse your blog before I hit the hay.

Kathy said...

Anytime Lynsay. I totally love your books!