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Saturday, April 21, 2007

News & New Stuff

Now this is just plain unfair. It doesn't come out until the very end of June, but Christine Feehan already has the full trailer up for Safe Harbor. This is the Seven Sisters book I have been waiting for so eagerly. It's Hannah and Jonas' story. Jonas has been so mean to Hannah in all the other books I hope he gets his much deserved kick in the pants. Now, I have decided not to view the full trailer till closer to the time the book is due out. But, since Circle Of Seven did the trailer, I know it's gonna rock.

If you'd like to view the trailer, click on my link for Christine Feehan's website. I also have a link to Circle Of Seven's website, but I doubt they have the trailer up yet. They usually put up the trailers closer to the release dates for the books. I also just finished the audiobook version of Christine Feehan's Dark Legend. It was phenomonal. I purchased it directly from Books In Motion. I have a link to them as well.

And in other news, I found a totally awesome book publishing group. It's called Ellora's Cave. They publish romance books, novellas and ebooks in nearly every genre you can imagine. But I won't be putting up a link to them because they are definately not the kinds of books anyone under the age of 18 should be reading. Not only do they deal in some hardcore genres such as bondage, menage a trois's and gay and lesbianism, their descriptions of sex are much more direct and to the point than most other books. They describe sex and certain body parts like it is even using the more blunt terms.

But they have so many cool genre's and neat stories too. Fantasy, sci-fi-futuristic, paranormal, vampire, shapreshifters and twisted fairy tales to name a few. Now it's really hard to find a really good fantasy romance nowadays. Even Luna books, which is Harlequin's fantasy romance series doesn't go as far as it could. But these do. I just read an Ellora's Cave publishing called Captive Stallion by Kate Hill. It ROCKED! It's part of a series this particular author does about centaurs. I'll be getting more of these books as time goes on.

So, if you don't mind really hot yet blunt sex, I highly suggest checking out Ellora's Cave. And believe it or not, but some of your favorite romance authors also write more extreme romances for this publishing group. Authors like Cheyenne McCray, Shiloh Walker and Tielle St. Clare just to name a few.

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