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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh Please!

Give me a break. Paris Hilton was found guilty of violating her probation for drunk driving and sentenced to 45 days in jail. She was found driving on a suspended license, not once, but twice while on probation. Now Miss Hilton is crying foul declaring the sentence is unfair and unjust. She has declared she intends to appeal.

As if that were not enough, she has a petition up on her myspace blog for people to sign to be sent to California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, asking him to stay her sentence. Now come on. One, it's only 45 days. It's not like she got the book thrown at her and is going away for even a year. It's just a few days over one month. Two, she's the one who chose to get behind the wheel of a car after she had been drinking which caused her to be on probation in the first place. And three, she chose to drive on a suspended license while on probation.

Now, Ms. Hilton has claimed that she didn't know her license was suspended. And, indeed, her manager, whom she fired after the jail sentence was handed down, has admitted he failed to inform Ms. Hilton about the status of her license. But I say that's a bunch of bunk. The judge would have told Ms. Hilton on the day he granted her probation what the terms of her probation were. Also, why on Earth would anyone else need to tell Ms. Hilton about the status of her own driving rights? Is she truly so STUPID that she can't manage one thing in her life outside bars and parties on her own?

Personally, I think Ms. Paris Hilton is getting off light. She endangered not only her own life, but that of everyone else of the road the night she chose to drive drunk. And she then showed her total lack of respect by then driving on a suspended license during the time of her probation. Ms. Hilton thinks her money makes her above the rest of us and yes, even above the law. It does not. Maybe now she will think twice before driving drunk or driving on a suspended license. One can only hope. Oh, and one last piece of advice Ms. Hilton...STOP blaming your actions and your poor choices on other people. Grow up and accept responsibility for what you do.

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