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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First Read Of 2008!

Happy New Year everyone! I ushered in the new year by reading The Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands. It arrived yesterday and I read it this morning. The Accidental Vampire is the first of three Argeneau novels being released back to back. It was FANTASTIC! Lynsay Sands once again spins a wonderful, funny story that will leave you cracking up.

Elvi is no spring chicken when she's turned. In fact, she and her other elderly friend Mabel are on vacation in Mexico when a car crash happens. Suddenly, Elvi wakes up as a sexy, 2o year old appearing woman. But, she has no one to teach her how to survive, so her friend Mabel and their whole town come together to help her out. Unfortunately, their methods draw down the wrath of the vampire council upon Elvi's head.

Victor, an enforcer for the council, is sent to bring Elvi before the council and face judgement for breaking their laws. Complicating his job is a whole town of people determined to protect Elvi at all costs and the fact that she turns out to be his lifemate. Now, Victor must contend with having to train Elvi in the ways of immortals, find out who is trying to kill Elvi, and come up with a satisfactory solution for the council that doesn't end up with Elvi being executed.

This story is fabulous. I loved it and am so looking forward to the next two. Vampire's Are Forever will be released at the end of January, and the one I have been waiting years for, Marguerite's story will be released at the end of February. It's titled Vampire Interrupted. But, The Accidental Vampire is a great story to ring in the new year. I loved it.

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