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Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Back & A Review!

It took about two weeks but I finally feel human again and have a voice again. Colds are such a pain. But, on the plus side I have been getting a lot of reading done and will have many books to gush about. But I want to start by reviewing an arc I received and read over the weekend.

First off. What's an arc? An arc is an advanced reviewers copy of a book that isn't out yet. I won mine in a contest from the author, Jeri Smith-Ready. It's an advanced copy of the first book in her new vampire series and is called Wicked Game. I should also point out, my copy is not the final product. It's the uncorrected proofs, which means a lot of typos.

Wicked Game's heroine is awesome. Ciara is a very tough female. She's also a con artist. Forced to work at a radio station after a con gone bad, she's shocked to discover that not only are the DJ's vampires, but they are stuck in the era in which they were turned. The radio station is under threat of shutdown do to low listener numbers, so Ciara revamps the station as a vampire station. The idea is to hide in plain site while listeners think it's just a great advertising ploy. But not everyone is happy with the idea of being in the limelight. It's going to take the ultimate con just to stay alive.

I really related to one of Ciara's struggles in this book. But don't ask me to describe it. You'll need to read the book yourself.:-). I totally loved this book even with all the errors that mark an uncorrected proof.:-) I know Jeri Smith-Ready plans to do more and this is definately the start of a really cool series with a unique twist on the vampire genre.

Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready is not out yet. But it is available for pre-order from Amazon.com already. The official release date for Wicked Game is May 13, 2008. But, if you click on my link for Jeri Smith-Ready, there is still time to enter her last contest to receive an arc of your own. But you better be quick. She's currently running the LAST contest for an arc of Wicked Game and it ends this week.

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