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Kat's Blog

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day everyone. That's right, it's Wednesday, the middle of the week. I want to take this time to discuss heroes. Who are heroes? Police? Medical providers? Firefighters? Yes they are. They willingly put their own lives at risk to help us every day. But, in the end, my true hero is my mom. She is the bravest, most wonderful person on the planet.

My mom deals daily with my seizures. They fill her with concern every time I have one. I have almost died from them in the past. But, unlike other people, even my own brother, she doesn't treat me like a freak or someone to be afraid of. My brother panics and strangers treat me like I have the plague. But not my mom. That makes her a true hero in my book. She's also my best friend in the whole world.

Who are your heroes? Why are they your heroes? And, if you thought you never did anything heroic than I have to ask; have you ever smiled at a stranger? That alone, though you might not have realized it, may have perked up that person's day. Even small things can make an ordinary person a hero. Have a great day all.

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