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Friday, August 08, 2008


I have found some new providers of great ebooks. I have spent the beginning of August doing nothing but reading ebooks and I have found some awesome multi-author series being put out. I've known about Ellora's Cave and Samhain for awhile. Both distribute some great ebooks. But, I just discovered two new ebook publishers, Changeling Press and Cobblestone Press. I love their ebooks.

From Changeling Press I have gotten hooked on three different multi-author series. What that means is many different authors contribute single title stories to an ongoing series. The single titles all have something in common with a baseline theme. The first of the three series by Changeling I fell in love with is the series called Agency Of Extraordinary Mates.

That series is about an agency that helps paranormals get together with their one true mate. They have a private paradise island for so called chance encounters, matchmakers who come to you, and many other services. They hook up everyone from vampires, aliens, shifters, elves, and humans to many others.

The second series is similar to the first. It's called Paranormal Mates Society. But while the first involves a kind of secret society pulling all the strings, the second is an online dating service that specializes in helping paranormals meet other paranormals. Again, this series is a multi-author series.

The last series by Changeling that I have fallen in love with is called Big Blooming & Wild. The premise is an alien race that came to earth after their own planet went boom. The aliens are all shifters who are trees. But when they reach a certain age, they shift into humans and can then shift back and forth between tree and human. It's an awesome collection of stories.

The series I fell in love with from Cobblestone Press is called Vampire Oracle. The premise is at least one person in the story is a vampire. Someone else in the story receives in the mail from an anonymous source a kind of tarot card with one word written on it. That card and the word written on it determines the course and challenges that will face the couple. It's an awesome ongoing series. I intend eventually to have em all.

I held out a long time against ebooks. I liked the idea of holding a book in my hands. But, I decided a while back to try one just for the heck of it and I loved the story. I realized how many great stories were out there that I was denying myself by not getting ebooks. Now, I love ebooks just as much as I love regular books. Don't believe me? For August, I bought 11 ebooks. And I've enjoyed them all. I have put up links to all the ebook publishers that I have been buying from. Check em out if you want to find some really great stories.

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