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Kat's Blog

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

End Of Summer Bash!

This weekend marks the final bash of summer. Monday is officially Labor Day. After that, the pools close for the rest of the year, kids go back to school, and the weather starts to get cooler. I'm so looking forward to fall. I love the way things look as the trees start sporting a beautiful array of different colors. Plus, with the temps cooling down a bit, everything just seems crisp and bright to me.

And pretty soon it will be my favorite time of the year, winter. I like the colder weather, always have. I just find the colder temps more invigorating. Plus, in winter the bugs go into hibernation which is great for me as I'm a total bugaphobe. I keep the RAID very handy during spring and summer.

But, I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Enjoy summer's final bash. Have a good one everybody.

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