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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fright Month 7!

Next up for Fright Month is Lust by Jade James. Lust is part of the Vampire Oracle series by Cobblestone Press. The premise is ordinary people who receive in the mail a kind of tarot card with one word written on it. The card's arrival and the word written determine the path that is about to open up.

Shauna receives one of the Oracle cards. Written on her card is the word lust. This opens up a floodgate of out of control passion for her. Brothers Julian and Wrath are vampires who work as police detectives. They have both desired Shauna for years, first when she was a cop and now that she's a private investigator. Feeling that she was too young, they have waited to stake their claim on her.

Now, with the card's approval, they go after her with a vengeance. But Wrath and Julian aren't the only ones after Shauna. Someone else, a madman with murder on his mind is also in hot pursuit and it will take all of Julian and Wrath's abilities to keep the woman they love alive.

Lust by Jade James is fantastic. I love the Vampire Oracle series. If you'd like to check out Lust or any of the other stories in this series, click on the link I have up for Cobblestone Press. Until Friday, Happy Haunting.


Jade James said...

Thank you Kat for the geat review.

Jade James

Kathy said...

Hey anytime. I loved your story and re-read it all the time.