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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Guest Fright!

Hello All, and thank you Kathy for offering me this opportunity to guest post on your blog.

This is me with OUR little black cat when she was just a teeny thing...she's a bit bigger now...as you will see in the next pic. She's not really a SCARY cat...she's more a PERSNICKETY one...but we adore her.

I SUPPOSE there are those who might say that with THOSE headlights, she could be giving us the "Evil EYE", but she's too much of an imp for us to seriously delegate to the myths about black cats and Halloween naughtiness.

Moving on, Kathy asked me to do a guest entry following in the Halloween month theme...Halloween conjures up many images...but I am sticking to the one of "canned fright!" SO here goes...oh and please, those of you who will read this, forgive me if I don't QUITE hit the mark. I am ANCIENT...long-in-the-tooth...LOOOONNNGGG ago fell over THE-HILL. To me fear is measured in how many new prescriptions I must ad to my increasingly bulging medical box...but anyone who is past the stage where "geriatric" is just a word on the Geritol bottle will understand.

Now that I've procrastinated...another sign of advancing old age, I will begin my REAL contribution to Kathy's Halloween theme posts.

You might want to run and HIDE now...

Staying close to the ground, his body agile and boneless, he moved. He'd heard stories about this night...this night of "pretend" fright. Halloween...his tongue tasted the word with a combination of disdain and anticipation.

Moving with exacting precision, he felt the curving surge throughout his body, as he continued on his path...his finely tuned senses picking up the sounds, scents and whispers of potential quarry in the distance. But the distance was closing.

Over the rocks and offal left by the unwary, he silently but ever so determinedly proceeded. Tonight would be HIS night...his night to make the pretend fear of costumed ghosts and ghouls become the REAL horror that stories and songs would pass down through the coming ages.

The timbre of sounds intensified. He was close. So very close. Intensifying his ground consuming pace, and keeping his body undetected, he continued his approach. There. A man. A woman. And two children. Yesssssss!!!!

Noiselessly he neared...closer, closer, closer. He could almost feel the subtle vibrations of their heartbeats. The children, dressed in the bizarre masquerades of the night's ritual, tripped along with eagerly, jabbering with unsuspecting excitement, approached the path leading to the next house for their candy treat.

He watched them approach from his vantage point, his eyes mere slits now of concentration. Almost there. He gauged his timing knowing from long experience, when the right time would be.

The children separated from the adults and began moving towards the house.

"Oh yes," he thought, "those little ones will make for a TASTY appetizer before turning on the banquet of treats the man and woman would be.

The children lifted their feet to place upon the first step of the jack-o-lantern festooned house, when he vaulted up on his tail, shook the full length of his fabulous body and gave out a stream of blood-curdling hisses...a sound soon harmonizing with the multi-pitched screams of his feast.

Nothing scarrier than a snake-in-the-grass...dontcha agree? So when you are out and about this coming Halloween season, remember to be on the lookout for that well-hidden fright...the good, old, snake-in-the-grass. ;>)


N.J.Walters said...

Cute kitty and perfect for Halloween.

Great story too. I hate snakes.

Kathy said...

So do I. And it would seem my mom does too.:-)