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Monday, December 01, 2008

Iron Man

I just watched the Iron Man movie for the first time and it was phenomonal! Robert Downey Jr. was awesome as billionaire playboy Tony Stark. Stark and his company, started by his father, have long been involved in the design and manufacturing of weapons. Tony doesn't care how many people his weapons kill as long as he makes more and more money to twitter away on his vices of booze, women and parties.

Then comes the fateful day he is captured by terrorists using his own weapons technology. An explosion launches shrapnel into his heart. Another man taken by the terrorists builds a temporary pacemaker using a car battery. The terrorists demand that Stark build a missle for them, but instead he builds his first Iron Man suit with a built in pacemaker. Using the suit, Tony escapes but the doctor who helped him is unfortunately killed.

Tony returns a changed man and vows that Stark Enterprises will no longer produce weapons. This doesn't sit well with his partner who enjoys the profits of weaponry way too much. And so the battle lines are drawn. Tony must stop his former partner from stealing his Iron Man technology and destroying the free world as we know it.

This movie was awesome. It was not only action-packed as you'd suspect from a Marvel superhero movie, it was so funny. Watching Tony experiment with his first few suits to perfect the propulsion was so hilarious. Let's just say, I have a feeling Robert Downey Jr.'s stunt double handled those scenes. Iron Man is out on DVD now and it's fantastic.

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