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Friday, August 14, 2009

Book Of The Week!

This week's book is my favorite of Lynsay Sands' Argeneau series, Bite Me If You Can. This is book six in the series and it's fantastic. It's about Lucian Argeneau, the patriarch of the entire Argeneau family. Lucian is the longest lived of all the immortals. The loss of his lifemate and daughters when Atlantis fell has left him bitter and cold. His long-time service as both a member of the ruling council and an enforcer have made him hard and without mercy. But his well-controlled world is about to be knocked out of its orbit.

On a routine mission to take out a nest of rogue vampires, Lucian finds his curiosity picqued for the first time in thousands of years when he witnesses the rogues' carrying in a young woman. Leigh turns out to be a newly turned vampire. Because she hasn't yet had a chance to cause any harm, Lucian and his two associates save her. But, loving the idea of Lucian out of his element, his family decides to abandon him so he'd have to train Leigh in her new status. This is made all the more difficult when he realizes that Leigh is his lifemate.

Leigh is a bar owner who escaped an abusive husband. But, to her dismay, a former co-worker turned vampire has decided he wants her for eternity. Rescued by rogue hunters, Leigh finds herself falling for the aloof yet devishly handsome Lucian Argeneau. But, past lessons and her own fear of making another mistake make Leigh cautious. Lucian has to not only overcome his own arrogance stemming from years of indifference, but he must also convince Leigh that he's worth taking a chance on.

Bite Me If You Can is hilarious. There is nothing more funny than a guy who is used to getting his own way, used to doing things a certain way, and used to solitude suddenly having his world turned upside down. Bite Me If You Can by Lynsay Sands is a fantastic book and is this week's book of the week.

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