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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spoiler Explanation!

Ok, I have been reading some people's comments on season 2 of True Blood and some spoilers that have come out about season 3 dealing with the Eric and Sookie relationship. So, without revealing too much about what is going on, I'm going to explain a few things. These comments are making me crazy, and anyone else who has read the books too probably because we know what's going, even with the subtle and not so subtle plot changes in the television show.

First up, some people are upset about the possibility that Sookie won't end up with Bill and instead is headed towards Eric's direction. All I can say is, read the books. Bill is NOT the nice guy you think he is. He's up to way more than you know. Come season 6, which will deal with book 6, the true depths of what Bill has been up to will come to light. But, at the end of season 3, which will be dealing with book 3, you will have a good idea why Bill and Sookie will not work. Let's just say, after what Bill does, Sookie will owe her life to Eric.

Next, for those Sookie and Eric fans, people are really ticked that a spoiler has come out for season three where Eric gets romantically involved with a new Fangtasia dancer named Yvetta. People want to see him with Sookie. Ok people, Eric is a thousand year old vampire very used to controlling situations around him. His feelings for Sookie confuse him. He knows he has lust for her, but it's something more and that bothers him. She is immune to all vampire control as well, so this puts him outside his comfort zone.

Also, even though he wants Sookie, he doesn't begin to truly understand the depths of his feelings for her until the end of book 3, after Bill very nearly destroys her. And, because Eric was made vampire by a man, Eric's sexuality doesn't lean one way or the other. Expect some male/male action from him as well. The true meat of the Eric/Sookie love interest doesn't really happen until book 4, which will be season 4 of True Blood. Like all Eric fans, I am dying for that one.

But even after they get to the real meat of their relationship, remember Eric is extremely conflicted about his feelings for Sookie and will struggle with them for a long time afterwards. It will be many books, and obviously many seasons of the show, before he will accept his feelings. And, even when he does, Sookie's confliction will continue. And before you get upset about that, Sookie goes through a lot of torment and heartache thanks to the vampire community. No one, after going through so much, would ever accept a permanent relationship with ease.

All I can say is, if you really want to know what is going on, why Eric is the true fit for Sookie and not Bill, read the books. And yes, I say Eric is the true fit for Sookie because he's the only man who has never and will never lie or betray her. Even Sam, her boss who's deeply in love with her, betrays her at one point. Eric himself has told Sookie he may not tell her everything, but he won't lie to her. And if you read the books, you will see that Eric, unlike Bill, will defy his higher ups to protect her. Of course, as he is a master manipulator, he does this in ways that are sneaky, but is designed to protect the woman he wants for his own.

So please people, if you are upset about what you think are bad storylines, read the books. They really do explain, even with the plot changes in the television show, just what is going on. Alan Ball, the director of True Blood, may have changed a couple things around, but he is staying basically true to what Charlaine Harris wrote. He himself has said if it ain't broke, why fix it?

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