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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Emma Frost

In the X-Men Origins movie, the character of a young Emma Frost is played by Tahyna Tozzi as seen in this movie pic of her in diamond form. They are planning a fourth regular X-Men movie and there is a good chance that Emma Frost will be in it as an adult. I like the idea. The character of Emma has always intrigued me, even when she was evil. And now that she's good, even she is surprised by her own need for redemption. She questions her own motives even more so than her team mates. In my mind that makes her a very unique character, tortured in a different way than Wolverine but no less torn.

The question is, who should play Emma Frost as an adult? I've put up a pic of who I am voting for. Hudson Leick has stuck in my mind ever since she did Callisto in the Xena television show as an ideal fit for Emma Frost. Who do you think should play her? Who woul you like to see play her and why?

Also, there won't be a Goddess of the Written Word this month. I have a special tribute planned for an author who's a dear friend of mine and will put it up tomorrow. I want October to be dedicated to her and not overshadowed by another award. Check back tomorrow for the dedication I have set up.

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