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Kat's Blog

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Time In Two Months!

For the the first time since I broke my finger two months ago I've written. I started my new WIP and I am so thrilled. I only wrote 452 words to start with but that will improve as my finger loosens. Still, I have missed writing so much and it was an absolute joy to do it again. I love writing and I didn't like having to take such a long break from it. But, I'm back and I intend to really buckle in and write now that I can. Woohoo!


Kaye Manro said...

Yea! Kat! So glad your finger is better. Good for you and the writing!

Kat said...

Thanks Kaye it was so nice to write again. I'm working on the story that the picture you posted inspired.:-)