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Kat's Blog

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My new cover

I have my new cover for Heart Of The Queen. Click on it to pull up the full sized image. Isn't it stunning? I love this cover. It's my first ever beefcake cover. Oh how I wish I were Hera. I am also including a brief blurb of the story.

When money troubles force the Gods to come and work among mortals, Hera decides to become a midwife and takes the name of Heather Juno. By chance, two stunning men named James Rhodes and Noah Blake come into her office to help out James’s sister. The men are lovers but they want to add Hera to their family.

Divorced from a husband who spent thousands of years cheating on her, Hera is extremely reluctant in spite of being attracted to both men. James and Noah, veterans of Iraq are used to fighting for what they want and they are not about give Hera up, The battle is on for The Heart Of The Queen.

I love this story. As soon as I have the exact release date I'll let you know.:-)

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