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Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome Franny Armstrong!

Today I have the wonderful Franny Armstrong paying a visit. So without further ado I turn the stage over to her.

I can’t imagine any other job would give me so much pleasure as writing does. Authors tend to live in their own world of fantasy until the muses in their head force them to place their ideas on computer/paper and move on to the next story or scene.

An avid reader my entire life, I found the mysteries of Phyllis A Whitney fascinating and couldn’t wait to move on to the next story. It’s almost impossible to have a favorite author, yet my list begins with Christine Feehan, Maggie Shayne, Kelley Armstrong, J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkein, and many more.

The only way I believe that an author can make it to the top or on the New York Times Best Seller List is by having a strong focus and an attitude that says: ‘Never Surrender! Never Give Up!’

When illness forced me into disability, I changed that to ABILITY and became an author who could work from home. It’s almost impossible for me at this point to work outside my home, but my as my health improves a little more each day, I inch forward and weave my way through the path of opportunities as I meet so many wonderful people as an author.

If you thing that you can’t (hate that word) do something, you never will. It’s important to always focus on CAN and BELIEVE in yourself. Not every author will make it to the top ten list, or hit it big like J. K. Rowling, but if you have the faith in yourself that you can, then anything is possible.

My fourth release, FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES comes out on June 18th and I sincerely hope you get to enjoy hours of fun and romance in this Paranormal Romantic Comedy. Below are the blurb and an excerpt for you to enjoy.

Thank you Kat for having me on your blog and I hope that you’ll come on mine too as one of your characters. It’s a fun character blog that enables you to BE your character, if only for a few minutes.

Franny Armstrong – ParaNovelGirl

Make sure you take a look at my www.paranovelgirls.com site as it has a whole new look now. More to come, of course.

BLURB for FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES by Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl

Gemini Knight, youngest of six sisters, is a bumbling witch, whose spell backfires, landing her and her friend in the bedroom of a gorgeous naked stranger fresh from the shower. Before he could say a word they disappear, leaving only their giggles behind.
Braxton Thorne is determined to find the beautiful witch who transported through his tight security spells. The wealthy, powerful corporate wizard, eldest of six brothers, seeks her out, only to fall under her spell when she lands them both in a Dumpster, making him laugh for the first time in his adult life. The only problem is that as their mystical love ignites, the two families rekindle a forty year old family feud full throttle to keep the couple apart!

The thought of entering women’s hair salon was intimidating at best, but since he was a man who took on any challenge, he took a deep breath and opened the door.
Every eye in the place focused on him. Smiling, he said, “Hello. Do you have a stylist here with short red hair? She cut my hair some time back though I can’t remember her name.”
A blond woman rushed up to him and he realized that it was the woman that had been with the red-head the first time she came to his room. He didn’t think she recognized him though.
“Gem is in the back right now, but I can take you in ten minutes,” she said, breathless as she stared up at him.
“I’m sorry but I’d really like to stick with Gem, if you don’t mind.”
Though disappointed, she nodded and pointed to a styling chair. “Please, have a seat and I’ll get her.”
“Thank you,” he said and walked over to the chair and fitting his large body in it. Silence still reigned and he waved his hand so that the customers and stylists would forget he was there.
He didn’t wait long. Gem herself came out, wearing black-rimmed glasses that didn’t suit her. She rushed up and began taking his hair out of the ponytail.
“Hello, sir. I’m sorry to keep you waiting. How would you like your hair cut today?” she asked then pulled his hair forward looking at him in the mirror. When she gasped as recognition dawned on her, he grabbed her wrist and transported with her out of the shop.
Seconds later, they reappeared, standing knee-deep in a food Dumpster. He pulled a banana peel off his shoulder and helped her remove spaghetti noodles from her hair while she stared up at him, speechless, and trembling.
Then, for the first time in his adult life, he started laughing.
His hand still held her wrist captive, but when she heard him laugh she relaxed slightly. His smile lit up his face, taking away all tension and stress. His laughter flowed over her like warm honey.
“I’m sorry. I usually fly alone. I’m not so good at navigating,” she said offering him a bright smile.
“This is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me,” he said picking another noodle out of her hair.
“It happens to me all the time.” She shrugged.
“Do you mind if we get out of the Dumpster now?” he asked wrinkling his nose.
“I can try.” Uncertain of her skills she gnawed on her lower lip while she tried to figure out a spell to use.
“Why don’t we just do it the old fashioned way?” he suggested adding, “As long as you promise to stay long enough to talk to me?”
Studying his expression, she must have found something to trust in him because she nodded.
Brax jumped out then reached up and lifted her down.
Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl
Extrasensory Elements Series Book 1-Author's Demise release March 11
Extrasensory Elements Series Book 2-I B Jumpin' July 3, 2010
Tropical Balm releases April 8
Forever Blowing Bubbles releases June 18
7th Eye Private Investigations Series Book 1-The Mystic Touch releases in August


Nancy said...

I hear ya. My grandmother always said "Can't got stuck in a mud puddle." Keep writing!

Kat said...

Franny's stories are amazing. I am dying to read Forever Blowing Bubbles but have to wait till the beginning of the month when I can afford it.:-(

Lin said...

I love comedy paranormal stories. I'm hooked, and Franny, kudos on turning your disability into abilities. Kat and I both did that too and now we are soaring as brand new, gosh darn, we made it, authors.

ParaNovelGirl said...

Hmmmm...sounds like we need our own writer's group: "Ultimate Writer's Challenges"

Thank you for visiting Kat's blog. Hope you get to read Forever Blowing Bubbles gals. It sure will cheer you up.