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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Music Can Inspire The Written Word!

Music inspires us, lifts us up, and touches us on so many levels. And one particular song by Annie Lennox has inspired my current WIP about vampires. The song is called Love Song For A Vampire and you can see the video for the song here. This song, and especially the intense emotions evoked from both the beat and Annie's riveting acting in the video has helped to inspire and motivate me to write my current work in progress.

Isn't it amazing where we get our inspiration for writing from? This current project came about because of this song and video. Frozen was inspired, believe it or not, from a single photograph of the Norse goddess of vengeance, Skadi. And The Lighthouse was inspired by my love of lighthouses and the many stories of lighthouse keepers mysteriously vanishing over the centuries.

My Gods At Work series, which for right now I can't talk too much about though I will be able to as of September 1st, was inspired by my love of greek myths and the banking crisis. I started to wonder what if the banking problems affected not just us, but the gods as well and they were forced to come down to earth and work.

Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. All you have to do is look at something and ask that one magical question...what if? Anyway, I hope you like the video I used as inspiration. I'm also posting one of the pics that has inspired my heroine for my new WIP.


Lin said...

You are an inspiration to me every day Angel Girl, and I am asking myself a question...What if you had been fairly treated and your Gods series had not been stolen?

I am the lucky person who gets to read what you write as it is in progress. Your Gods series is amazing.

Its ownership should not be in question, but you have thumbed your nose at all thievery and done the one thing no thief can undo...you have created NEW avenues for your words to enchant while allowing the hands of justice to travel the pathways they must travel.

Meanwhile those that steal can not walk their precarious path forever. The Fates are capricious and have a way of bringing about the restructuring of bastardized threads until they are again woven into their righteous tapestries.

The old saw about not being able to make silk out of a sow's ear is all too true...a pig is a pig, no matter how many disgusting traits that pig tries to mask by forcing itself into the company of more refined stratta. The waller awaits, and slime will always be slime.

N.J.Walters said...

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I love the Annie Lennox song. I've used that one myself. :)

Kat said...

Isn't it great N.J.? I love the song.

Karen McGrath said...

Oh Kat, I agree, I find inspiration everywhere. Lin is so blessed to get to read all your books in progress!

Kat said...

Karen I am the one who is blessed to have her here every day and I NEVER forget it.:-)