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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Save The Game!

One of THE best games for the PC I have ever played is A Vampyre Story. This game rocks. It's a point and click adventure game. Mona de Lefitte, former opera star of Paris is introduced by a jealous rival to the Baron Shrowdy of Draxsylvania. Shrowdy has serious size compensation issues.

Infatuated with the tall, beautiful singer, he kills her and makes her a vampire. In a very Rapunzel moment, he takes her to his castle and locks her in the tower. But when he's killed by vampire hunters Mona suddenly has a chance at freedom. Accompanied by her best friend and smark-alec companion, the bat Froderick, Mona embarks on a journey home to Paris.

This game is a laugh riot. I still haven't uncovered all the jokes. Froderick is the cutest, funniest little bat in the world. A Vampyre Story is only part one in what is supposed to be an epic game. As the designers described it, Mona's journey is much like the Odyssey and requires more than one chapter to tell the whole tale.

A Vapyre Story 2 A Bat's Tale was supposed to be out this year. But due to money woes for the distributing company Crimson Cow, it might not get made. This would be tragic. Part of the second game takes place solely from Froderick's POV and it would be a shame to lose that. Also, losing out on Mona's journey not only home, but to acceptance of her vampirism would be a loss. Yes, Mona is a vampire living an unlife in denial.

But the game can be saved. Go out and get a copy of the original A Vampyre Story. Bombard Crimson Cow with emails and letters and phone calls. Make the second game come out. This game is so funny. You won't want to miss the chance at adding new chapters. And really, how often do you see a vampire comedy? Help save Mona and Froderick.


Jim Hartley said...

This sounds pretty interesting. Now I'm sure you know I'm a rabid Linux fan, but I have to admit this is one area where Linux loses out a bit ... all the latest and greatest games are on Windoze. Might almost be worth getting this one and rebooting into Windoze occasionally to play it.

Lin said...

Kat absolutely loves this game and will sit here for hours laughing at the antics. I have to admit the jokes are funny, and anyone who has a predilection for vampires will enjoy the parody.

Kat you need to tell us how to find the company so we can bombard them with the e-mails.

Kat said...

Google Crimson Cow. And Jim you'd love the game. It's awesome!