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Kat's Blog

Friday, May 06, 2011

Release Day For Mom!

My mom's dark fiction tale, Twilight Comes is now available from Muse It Up Publishing. I am so proud of her.

Twilight Comes released today. I hope you will all enjoy it.:-)

It's a typical day in Mick's life. A successful stockbroker, he battles the morning traffic, the zip of numbers across the exchange banner while making fortunes grow her his clients, and the number pounding after-images continue to haunt his brain as he drives home.This is his well ordered life.

Home. His work life is numbers, routine, and rational. His home life? Secrets percolate behind closed doors...dangerous secrets...secrets that are about to tip over.

Will Mick survive the explosion about to blow the lid off his private, seemingly perfect world? Will any of them outlast the approaching turmoil and the world finally looking in and seeing the truth behind their closed doors? Or will death and destruction be the ultimate penalty for their secrets revealed?

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