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Friday, June 17, 2011

Please Remember Me Tour!

I am so pleased to welcome Wendi Zwaduk to my blog today. Her book, Please Remember Me is touring. And she's giving away prizes. Find out about that at the end. But for now, I turn the stage over to her.

I want to thank Kat for having me on the blog and hosting my tour. Very cool. Love being here.

Now to get down to answering the question...when I saw the topic idea, the first thing that came to mind was those essays we all had to write in grade school that started something like this: What I did over summer vacation was...

Yeah, it made me laugh and was certainly a jog down memory lane. I won’t turn this into some sort of high school project, but the summer vacation trip I remember from that time was a trip to Disney down in sunny Florida. Actually, we went over spring break and I didn’t go with my folks. Before you wonder, it was for a school trip. Yup. I was one of those band geeks. Not the guess what I did with my flute kids. I played the clarinet, thank you very much. And no, I never got quite that creative with it. I was too busy perfecting my Benny Goodman imitation.

So we took a trip as the high school marching band to band days in Disney. 1995. Real thrilling. It was hot, muggy, and there was an ever present invasion of fire ants. Somehow no one told the ants we didn’t want them around. Oh well. We marched through the park, got incredibly hot—oh yeah, polyester band uniforms are not fun in 88 degree weather—and had a good time.

The one thing I’ll remember the most was getting to explore the park on my own. I was one of those kids who knew everyone and everyone knew me, but I was far from popular and far from friendless. Just so happened that on that trip all the kids sort of paired off, into boyfriend/girlfriend (oh yeah, that was some major trauma/drama I didn’t have to deal with) or besties. Since I didn’t have a bestie at that point, just a circle of closer friends, and since they’d gone their own way, I got to wander on my own.

I don’t regret it.

Now I can’t say my wanderings were that thrilling. I mean, I was...what...16? So not a whole lot of trouble I could get into, but I won’t forget Splash Mountain. It’s not nearly as romantic as I’d like to think it was, but it was my first real, up close interaction with the Brits. He was probably around my age, maybe a tad older, blonde hair, green eyes, tall, smiled a lot. Can you say melting at the sound of his voice? So imagine if you will, he’s just asked me to sit next to him on the ride.

“Looks like I don’t have a seat mate. Join me?”

Oh my dog....I melted. Yes, just about into a puddle on the loading dock. Of course I said yes. Who wouldn’t? I was too naïve at the time to realize something bad could happen. I mean it was the Magic Kingdom. I’d be fine.

I was. When we went down the big hill, I grabbed his hand (get your mind out of the gutter—I was 16). At the end of the ride, his parents beckoned him, we went our separate ways, and I, as cliché as it sounds, never got his name. Doesn’t matter to me. I had a great time that I’d never have had with my pals there.

I enjoyed the rest of the park, but didn’t see him. My friends didn’t believe it happened. Oh well. I have the memories. Anyone have a great memory like that? Want to share yours? I’m listening!!!

Sometimes the hardest role in life is being true to yourself.

Jade Weir did the social scene. She played the ditzy Hollywood socialite and ran with the requisite fast crowds. Until one night. One night and a shooting changed everything. How? She met Deputy Marlon Cross.

Now she’s ready to go toe to toe with the handsome sheriff’s deputy. Toe to toe or kiss for kiss, whichever comes first. She’s not that celebutante from television and she’ll do whatever it takes to prove it.

But is he ready for her?

Marlon liked his quiet and simple existence. No ties so no one gets hurt. And then came Jade. She’s a hurricane in high heels and totally trouble for him. She has the power to raise the ghosts in his past, but his heart won’t let him walk away.

Can they find a way to make the lust simmering between them work or will they part the closest of friends?

Contains anal play, sex on the dining room table and a hero bound and determined to get his way.

“I’m sorry. I’ll get out of your w—Marlon?”

Despite his common sense not to touch her, he tucked some loose strands of hair behind her ear. Sizzles went straight to his groin. Dear God, what if they really did become lovers? He’d never survive, and yet he liked the odds. Dying in her arms sounded rather pleasant. Satisfying.

When she licked her bottom lip, he came close to coming unglued. Her eyes widened. “What are you doing here?”

“Getting my boss’s order. I should be angry since you avoided me, but I can deal.” When her gaze raked over his body, he fisted his hand to keep from wrapping her in an embrace. “I see you’re checking out the want-ads. Which flyer caught your attention?”

She held her palm open. Three slips of paper lay crumpled in her hand. “One’s for a babysitter, one’s for a dog walker and the third is for a companion.”

Companion? His throat constricted. “Which one?”

“Which one what?”

“Who wants a companion?”

She pointed to a pink flyer. Elder in the community seeks companion. Must be able to lift a hundred pounds and willing to work nights and weekends. 555-0089 Ask for Dan. Dan Denoon, local businessman and suspected pimp. Hell, no. She didn’t know his story, but she wasn’t going to fall into his trap. Having a former celebrity would boost his popularity and get Jaden into a world she could probably handle but didn’t deserve.

“You don’t want to be his companion. He’s not looking for someone to care for his Gramma.” Despite his trust in her decisions, he sighed. “He wants an escort-slash-plaything. It’s bad news.”

Shrinking away from him, she handed him the paper. “Oh. Sorry.”

Her sweet nature would be the death of his sanity, but shit if she wasn’t cute when she was out of her element. Wriggling in his polo shirt, he shifted. When did the air get so damned hot in the little foyer? It was late October for crying out loud. “You didn’t know. Which one is for the dog walker?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell you. You shot my other option down.” The hint of a frown marred her coral lips. “Oh, what the hell? You’re a cop. I should trust you.” She pointed to a simple handwritten flyer. “This one. For a lady named Judi Pennywood. Know her? Does she run some sort of prostitution ring, too?” She put her hands up. “I can see it now. Granny’s Girlie Show. Come one, come all...or don’t come at all. No refunds.”

Gritting his teeth, he groaned and chuckled. “Jaden, honey, I didn’t mean that. I just—”

Before he could finish his answer, she clamped a hand over his mouth. “I’m giving you grief. I know how to do that without any training.” She scrunched her nose and winked. “So what’s the skinny on this Pennywood character?”

Wrapping his fingers around hers, he removed her hand from his mouth. Being with her felt so natural, so right. He wanted to do it some more—every day. If she’d let him. “I work with her great niece, Carol Ann. She’s a nice lady. Around eighty-six-ish. I believe she still owns a Basset hound.”

Jaden cringed. “Do they drool? I hear they make a mess.”

Rubbing his thumb over her knuckles, he considered her questions. As far as he knew, Saint Bernards drooled. Did Bassets? “I guess you’ll have to call her and find out. Carol Ann loves to tell me stories. I’d say you, Judi, and Carol Ann would get along great.”

Slowly, her gaze met his. Eyes the colour of sea glass with twinges of azure mixed in for good measure, framed by dark lashes. A man could lose himself in those eyes. “You really think this is a good deal? I don’t want taken for a ride, but I can do this, Marlon.”

“Never said you couldn’t.” He nodded to the diner. “Although I’d love to stay here and talk, I need to take the order back to the department. Want to come along?”

Author Bio:
I always dreamed of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line. I tend to write books with titles taken from songs because music is one of my many muses.

I earned a BA in education at Kent State university and as well as a Masters in Education from Nova Southeastern University. I've tried my hand at teaching, waitressing, and retail sales, but writing holds my heart.

I love NASCAR, romance, books in general, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, and my menagerie of animals. I have eleven books under contract and more than my brain can handle percolating. I can't wait to share them with you!




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Remember I said there are goodies? Well there are. Wendi is giving one lucky commentor along the tour a $10 gift certificate to Amazon or B&N. Just leave a comment for your chance. The more comments you leave, the better your odds. And once again, thank you for being here Wendi.


Wendi Zwaduk said...

Thanks for having me, Kat. I'm so happy to be here. Comments? Thoughts?

Kat said...

Glad to have you Wendi. Sorry about the trouble getting this up. We got hit by lightnening last night and the internet is acting funky.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

No worries. I did a chat a couple weeks ago and we had the threat of tornado right in the middle. I totally understand. I'm here if there are any comments or questions, tho. :-)

Coffee Time Romance and More said...

Hey Wendi!

Just popping in to say howdy!

J.A. Saare said...

Wendi, congrats on your new release! The cover is amazing, and I can't wait to read it. ;-)

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Hi Ladies of CTR!!! Glad you made it. Hope you liked the post!

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Jaime - Thanks for stopping by. I got lucky when I got that cover. The cover faery must've loved me that day. I love it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like the book. :-)

Jean P said...

Just want to say how much I enjoy the excerpt and the cover is pretty great looking. Do you have input into the covers on your books?

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Hi JeanP - Glad to see ya here! ;-)
I get some input in the covers. I tell them the general idea of what I want and what I absolutely do not want. I'm lucky that the art dept at TEB is so fantastic that they can translate my ideas into fabulous images and covers.

Chelsea B. said...

I have a memory everyone found hard to believe! A few years ago me and my sister were in the parking lot of Walmart, heading inside, when we noticed a large group of people hanging around the entrance. We walked up, intending to skirt around and go inside, when my sister was pulled into the group, who in turn pulled me into the group. Ah, gotta love her. Anyway, everything happened so fast. Someone shouted "Make a funny face!" and the next thing I knew everyone turns to a camera I hadn't even seen and suddenly my eyes are crossed and my tongue is sticking out of my mouth. I honestly have no idea how that happened. Apparetntly, it was a church group who had to get random strangers to take a funny picture with them. I wonder every once and awhile, "Where is that picture? And who's SEEN IT?" Haha ;-)


Wendi Zwaduk said...

Chelsea B - thanks for stopping by and sharing the story. Sounds like a riot. Hope you enjoy PRM!

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

boy do i know what you mean about stories percolating in your head. Best of luck getting any a fraction of them on paper. lol

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Thanks Larion aka Larraine Wills

Seems like once one story gets really going in my head, then another one pops right up. Darned demanding charcters....

Enjoy PRM!!